From Ewe to You

By Rachel Choi – 6 Comments

When you were in 9th grade what did you do? Maybe go to class, hangout with friends, play some sports or join after school clubs. But how many 9th graders do you know, spend time collecting crochet items for those who need it?

From Ewe to You is organized by Hannah Moyles a 9th grader at Wake Forest-Rolesville High School in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Her mission is to provide crocheted or knitted blankets, scarves, booties, and hats to the less fortunate in her community. Isn’t this great?

If you would like to help Hannah help those in her neighborhood, feel free to visit her site: From Ewe to You. On her site you will find a list of items that are needed and an address where you can send them.

I hope Hannah’s story can inspire other 9th graders and crocheters!

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  1. Bookworm says:

    It is nice, you don’t see too many kids that young that actually care about anything beyond themselves (or ones who aren’t, unfortunately, just doing nice things for the attention or the acclaim). She seems genuine in her desire to help and I find that refreshing.

  2. Dee says:

    We have a 12 year old in our church that has just learned to crochet. The young woman who taught her has just lost her battle with cancer. Now this 12 year old is making and donating blankets to the local cancer center for patients that are going threw Chemo. It’s great to see more young people both crocheting and giving to those in need.

  3. Joanne says:

    There is also a 12 year old girl in NJ who started “Fuzzies for the Homeless” You can read about it here:

    It is very inspriring to see young people giving back at such an early age- Even though she knits, she accepts donations of crocheted or knitted scarves

  4. Megan says:

    I learned how to crochet when i was in 9th grade and now I help crochet little blankets, hats and clothes for premature babies at church 😀

    I hope more kids learn to crochet(orknit) for the well being of others!

  5. Jody says:

    I taught my 30 6th graders last year how to knit and crochet. I did this for three reasons. First, I think these are both dying arts with the techno generation. Second, I wanted them to help others in need. And, lastly, I didn’t have to listen to, “I’m done. What can I do now?” When they finished their regular work, they had a number of things they could choose from, but most chose to knit/crochet. They helped each other and we ended up with boxes of scarves and hats. I even had kids that would work on them at home and bring me two or three after a weekend. It was amazing to see them get so excited and see the pride when they finished a project. My favorite picture was four of my 6th grade boys sitting on the flooring knitting while listening to a book on tape with headphones on!

  6. That’s wonderful. Thanks for sharing some inspiring news.

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