Finding the Correct Color…Eggplant?

By Veronica Smith – 7 Comments

We’re redecorating our master bedroom, this is a good thing right? You would think so. We have purchased the new light covers, new floor lamp, new curtains, bed cover, and even new towels for the en-suite, all laying in wait for the final assembly. All that was easy. Now for the tricky bit, the accent color. So far all is a bland mixture of some black, silver and an ivory sort of color (it’ll be nice, I promise). I have in my head the color I want, unfortunately the MOTH (man of the house) and all the shop keepers I have met are not telepathic. If another person shows me something eggplant colored again I won’t be responsible for my actions.

I am on a mission to find an object that is the same as the color in my head. The grand plan is to paint a feature wall and crochet curtain tiebacks, maybe crochet a nice edging on the very plain curtains and towels and most importantly I want to do some throw pillows, and whatever else I can make.

I have tried the paint samples repeatedly however they are too tiny to get a true look and explain to the MOTH what I want.

I try the fabric store to purchase a strip of the correct color. It is a huge store with dress, craft and curtain fabrics. The color is not there.

Then the realization hit me, if I cannot get fabric to match what I want, will I be able to get the correct yarn color? The paint is easy as they make whatever you want with some computerized machine thing that copies your sample. Yarn doesn’t work like that. Yes I know I could dye it but I would never get it to what I want.

Off to the yarn store where a dozen balls look like the right color but in fact they don’t even look like each other when I put them in the basket (I blame the artificial lighting). Yarn people are nice, so I explained my dilemma, I paid for them all and took them out into natural light and found one, yes, there was one that was actually correct! Back to the shop and returned the balance. I have the ball with me as I type now. When MOTH gets home I will show him and see if it passes inspection. I think I might make a quick scarf or something before he gets home so he can see it in a larger piece.

I suppose you are wondering what color it actually is. Well it isn’t eggplant! If it was I would have purchased one of those as the sample. It is in fact a purplish color but with slight brown undertones – it’s nice, really. I have taken several photos of the precious ball, however it doesn’t load on my computer as the correct color. I figure with all the different monitors out there the color will be different on all of them. I cannot risk any of you thinking it is eggplant!

Who thought that finding one simple color would be so difficult? I should have looked at the ever faithful yarn shop first, after all, has yarn ever let you down?

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  1. Lori says:

    I would definitely crochet up a scarf or something so your MOTH can see a larger piece. And I am not surprised that you found a yarn in the right color, when nothing else seemed right. I hope he likes it so you can finish the re-decorating!

  2. Caroline says:

    And then go back to your yarn shop and buy every ball of it that they have, triple-checking dye batches!

  3. Cindi says:

    For a hint after the fact: You can look through the DMC floss to see the color(s) that you like for paint, etc.
    I have to admit though, that finding the yarn is one great idea! I, too, am going to tell you to go back and buy all that color you can!!!!

  4. Wanda says:

    So now tell us the name and color of the yarn so we can go ooooh and ahhhhh over it, either online or at our yarn store. 🙂

  5. tina says:

    may I offer another suggested color?? Go ahead and feel free to scream,when I am finished.

    May I suggest, an easier color to match yarn to and easier on the eye,too ? Maybe, (here goes) teal?
    I know,I pictured in my head,the eggplant too,and loved that color scheme, but teal jumped into play and maybe, just maybe, you can work,( or at least find it,) that color easier than eggplant ?

  6. Jean says:

    I would like it if you gave us the name of the yarn and the color name or number and who makes it. Maybe I could find it in my yarn store to see what color you chose.

    Have fun with your decorating.

  7. Coleen says:

    I too have had to go to unusual places to find the RIGHT color. I once took a potatoe to the paint store for that exact color, and it was the lovliest color.I do like the idea of going to the yarn store, so much inspiration!!

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