Blankets for the Gulf

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Do you have a crochet blanket to donate? If so, Blankets for the Gulf is an organization that can help you find a family in need to give it to! The goal of Blankets for the Gulf is to deliver handmade blankets to the victims of the 2005 Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. Even though as I write this it is 2010, people still need our help! blankets for the gulf

With the help of everyday people like you and me, Blankets for the Gulf has sent out 1,120 blankets and counting! Now that is something to be proud of! If you would like to join in on this great cause, visit the Blankets for the Gulf website for more information.

Need a blanket pattern? No worries, here is one of mine that you can use: Crochet Pattern: Shell Stitch Blanket. This is a beginner level pattern so anyone can make a blanket to donate!

If you would like to find even more places that need your crocheted items, check out the Crochet Spot Charity Page.

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  1. Sandie says:

    Have you been in contact with them? The most recent update says 5/2008.

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