99 cent Yarn at Michaels

By Rachel Choi – 10 Comments

This weekend I paid a trip to Michaels not only because I had two 40% off coupons, but because I read a rumor that there was 99 cent skeins of yarn. I thought to myself, even if there weren’t any for 99 cents, then at least I can still us my coupons and buy something. But I was so excited when I walked to the yarn department! There it was…racks of 99 cent yarn!!! I got some wool, simply soft, satin sport, cashmere, and some novelty yarn! Each at just 99 cents a skein!!! I spent about $20…so you can do the math on how many skeins of yarn I got.

I think I would have got more, but some other crocheter probably beat me to those baskets that were empty. Anyway, the moral of the story is you should go to a Michaels near you (if there is one) and see if they have 99 cent yarn too!

Here is a link to a 40% one regular priced item coupon that’s good for this week (May 10 – 16, 2009): Michaels Coupon

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  1. leepo says:

    Thanks for post about 99 cent yarn at Michaels! I ran over there yesterday and got five skiens since they were almost out. Love your website!

  2. Rachel says:

    Woohoo! Glad you got there before they were all gone 🙂

  3. Erika says:

    I was recently at my local Michael’s, and a woman working there surprised me by telling me that they were planning to get rid of the knitting/crochet section. I don’t know if it’s true, but I guess it’s not that surprising if it is. The yarn there had been really cheap there lately. Even the Caron One-Pounders were only $2.99. I guess there aren’t a lot of knitters or crocheters in my area.

    At least there’s a Joann’s nearby, too.

    • Rachel says:

      aww 🙁

      but that is some really cheap yarn! $2.99 for a caron one-pounder is such a great deal. I hope you stocked up (if you don’t already have a massive stash).

  4. sara says:

    That’s too bad about Michaels, but really great for those who were able to get the .99 cent yarn.
    Wal-mart did that too when I worked for them back in 2006. I think that some stores still have a very tiny section but lots of stores are getting rid of those sections for some reason.

  5. Hannah says:

    Wow! do you know when it ends, or is it an everyday thing? My mom makes me buy my own yarn, and i don’t get allowance, so i’m always looking for deals on yarn!

    • Rachel says:

      Hey Hannah, it’s over now. This was a while back in May 2009, when Michaels was cleaning out their stock. They do have sales occasionally through out the year.

  6. Judie says:

    I was told that the Michael’s in zip code 54701 Eau Claire, WI will not be stocking
    Carron Yard anymore. I guess I would like to know why?

    I use Carron Yard all the time…for hats scarfs and baby times…
    I love the simply soft yard for many many projects and hate to see That Michael’s will not be stocking it…

    I need to know if anyone else was told this…or was it just my nearest store.??

    Thanks Judie

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Judie!
      Sorry, I haven’t heard of anything. The Michaels near me just closed 🙁 Maybe you can ask some of the associates in the store or go on their website, I believe they have a contact form there.

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