Be a Guest Writer on Crochet Spot!

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Kick off the new year by being a guest writer on Crochet Spot! If you enjoy writing about crochet, have patterns or tutorials that you want to share, then being a guest writer would be perfect for you. Hone your blogging skills and share your crochet ideas with thousands of readers. To learn more about how to become a guest writer, check out the Want to Be a Guest Writer post for detail on how to make a submission.

30% OFF Christmas Crochet Patterns

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As Christmas nears there’s less and less time to finish your projects and gifts. If you would like to add a last minute Christmas project to you’re to-do list, now’s the time to do so! Starting now, all Christmas themed crochet patterns are 30% OFF in the Crochet Spot Store. Grab a quick Santa hat or ornament pattern and get crocheting!

Click here for 30% OFF in the store or click on the images below!

Sale ends on December 7, 2017. Patterns are already marked down, so there is no need to enter in any coupon codes. Simply add the patterns to your cart and check out. If you need any help while shopping or crocheting, feel free to let me know!

Black Friday to Cyber Monday: 40% OFF Crochet Patterns!

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It’s that time of year to kick your crocheting into high gear! From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, select crochet patterns are 40% OFF! Crochet patterns include some of the most popular, best selling patterns, and seasonal favorites. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Crochet Spot Store to see if your favorite patterns are on sale!

Click Here for 40% OFF Crochet Patterns!

Below are just some of the crochet patterns that are apart of the sale. Be sure to visit each of the sections in the store to see even more!

Click Here for 40% OFF Crochet Patterns!

Click Here for 40% OFF Crochet Patterns!

There’s no need for coupon codes, the crochet patterns that are apart of the sale are already marked down. Add the crochet patterns you want to your cart and check out. Then download the crochet patterns you purchased, directly from your store account. If you need help while shopping or crocheting, feel free to let me know and I’ll be sure to help!

Giveaway Winner!

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Entries are now closed for the Design Your Own Crochet Projects giveaway. If you haven’t done so, you can still read the book review or use the Look Inside Feature on Amazon to take a sneak peak for yourself. Thank you everyone for participating in the giveaway.

The winner of a free copy of Design Your Own Crochet Projects is…
Connie (Random Comment #28) who commented “Honestly it’s a toss up between socks & mittens. I’ve tried my hand at a lot of different things but those are the 2 that I’m still not so sure about.”

Thanks again to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for more giveaways!

Giveaway Ends Soon!

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If you haven’t done so already, check out the book review and giveaway post for the book Design Your Own Crochet Projects. The book is great for anyone who is interested in designing crochet accessories and will walk you through the process with a few patterns for hats, scarves, mittens, socks, and much more.

Click here to visit the giveaway page!

Be sure to leave your entry/comment on the giveaway post and not this post. A winner will be randomly selected and announced on November 16, 2017.

Book Review and Giveaway: Design Your Own Crochet Projects

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When you think of buying a crochet book, most people are looking for a variety of patterns. Design Your Own Crochet Projects by Sara Delaney has a different approach. While still providing a variety of crochet patterns, it gives you the details on how each pattern is designed and sized. I wish there was a book like this years ago when I started designing my own crochet patterns. It gives you the insight into how the author develops her patterns so that you can extrapolate what you want to make your own.
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Giveaway Winners!

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent giveaway! There were 3 lucky winners that were randomly selected. Take a look at the fun patterns they chose. If you are one of the winners, be sure to check your email for the pattern. Congrats to the winners, and stay tuned for more giveaways to come.

Winner #1 is Theresa who won the Rectangular Vest.

Winner #2 is Twinkie Lover who won the Mile A Minute Shell Blanket.

Winner #3 is Sabrina who won the Panda Bear Backpack.

Thanks again for participating and stay tuned for more giveaways!

Giveaway Ends Soon!

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The giveaway is ending soon, so head on over to the giveaway post and make your entry if you haven’t done so already. The giveaway is for a free crochet pattern from the Crochet Spot Store, or a free month of Premium Pattern Membership (unlimited downloads) if you are already signed up for the membership at the time of the drawing. Most importantly, there will be multiple winners! The more that enter, the more winners there will be, so please share with all of your crochet friends! Enter the giveaway and check out the details here:

It’s Giveaway Time!

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Have you been eyeing a pattern in the Crochet Spot Store? Now is the time you can win it for FREE! In this giveaway we’ll be giving away crochet patterns from the Crochet Spot store and also Premium Pattern Memberships. We will have multiple winners too! For every 20 entries, we’ll add another winner. For example, if there are 100 entries, we’ll have 5 winners. If you are already a Premium Pattern Member of the store (you can already download unlimited patterns), you can also participate in this giveaway. A member’s prize would be a free month of membership so you can download as many patterns as you want for another month!

To enter into the giveaway:

  1. Visit the Crochet Spot Store:
  2. Choose a pattern that you would like to crochet.
  3. Leave a comment below on this post telling us the exact name of the pattern (we want to make sure we send you the correct pattern). Please leave only one comment, multiple comments will be deleted.
  4. If you are a Premium Pattern Member, simply say you’re a member.

Winners will be randomly selected and announced on Wednesday, October 18, 2017.

Good luck everyone!!!

Free Advertising for Crocheters Who Sell Their Work

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A while ago I made a directory of crocheters who sell finished crochet items that are made from Crochet Spot patterns. Often times, I have non-crocheters that ask me to purchase a finished item, but since I spend a large amount of time pattern designing, I’m not able to make a lot of finished crocheted items to sell. This free directory has been very helpful in connecting buyers with sellers. So if you’ve crocheted a few Crochet Spot patterns in the past, and are actively selling items made from Crochet Spot patterns, please let me know so that I can add you to the directory. What’s better than free advertising for your personal business?

If you are a crocheter and would like to be added to this free directory, please email [email protected] and include the following information:

  • Your full name and business name (if you have one)
  • Link to your online shop (Etsy shop, personal website, Facebook page, etc.) so that folks can see your work
  • Email address, which will appear publicly in the directory
  • List the patterns (exact names) that you enjoy crocheting the most and/or the patterns you make to sell.
  • 2 – 3 sentences about yourself and/or your crochet work, to be displayed with your information
  • Please be sure to provide all information as incomplete submissions will not be published in the directory.

Feel free to check out the directory here: Crocheters For Hire