Crochet Pattern: Spider Web Scarf

By Rachel Choi – 1 Comment
Simple yet elegant, this scarf is fast to whip up and resembles a spider’s web when it’s wrapped around your neck. It’s airy enough for the summer but still warm for the winters! This pattern can be downloaded in the Crochet Spot Store (free to download for all Premium Pattern Members)

Skill Level: crochet skill level easy

Finished Size: 53″ (135 cm) long, 4 1/4″ (11 cm) wide

Medium Weight Yarn (approximately 200
Crochet hook G (4.00 mm)
crochet yarn size 4
crochet spider scarf
crochet spider scarf

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crochet spider scarf

If you ever need help crochet this scarf, let me know and I’ll be glad to help!

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  1. Tash says:

    I made this scarf right after I signed up for the membership. It was really fast to make and the pattern was super easy to undersand! I think I’m going to make one for my daughter as well.

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