Mealtime Crochet

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We spend a lot of time working, playing, surfing the Internet, and networking. But I’ve found there’s one other thing we do a lot of and that’s eating good food. Who doesn’t love a good meal, whether alone, with co-workers, or family and friends?

While there are tons of kitchen items we can crochet, we have plenty of patterns available to us for the ambience surrounding our mealtimes throughout the day. Particularly, we should consider crochet items that add a bit of style and beauty to our breakfast, lunch, or dinner time.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Napkin Rings are easy and fun to do. You can crochet them in the color scheme of your kitchen or dining room to add an extra flair to any mealtime occasion. While using cloth napkins can be fun, why not try crocheting your own dinner napkins with a nice thread. Try it. I’m sure you’ll create something great.

2. Placemats are a popular choice as well. You can crochet placemats in your favorite colors of course, but don’t limit yourself to the usual rectangle shape. Be creative. Have fun with it. Try crocheting a heart-shaped, circle-shaped, or triangle-shaped placemat. Hey…you can even try a zig-zag pattern! If you try this one out, I’m sure you’ll have family and friends requesting them as gifts or popular selling items.

3. Picnic Blankets are perfect. With the Spring and Summer seasons, you can pack up a nice lunch or early dinner and take along your homemade picnic blanket for you and your loved ones to enjoy out in nature. Eating outside is a fun experience anyway. Between the fresh air, good company, interesting conversation, and amazing sights, you’re bound to pack up that picnic blanket all through the warm months of every year.

I hope you enjoyed these fun ideas for mealtimes. If you have crocheted some mealtime creations or have more ideas to share, please leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Hind says:

    I like to add to your list some more crochet items like : Thick crochet hot-pads, coasters,tea or coffee cup-cuffs,tray-mats and doilies .
    Tea cozies may be considered a bit old fashioned nowadays, but they are pretty and very useful for those of us who still prefer making tea in a tea-pot rather than simply using tea-bags.

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