Free Crochet Pattern: Kawaii Pencil Amigurumi

By Amy Yarbrough – August 26th, 2019 2 Comments

With “Back to School” on everyone’s mind, how could I not design a Kawaii Pencil Amigurumi?

This little school-themed amigurumi is an easy project, great for beginners, with just a few fun techniques to add particular looks.

I had reservations on how fine a point I would be able to achieve with crochet but it was surprisingly easy. By only increasing by 3 stitches instead of the normal 6 to begin a round you have the perfect point. However, I especially love the look of the pencil metal. First you work a round of single crochet and then crochet the next round over the last for larger and bulkier stitches. You do this twice and then work the pink for the eraser in the back loops only, to give the impression that it fits into the pencil metal. To cap it off, I could have simply decreased but I wanted a sharp edge to the top instead of a gradual edge. So you finish off the pencil and then crochet a separate round and sew it on top.

Be sure to read the Pattern Notes! Because of the nature of working in a spiral, the seam works its way around the project and can end up near the front — yikes! What I do with this amigurumi is move the seam. When you change to gray for the pencil metal you will work a few more stitches of yellow before starting the gray to make a new round beginning. It might sound complicated but it is really simple and described in the instructions.

Ready to give it a try? Let me know what you think about our Kawaii Pencil Amigurumi!

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Free Crochet Pattern: Ruby Dog Bandanna

By Claire Golden – August 22nd, 2019 3 Comments

Whenever my poodle Ruby went to her groomer, she came home with a new bandanna. She was adorable with her brightly-colored accessories, and we amassed quite the collection over the 13 years we had with her. I was feeling nostalgic and decided to design a crochet bandanna in her memory. It uses the Corner-to-Corner Crochet method, which is easy to memorize and fun to make. My dog Maisie is modeling it for you. She’s a Chinese Crested Powderpuff, which is a toy breed, meaning she’s quite small…but you can easily make this bandanna to fit any size dog. I’d love to know what dogs you would make this for!

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Free Crochet Pattern: Orange and Blossoms Favor Bag

By Amy Yarbrough – August 8th, 2019 6 Comments

I’ve been so pleased with the response from all of you over my Favor Bag designs. I had no idea when I designed the Carrot Favor Bag that they would be so readily received. So here I am once again introducing another produce-inspired design: the Orange and Blossoms Favor Bag!

The bag is made with simple increases typical of crocheting in the round, while the greenery is designed to look like separate leaves within the material and is worked like filet crochet. If you haven’t done filet crochet, don’t worry, the instructions are not complicated. Then the bag is topped off with a blossom and a bud, crocheted with basic crochet stitches.
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Free Crochet Pattern: Air Plant Hanger

By Claire Golden – August 5th, 2019 4 Comments

Have you heard of air plants? I discovered them several months ago and fell in love. These adorable little desert plants don’t have roots, so they don’t need dirt. They just sit around looking cute. The most common type is called Tillandsia, and they’re quite affordable and easy to care for. Macrame plant hangers have been regaining their popularity, and I was inspired to crochet one. All you need is a hook to suspend the nest from. I’m going to make one for each of the plants in my ever-expanding collection; the one in the picture is my very first Tillandsia.

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Free Crochet Pattern: Retro Chevrons Tablet Cover

By Amy Yarbrough – July 26th, 2019 2 Comments

I don’t know about you but I’m always feeling the retro vibes. However, I didn’t quite plan for it in this pattern. I merely decided on a very basic tapestry crochet design and found a few colors that really seemed to pop. While I was making it I realized how retro it was and found myself thinking about all the ways I could use this color pattern/design in other creations.

I think making your own tablet cover is the perfect way for crocheters to accessorize the techy things that they have. Like the Beachrock Tablet Cover, this one is basic and a great chance to play with color.

Follow along with the graph to crochet this chevron color pattern and be sure to read the Color Pattern Notes to best understand what to do. And as always, keep crocheting!

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Free Crochet Pattern: Wild Strawberry Lunch Bag

By Claire Golden – July 22nd, 2019 5 Comments

Recently I found myself in need of a reusable lunch bag. My college classes were scheduled right through lunchtime, which meant I was packing a lot of meals, and I wanted something to carry them in. Reusable lunch bags are great for the environment and easier to carry than a paper bag. I had a lovely ball of cotton yarn in my stash that was waiting for the right project, and the color changes make me think of wild strawberries, hence the name. Perhaps best of all, the cotton yarn means you can toss the bag in the washing machine.

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How to Crochet: Stretch-Free Cord

By Claire Golden – July 15th, 2019 7 Comments

Sometimes you need a cord to complete a crochet project. Recently I was making a bag that needed a drawstring, and I couldn’t find a stitch that worked. The trouble is that crochet is stretchy by nature and sometimes you need a non-stretchy cord. So I experimented for a while and came up with an easy method to make a stretch-free cord.
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Free Crochet Pattern: Grape Cluster Favor Bag

By Amy Yarbrough – July 9th, 2019 4 Comments

After designing the Carrot Favor Bag and the Strawberry Favor Bag, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking of more. Although a grape cluster bag would be unique I was certain the design would be challenging. How could I design it so that it looked like a cluster of grapes and not just another purple bag? Bobbles, of course!

Have you worked with bobbles before? It is really easy once you know how. Be sure to check out, How to Crochet: Bobble Stitch for a photo tutorial on how they are worked.

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Free Crochet Pattern: Prairie Poncho

By Claire Golden – July 1st, 2019 2 Comments

I really enjoy crocheting things I see on TV or in movies. It’s great for inspiration and it’s fun to wear what your favorite characters wear. The main character, Prairie, on Netflix’s original series The OA wears a crochet poncho in one episode, and I wanted to make one for myself. The finished poncho is asymmetrical and made of lacy flower motifs joined together as you go. It’s a perfect layering piece for the changing springtime weather where I live. Because the poncho is meant to be oversize, the pattern is written for one size, but I included directions on how to easily make it larger. I hope you enjoy this pattern, and let me know if you like this show too!

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30% OFF Granny Ripple Blanket Crochet Pattern

By Rachel Choi – June 24th, 2019 Be the first to comment

Now 30% OFF in the Crochet Spot Store, if you love granny squares and ripple blankets, you’ll love this combination granny ripple blanket! Ripple patterns are so much fun because they create a neat zigzag chevron pattern with very little effort. This stitch pattern is inspired by the open work of a granny square, which makes it quick to crochet. Customize this blanket by using as many colors as you desire. The pattern includes instructions for adjusting the blanket so it can be made as big or as small as desired.

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