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Finish in ’15 Second Quarter Contest Winner!

Posted in Fun Ramblings on July 7th, 2015 by Caissa "Cami" McClinton – Be the first to comment

Hooray! We have three lucky winners of the prizes in our Finish in ’15 Challenge!

@artlikebread Crochet Spot Finish in 15 Caissa McClinton 2nd Quarter Winners

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20 Great Crochet Patterns for the College-Bound

Posted in Fun Ramblings on June 30th, 2015 by Caissa "Cami" McClinton – Be the first to comment

Did your eyes well up with tears this past month as you watched someone special walk across the stage and receive a high school diploma? The college years are a very special time in someone’s life. I remember when my mom dropped me off at the residence hall with all my stuff. She came running back in to make sure I had a quarter for a phone call. (Yes, I’m dating myself, but I don’t care! It was the 1990s!)

It was during my college years that I learned how to make a space like home and uniquely my own. I missed my family quite a bit but I was comforted by the things that reminded me of home and family. Why not send your child/friend/family member off to college with something special and crocheted especially for them by you!

Photos via flickr by South Hadley Historical Society, Katie Peek, and Erin. License

Photos via flickr by South Hadley Historical Society, Katie Peek, and Erin. License

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How to Calculate the Length of Yarn by Weight

Posted in Tutorials and Help on June 23rd, 2015 by Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 6 Comments

Have you ever wondered how much yarn you have left to go in your skein? How about how much yarn you’ve used in your finished project? I didn’t realize this when I first started crocheting, but it is possible to know the length of yarn used or how much yarn is left in a skein without taking out a yard stick. All you need is some information and a kitchen scale.

How to Calculate Yarn Length by Weight a Tutorial by Caissa McClinton @artlikebread 5
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Finish in ’15 Contest – New Prizes! Free Yarn! Enter Now!

Posted in Fun Ramblings on June 12th, 2015 by Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 3 Comments

Heeeeyyyyy! Remember how we started this cool contest all about finishing our WIPs and UFOs in 2015? Remember, it wasn’t a resolution, it was a CHALLENGE! And like all good challenges, there are rewards. And guess what? The rewards get better as we go along! Read on, ’cause this is BIG & involves FREE YARN!

@artlikebread Crochet Spot Finish in 15 Caissa McClinton Four FO's
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7 Speedy Father’s Day Gifts to Crochet

Posted in Fun Ramblings on June 8th, 2015 by Caissa "Cami" McClinton – Be the first to comment

While Mother’s Day seems to have just passed, Father’s Day is sneaking up on us quickly! Even if you haven’t chosen the perfect gift for Pops, you still have time to whip him up something handmade and from the heart.

Father's Day Quick Crochet Gifts Round-Up by Caissa McClinton @artlikebread
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4 Ways to Hold Crocheted Pieces Together for Seaming

Posted in Fun Ramblings on June 2nd, 2015 by Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 4 Comments

Hello, my Crochet Spot friends! My crochet life has been full and inspiring as of late. I have been working on a lot of different projects which will be used as samples at my local yarn store! It’s all very exciting and it has led me to this post about how to hold your crocheted pieces together for seaming. In case you need a refresher, here is my post on How to Join Crochet Pieces Using Slip Stitches and the Outside Loops.

For the longest while, I had wanted to make a tissue box cozy that looks like a piece of cake, and finally, I did it! Since the cozy is crocheted in pieces, seaming was required. Furthermore, this particular pattern is really helped by pinning or holding the pieces together in some way. Today I’m going to share four ways to hold your crochet together for seaming.

Holding Together Crocheted Pieces for Seaming by Caissa McClinton @artlikebread
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Beach Crochet Pattern Round-Up for Summer!

Posted in Fun Ramblings on May 27th, 2015 by Caissa "Cami" McClinton – Be the first to comment

Hello hello! Are you getting excited for the summer? Woohoo! Warmer weather has found its way to the Northern Hemisphere and soon it will be beach season! Whether you’re near a lake, ocean, or pool you can get into the fun by crocheting up some of this beachy goodness.

Caissa McClinton Beach Crochet Round Up artlikebread
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Dealing with Crocheter’s Arm & Hand Pain

Posted in Fun Ramblings on May 19th, 2015 by Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 15 Comments

It has happened! The thing that all yarn crafters fear has happened to me! I have hand and arm pain! :( I have been pretty lucky so far, considering how much I use my hands for typing, mousing, manipulating my smart phone, and of course crocheting.

Since there is an abundance of information about crafter’s hand and arm pain on the web, I’m going to outline the steps I am personally taking to deal with my own problem. Needless to say, I am not a doctor, and this is not meant to be medical advice.

My pain is in my right hand, mostly between my thumb and forefinger. It extends to my wrist and is also sometimes shooting up my forearm. Boo! For a few days I couldn’t use my right arm to do a lot of things like holding anything or operating the computer or smart phone. Of course I have also been unable to crochet in the normal way.

Crochet Hand Arm Pain
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Crochet Startitis? Blissful.

Posted in Fun Ramblings on May 5th, 2015 by Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 1 Comment

Remember back a while ago when I asked you to pay attention to what inspires your crochet? Well, I have been doing just that lately and I have two wonderful inspirations that have led to a big case of Crochet Startitis and I am loving it!

The first source of inspiration is the opening of a new and great yarn store in my local area! The beautiful store is called Sheep Thrills of Lauderhill, FL and it is focused upon creating an open & welcoming environment filled with uniquely beautiful, inspiring yarns. One of the great things I noticed was that the yarn prices varied greatly! I got a ball of really high quality and adorable t-shirt yarn there for $5, which is much less than what a comparable skein cost at my local big box!

Sheep Thrills Yarn Store Inspires My Crochet - @artlikebread Caissa McClinton
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How to Frog Your Crochet

Posted in Tutorials and Help on April 28th, 2015 by Caissa "Cami" McClinton – Be the first to comment

When I gave you Five Fine Reasons to Frog Your Crochet, fellow Crochet Spotter Cindi commented to ask about how to pull back crochet without stretching the yarn out further and also how to get rid of the kinks. In this tutorial, I am addressing the first part of the question – how to pull back without stretching the yarn out further. In the future, I will show you how to get rid of the kinks.

Previously it hadn’t occurred to me that we might need a photo tutorial about frogging, but then I remembered back to when I was a beginning crocheter and I wanted to soak up everything possible about the craft. (Well, I still want to learn absolutely everything about crochet, but some of it has become second nature to me.) While this tutorial may be very familiar to many of you, I hope that it will serve as good information for beginners and researchers. Also, please feel free to share your frogging tips in the comments!
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