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Yarn Obsession

Posted in Fun Ramblings on December 4th, 2012 by Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 33 Comments

Yarn yarn yarn yarn yarn. I love yarn. Could you tell? But here’s the thing- up until just a few years ago, I didn’t get it. Before I discovered my lifecraft, (crochet, of course!) I was primarily a scrapbooker, stamper, and card maker. So when I looked at yarn, it just looked like a big, boring mess to me! ‘Why is there so much of it?’ I would wonder. ‘Who does this, and furthermore, why?’ I would ask myself.

That was ages ago! Clearly my perspective has changed quite a bit. Today I am a yarnaholic, a yarnophile, a yarn lover, but NOT a yarn hoarder! (It’s tough, people, but I do exercise restraint sometimes!)

There is so much to love about yarn: colors, fibers, special properties, its use in different projects… I would LOVE to hear what you like about yarn, and which types of yarn you like.

What are your favorite brands and colors? Do you always use the same kind, or do you vary by project? What is your favorite fiber for crochet?