Crochet Spot Store

Coming June 29th to your computer screen…

The Crochet Spot Store!!!

What to look for…

  • More patterns – who can ever have enough?
  • More pictures – one picture in your pattern just isn’t good enough. These patterns will be picture rich so you can see detail!
  • More descriptions – okay, I admit pattern designers are lazy. Why do you think there are so many abbreviations? New Crochet Spot store patterns will have plenty of descriptions so that you won’t get confused. (But if you do you can always ask me for help)
  • Patterns that are actually tested – alright, I admit this one too. My free patterns aren’t always tested until you make it yourself. But these patterns will be tested, so no more of Rachel’s silly typos!

See sneak peak photos!

How Much do Patterns Cost?

Premium Pattern Members only pay $10 a month for all the patterns in the store. This includes all the patterns that will currently be in the store and all the patterns that will be added each month. You can become a Premium Pattern Member by signing up when the store opens!
If you decide not to be a Premium Pattern Member, patterns can be purchased individually. The price per pattern will vary.

Why a Store?

In all honesty, running Crochet Spot costs money. I know that money is a touchy subject but buying yarn and supplies add up. By having this store I can raise money for more supplies so that I can make more patterns (to share for free and sell in the store). I can even spend more time to make tutorials and videos to help beginners learn to crochet. I have big dreams for Crochet Spot and with your support I know this will be an amazing place for all crocheters!

Store Status

Right now, I’m adding the finishing touches to the crochet patterns! Recently I’ve decided to donate 50% of all store earnings made from Premium Pattern Memberships starting June 29 to July 31, 2009 to Project H.O.M.E. The goal of Project H.O.M.E. is to end homelessness in Philadelphia!