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Crochet as a craft is inspiring to our entire lives, yet we can find inspiration to enhance our crochet experiences. One of those inspirational places is within the pages of fiction novels. There’s nothing like sitting down with a good book allowing yourself to get lost in the setting, the people, the places, and the situations the characters get themselves into throughout the book.

I have found that there are several authors out there who not only love to write good books, but apparently they love to crochet as well. Within the pages of their novels, they have added the element of crochet. Some authors who have used crochet as a major theme in their books will even include patterns within the story or in the back pages after the story has ended.

Here’s a short list of titles and authors who are using the joy of crochet to tell their fictional stories:

Betty Hechtman is an author who has written a series of crochet mystery novels with catchy titles such as “By Hook or By Crook.” Check her selections out if you love a good mystery from time to time.

Kathy Gleason is an author who has written a novel called “When It Happened”, which is about a teenager who loves life and crochet. Then, her world is thrown into a tailspin when she finds out she’s pregnant after the father’s unexpected death.

There are many other crochet novels out there to choose from, all it takes is some research and healthy appetite for good fiction and good crochet. One of the things I noticed with the crochet novels is that there seems to be a lot of mystery novels with crochet as their theme, which can be pretty strange at first. I’ve seen titles such as “Dying to Crochet”, which tells the reader right off the bat what the novel is all about for the most part.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve found tons of mystery novels or a lovely novel about a person going through a challenging time and finding solace in crochet, if it’s a great story and it’s about crochet…it’s inspiring.

Do you know of any good crochet-themed novels? Please leave a comment with your recommendations. We’d love to hear from you.

Happy Crocheting and Happy Reading!

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  1. Grace says:

    I’ve seen books that feature tea and cooking, but never novels that feature crochet. I will definitely have to check them out. =)

  2. Aimee says:

    I love Betty Hechtman and the crochet novels! Quick reads, fun ideas and characters and some really good recipes. I’ll have to check out the others you mentioned.

  3. Jumasto says:

    Debbie Macomber has several novels which have a crochet theme or backdrop. Several of her books come in series, which provide a continuing story over several installments. Although some of them have a knitting theme, crochet is still an integral part of her novels. They are easy to read, and you can get very involved in the lives of the characters.

  4. Sandie says:

    I have not read any Debbie Macomber books about crochet. The ones I’ve read featured knitting only. I love the Betty Hechtman books and read them as soon as they come out. Bendy Carter’s book Dying to Crochet is excellent but expensive. I read it from my local library.

  5. Arlo says:

    There is a mystery series you can order online called ” Annie’s Attic Mysteries ” writen by different authors. It invoves ladies of the ” Hook and Needle Club.” The first book is free and you can cancel at any time. I cancelled once and had no problem, then started up again months later and continued where I had left off.

  6. DEE says:

    Thanks for these recommendations! When I’m not crocheting in my spare time, I’m reading! So mixing both would be perfect.

  7. kathygleason says:

    Oh my gosh, you just made my morning! I just finished Betty hecktman’s latest crochet book and was googling for more crochet fiction when I landed here. Imagine my surprise to see that you discussed my book “when it happened.” !!! Thank ypu for the shout out. 🙂

  8. I have two craft-themed novels I wrote that are published, the first one has a women who discovers she can soeed crochet! WAKING UP IN THE LAND OF GLITTER, my other one is a sewing-themed novel MISS SCARLET’S SCHOOL OF PATTERNLESS SEWING!

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