How to Hand Crochet A Blanket

By Rachel Choi – June 3rd, 2017 Be the first to comment

If you haven’t heard of hand crocheting, you’re in for a fun surprise! You can crochet an entire project without a crochet hook, simply using your fingers and hands. Grab your yarn and get your hands ready to try out something new!

Before starting, I recommend having a basic knowledge of how to crochet. You can learn to crochet as you go, but the basics of how to chain, and make single crochets will give you a head start with hand crocheting.

Although you do not need a crochet hook for this project, you will need yarn. Use a super bulky weight yarn, and/or multiple strands of yarn held together to create a thick yarn. Your hands will act as a giant crochet hook so you need a yarn that will be proportional to your big hook size. The exact weight of yarn isn’t too important. Feel fee to practice the technique and then adjust the yarn weight and tension to suit your project.
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Crochet Pattern: Strawberry Patch Garland

By Amy – June 1st, 2017 1 Comment

Strawberries on a strand of garland is sure to start a craving. This time I have taken the lovely spring theme of strawberries and added a few similar elements, leaves and blossoms. Each piece is made in one or two rounds with basic crochet techniques and then attached to the garland strand.

I chose cotton yarn for my garland to give it a more natural feeling, and because I like the defined look of cotton, but other fibers will work just as well. The garland is designed to have small rings at both ends to allow for easy hanging.

This garland is light and airy and will make a good compliment to any room for extra spring feeling. Hanging it from an entertainment center or mantle will surely brighten up a living room, as well as garner some attention for your handiwork. Enjoy crocheting this lovely, new pattern! And don’t be surprised if you suddenly begin craving fresh strawberries!
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Crochet Spot is Undergoing Maintenance, Spring Cleaning and a Makeover!

By Rachel Choi – May 1st, 2017 Be the first to comment

It’s been a while since we dusted off all those cobwebs! During the month of May we are going to do a lot of work in the background, cleaning up the website, and making improvements. Please continue to enjoy the free crochet patterns, tutorials, and other goodies.

The blog and store will still be available, but may be down from time to time to be updated. You are welcomed to purchase crochet patterns on our Etsy store page if the main Crochet Spot Store is offline. Thank you all in advance for your patience while we make improvements to the website.

Keep up the crocheting everyone!!!

Crochet Pattern: Toilet Cover Set and Contour Rug

By Rachel Choi – April 28th, 2017 Be the first to comment

This pattern was requested by a Crochet Spot Reader!

This pattern set is the same as the original Toilet Seat Cover and Contour Rug pattern, but with the addition of the toilet tank cover, due to popular request. This complete toilet cover set includes the toilet tank cover, toilet seat cover, and contour rug. Choose a yarn that is machine washable so that you can easily toss them in the washing machine when needed. The patterns are crocheted with a large crochet hook and 2 strands of medium/worsted weight yarn held together, to achieve a thick fabric. The large crochet hook makes the patterns fairly quick to crochet. Although not required, apply puff paint along the underside of the rug for an added nonslip grip.

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Crochet Pattern: Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle Pillow

By Amy – April 26th, 2017 1 Comment

“At the table, with an iron in her hand, stood a very stout short person… Her little black nose went sniffle, sniffle, sniffle, and her eyes went twinkle, twinkle; underneath her cap — where Lucie had yellow curls — that little person had PRICKLES!”

— From Beatrix Potter’s story, The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle

Though I adore many of her other characters, I think Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle must be my favorite Beatrix Potter character of them all. She is just a simple washerwoman/hedgehog leading a simple life, and her simplicity is just what makes her adorable. However, my love of the little creatures themselves might have something to do with it.

I was so pleased with how well the Bridgette Bunny Pillow turned out that I wanted to make another vintage-inspired pillow. Lately, pillows have been a fad with me and since moving on to shaped pillows, you might say the possibilities are endless!

Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle is made up of two pillow panels with 4 separate colors. Both panels are shaped using simple increases and decreases, embellished with techniques like surface crochet and easy embroidery, and then buttons, and ribbon. My tip: stuff generously for a huggable, squeezable little woodland friend!

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Crochet Pattern: Basketweave Rug

By Rachel Choi – April 23rd, 2017 Be the first to comment

Crochet a rug with this simple pattern that mimics the look of a woven basket. Whether you need a rug for your front door, kitchen, or bathroom, the length and width can be customized to be any size that you desire to ensure a perfect fit. The pattern uses medium/worsted weight yarn which is readily available in many colors. Choose a yarn that is sturdy and machine washable for easy cleaning, such as acrylic or cotton. An unconventionally large crochet hook is used to create a fluffy, thick, textured rug. The large hook also makes the project quicker to crochet. Since the pattern is easily adjustable to be any size you desire, you can also change the yarn and hook size to create larger or smaller stitches.

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Substituting Light Weight Yarn for Bulky Weight Yarn in Crochet

By Rachel Choi – April 21st, 2017 4 Comments

I LOVE the look of bulky yarn and I LOVE working with it as it makes projects work up fairly quickly. But have you ever encountered a crochet pattern that calls for bulky weight yarn, and you only have medium or light weight yarn on hand? One solution is to crochet with more than one strand of yarn held together to achieve the thickness required for the bulky yarn. The double stranded crochet technique is easy to do, but requires you to have multiple skeins or balls of yarn to pull from.

Here is a hack that I came across, shared from Briana K. This one skein is used to make a bulky weight yarn, crocheting with three strands of yarn together without having to cut the yarn or separate it into multiple balls. It’s too hard to describe in words, so check out the video below!

P.S. I’m a huge Briana K fan! Some of my other favorite hacks are Finishing Off Crochet Round with Seamless Join and Avoiding Twists In Long Crochet Chains. You can also see a lot more of her videos on YouTube.

What do you think of this hack? Will you try it in an upcoming crochet project?

30% OFF Novelty Hat Crochet Patterns

By Rachel Choi – April 19th, 2017 Be the first to comment

If you’re in the mood to crochet a goofy, wacky, silly hat, then I have plenty to choose from! From the cupcake hat to the Christmas tree hat, there is bound to be a fun pattern that you would enjoy crocheting. Starting now and ending on April 26, 2017 select novelty hat crochet patterns are 30% off.

Click here to visit the hat section!

Click here to visit the hat section!

All the patterns that are part of the sale are already discounted and will say so at the beginning of the pattern’s description. There’s no need to enter in any coupon codes. What are you waiting for? Grab your crochet hook and start crocheting your wacky hat!

Crochet Pattern: Cozy Hooded Poncho (4 Sizes)

By Rachel Choi – April 16th, 2017 2 Comments

This poncho pattern comes in 4 sizes ranging from 6 months to 6 years old. It’s easy to put on crazy, wiggling children since no sleeves are required! The poncho is crocheted from the top down, all in one piece so that no sewing is required (other than the buttons). Feel free to crochet the poncho in any color you wish or even use multiple colors to create stripes.

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Do You Wear Crochet Scarves in the Spring and Summer?

By Rachel Choi – April 15th, 2017 Be the first to comment

Scarves aren’t just for the cold winter months. If you love scarves you can wear them all year around regardless of the weather. The key is to choose a scarf pattern that is light and airy for the warmer months and bulky and warm for the colder months. Scarves are wonderful for accessorizing and adding a pop of color and texture to an outfit.

But how many of us actually wear scarves in the spring and summer? Do you? Do you tend to only use them as a necessity during the cold winter months or do you actually love them so much you will wear them all year around? Share you thoughts in the comments below and see what others are saying!

P.S. Feel free to check out the crochet scarf page for patterns!