Mystery Crochet Along: A Gift for V-Day (winner)

By Rachel Choi – 10 Comments

Thank you everyone who participated in the Mystery Crochet Along (CAL)! It was so much fun on my end to put together and I truly enjoyed seeing everyone’s work each week. I hope you all had a wonderful time too! If you didn’t get to join us in this CAL, no worries, I’m sure there will be others in the future.

Using the photos that were submitted, and by random draw, the winner of this CAL is Mary!!!

Mary's owl from Happy Hookers Crochet Club .

Mary’s owl from Happy Hookers Crochet Club .

Mary won any 2 crochet patterns of her choice from the Crochet Spot Store and a free copy of the Lovable Owl pattern in PDF format.

Feel free to check out everyone’s lovable owl photos on the main CAL page. Have a wonderful Valentine’s day everyone, and enjoy your lovable owls!

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  1. cindy andrews says:

    congrats Mary! a beautiful owl! I had so much fun Rachel! Thank you!

  2. Christy says:

    Congrats Mary!!!

  3. Catherine says:

    Will you be having another mystery crochet? I sure hope so. Thanks, C

  4. Rodé says:

    So cute! I didn’t do the crochet along, but I will definitely make this.

  5. Carol Rowell says:

    Congrats to Mary! This was really fun to do and I hope you will do it again soon!

  6. Erin says:

    Congratulations Mary!

    I didn’t do the CAL, but I had fun watching the progress of those that participated.

  7. mindy says:

    Congratulations, Mary!

    That was a fun little project. =)

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