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Having trouble logging into the Crochet Spot Store? Follow these steps to figure out what's going on...
  1. Use the orange box on the right hand side of this page to signin. Be careful typing your password and remember to type your complete email address! If you have multiple email address, recall which one you used on your store account. If you receive an "Invalid User Data" error message it means your email address and password combination is incorrect. You can either retry the login process or reset your password.
  2. Reset your password by clicking on the "Forgot Your Password?" link at the bottom of the orange login box. Enter your email address when prompted and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Check your email for the confirmation email and be sure to click the link that is provided in it. Once you click the link to confirm you would like to change your password, a new email with a new password will be sent to you. Copy and paste this new password into the orange login box to signin. Once logged in you can change your password to something more desirable by click on "Edit Account".
  3. If you do not receive an email after resetting your password, wait a couple minutes. Depending on your email provider it may take a few minutes to appear in your email. Also, check your spam folder.
  4. If your new password doesn't seem to work, make sure you copy and paste the password instead of typing each character, since it is really easy to mistype it. Also, make sure you are typing in the correct email address. Lastly, try deleting your cookies and browsing history, as this sometimes interferes with websites functioning properly.
  5. If you recieve an "Invalid User Data" error when trying to reset your password and when trying to login, it means you do not have a store account under the email address your entered. Use the blue box on the right hand side of this page to create a new account. Remember, store accounts are not the same as the Crochet Spot Weekly Newsletter subscription, so even if you're signed up for a newsletter, it doesn't mean you have a store account yet.
  6. If the page refreshes but it does not log you in and you get no error message (this is very rare!), there is a compatibility issue that is blocking the site from running fully on your computer. A quick fix is to try a different internet browser, such as Firefox if you're using Internet Explorer or vice versa, as most of the time it is a setting in the browser that is blocking the site from performing. You can also try using a different computer to help isolate the problem.
  7. If you need additional help signing in, no need to panic! Send Rachel an email at [email protected] and describe which step you get stuck on. Be descriptive so that you can get the best help possible.
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