Free Crochet Pattern: Wire Fashion Ring

By Rachel Choi – August 18th, 2017 Be the first to comment

Have you tried crocheting wire jewelry yet? Here’s a simple pattern to crochet your very first ring! While the pattern is super easy, the tricky part is getting the feel for crocheting with wire. You will make all the stitches the same way you would if you were to crochet with regular yarn or thread. But the stiffness of the wire will give your hands a workout. The large crochet hook will help you crochet with the wire more easily and help to create a lacy look. Be sure to check out the Circle Wire Earrings Pattern to create a matching set.

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What’s the Best Time of Year to Crochet?

By Rachel Choi – August 16th, 2017 8 Comments

Do you have a favorite time of year to crochet? Or do you crochet all year around? Does the weather impact when you crochet? Perhaps you have a busy work or school season that prevents you from crocheting? In this post we’ll discuss the merits of crocheting during the different times of the year. Don’t forgot to let us know your opinion and join in on the discussion in the comments section!
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Free Crochet Pattern: Curling Ribbon Flower

By Rachel Choi – August 14th, 2017 2 Comments

Tired of the same old gift bows? If you have an ample supply of curling ribbing, but don’t actually feel like curing the ribbon, try crocheting a quick flower instead. In the same time it would take to curl all of those strands, or possibly even quicker, you can crochet this simple flower. This ribbon flower is crocheted primarily with chains and only uses 3 yards of ribbon, probably less than what you would use for a curly bow. If you don’t have curling ribbon feel free to use any light weight or medium/worsted weight yarn that you have.

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Free Crochet Pattern: Key Marker

By Rachel Choi – August 12th, 2017 2 Comments

Can’t remember which key is which? Crochet a few key cozies to mark your important keys. This project is super quick to crochet, using only 1 yard of yarn, any scrap of yarn will do! The marker is crocheted from the top down, seamlessly in the round like a spiral. Place it onto your key, like a miniature hat and poke the very top out of the hole so that it can be reattached to your keychain. The cover is surprising not bulky and is quite durable. It is also easy to remove and place on different keys if needed.

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Free Applique Crochet Patterns

By Rachel Choi – August 10th, 2017 Be the first to comment

Need to add an extra touch to your project? Appliques are great for that! They are quick to crochet and you can attach them to just about anything. Whether it’s a plain blanket, hat, scarf for bag, add an applique to it! In this post I rounded up a few free crochet patterns that we’ve published here on Crochet Spot over the years. Click Here To Read More »

Crochet Pattern: Pennant Banner

By Rachel Choi – August 7th, 2017 Be the first to comment

Customize your own pennant banner with this crochet pattern! Choose any color combination and write any words you want on the banner. Whether the occasion is a birthday, graduation, wedding, baby shower or sprinkle (like in the example), you can customize the banner to be exactly the way you want it. Write a person’s name or even a favorite saying on it! Each pennant is crocheted separately and can be adjusted to be any size that you desire using the instructions within the pattern. The pattern includes a photo tutorial so that you can “write” whatever letters, numbers, or shapes you want on each pennant. A photo tutorial is also included for assembling the banner. No sewing is required.

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Crochet Help Desk, Ask a Question!

By Rachel Choi – August 5th, 2017 8 Comments

Have you ever had a question about a crochet pattern you’re working on or simply a general question about crochet? If you don’t have a lot of local friends or family members to ask, then you’re likely to turn to the internet to find answers. Sometimes your searches aren’t always helpful. I can understand the frustration from not being able to crochet a pattern you want or figure out a technique you’re working on.

If you have a crochet related question, feel free to leave it here on this post in the comments below! It doesn’t matter if it’s a Crochet Spot related pattern you’re working on or not. I’ll do my best to answer your questions! I will publish your question along with an answer in a blog post for you to read and others to learn from as well, if many folks have the same questions. I will admit that I’m not perfect and don’t know everything about crochet, so if I don’t know the answer to your questions, perhaps someone else reading the blog will!

My goal in creating this new help desk is to help as many folks as possible because I know how frustrating it is when you’re project just isn’t going right. So feel free to leave your questions below! Be sure to make them as detailed as possible so that I can help you as best as I can.

So what are you waiting for? Ask away!

Doily Crochet Patterns

By Rachel Choi – August 2nd, 2017 2 Comments

Doilies are often thought of as outdated, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Forget the traditional, white crochet thread and pick up a bright, bold color. Choose a thread that’s thicker than size 10 to give it some bulk. Try a pattern that’s new and different from the rest. Crochet doilies of all sizes and shapes. Crochet one that’s big enough to be a rug! In this post, I rounded up some of the doily crochet patterns that we have here on Crochet Spot. Some are free patterns that are published on the blog, while others are for sale in the Crochet Spot Store.

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Crochet Pattern: Baby Panda Booties (3 Sizes)

By Rachel Choi – July 30th, 2017 1 Comment

Need a cute baby gift or have a little one on the way? Crochet these adorable panda booties that come in 3 sizes, ranging from newborn to 12 months. These booties are crocheted from the bottom up, seamlessly in the round, in one piece. Then the panda’s ears and face are attached. The tie, crocheted in green to look like leaves, is weaved through the bootie and tied to secure the bootie on the foot.

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40% OFF Christmas in July Crochet Patterns

By Rachel Choi – July 27th, 2017 2 Comments

It’s that time of year again to grab your hooks and get started on crocheting gifts and Christmas decor! Don’t wait too long to start your projects, as we all know, time flies when you’re having fun crocheting and Christmas will be here before you know it. To kick off your crocheting endeavors, I marked all Christmas related patterns in the Crochet Spot Store to 40% OFF. Patterns include santa and elf hats, decorations, ornaments, and much more.

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Sale ends on August 1, 2017. Patterns are already marked down, so there is no need to enter in any coupon codes. Simply add the patterns to your cart and check out. If you need any help while shopping or crocheting, feel free to let me know!