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Crochet Challenge 2014!

Posted in Fun Ramblings on January 2nd, 2014 by Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 16 Comments

What do you want to do with your crochet in 2014? After the holidays settle down, hopefully you will be organizing your lovely new yarn and hook stash from generous friends and relatives. 😉 It will be time to reflect and set crochet goals for 2014.

One of the nice things about crochet is that although we can share what we do with crochet groups, charities, and of course here on Crochet Spot, crochet is an individual activity. That means our only competition can come from within ourselves. The beautiful relaxation of crochet may come in part from the knowledge that the only expectation placed upon our crochet is our own.

This is why it’s a great time to make an individual crochet challenge for 2014. Take a moment to look within yourself and ask yourself what it is you want to do with your crochet in 2014.
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