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Favorite Yarn Shopping Destination?

Posted in Fun Ramblings on September 21st, 2010 by Emilee Gettle – 22 Comments

If you’re like me, you’re passionate about shopping for all things crochet! Although I’ve never seen a bumper sticker, “I brake for yarn stores!” I think I could easily apply that one to my car. I love shopping at fiber arts shops and just absorbing the whole creative atmosphere. I especially love the privately owned storefront shops. Their owners are always quite passionate about the topics I am and are especially helpful with any questions I might have. It’s like finding a long lost friend! Walking in a creative oasis provides a sensory overload of patterns and skeins of glorious yarn!

I have a favorite store in Petaluma, CA called The Knittery that I always look forward to visiting during my winter vacation. Housed in a turn of the century building and tastefully decorated it is an inspiration and a breath of fresh air!

Do you have a favorite yarn shopping destination?