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How to Start Your Holiday Crochet Projects Now!

Posted in Fun Ramblings on July 2nd, 2013 by Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 3 Comments

On July 25, there will only be 153 crafting days before Christmas! Does that number make your crafty fingers itch? If not, try this: on the same day, there will only be 125 days before Hanukkah! How did 2013 become a year when Haunukah comes so early?

When it’s broken down that way, by days, I do feel a little panicked. I am old enough to know that we bring magic to the holiday season, and furthermore, that magic takes planning! I hate to admit this, but I usually intend to make many more gifts than I ever get around to making! Especially last year, I actually ended up buying a bunch of gifts. There’s nothing wrong with buying gifts, but as a crocheter, I LOVE making gifts, and I want to spread the handmade love to everyone I care about.

I had to come up with a solution for myself, so maybe you’d like to join me and make this a Crochet Spot community effort! Let’s start our holiday crafting now by following these steps!
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