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How to Organize Your Crochet Stash

Posted in Tutorials and Help on October 9th, 2010 by Emilee Gettle – 33 Comments
There is nothing more frustrating than setting aside time to work on a new project and not be able to find your pattern, yarn or hook. You can spend precious minutes that could have been invested in your project while searching for the needed tools to begin. After accumulating an assortment of crochet necessities I finally decided it was high time to get them in one organized space where I could turn to and find what I needed in a matter of seconds.

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Crocheting with Natural Fibers?

Posted in Fun Ramblings on September 29th, 2010 by Emilee Gettle – 13 Comments

I fell in love with sheep, spinning and crochet at a very young age. Every year my parents and I made it a goal to attend a fiber festival that gloried in all things handmade and homespun. With these cherished experiences in my young memory I came to treasure craft skills just like heirlooms worthy of great value.

It became my goal to raise my own sheep, spin the yarn and crochet this handspun fiber into a finished project. Years later I have my own small flock of shetland sheep, the wool is waiting to be cleaned and processed and I now know how to spin. I can’t wait to get my crochet projects going this winter with yarn that found its start in my own backyard.

Do you enjoy crocheting with natural fiber? Do you have your own flock? Please share!

How to Choose Complimenting Colors

Posted in Tutorials and Help on September 23rd, 2010 by Emilee Gettle – 18 Comments

I love to work with color combinations. I think it makes crochet all the more interesting, homespun and personal. At times I find myself stumped at what might compliment a beautiful shade of yarn that I’m just dying to add to my collection. I don’t want to mar its stunning hue with a color that might distract from my finished project. It’s hard to judge what a finished project might look like while holding an armful of skeins. So, I have found a solution to this color quandary in the pages of a book from 1900. Here are some suggestions that are just as useful today as they were over 100 years ago! read more »

Favorite Yarn Shopping Destination?

Posted in Fun Ramblings on September 21st, 2010 by Emilee Gettle – 22 Comments

If you’re like me, you’re passionate about shopping for all things crochet! Although I’ve never seen a bumper sticker, “I brake for yarn stores!” I think I could easily apply that one to my car. I love shopping at fiber arts shops and just absorbing the whole creative atmosphere. I especially love the privately owned storefront shops. Their owners are always quite passionate about the topics I am and are especially helpful with any questions I might have. It’s like finding a long lost friend! Walking in a creative oasis provides a sensory overload of patterns and skeins of glorious yarn!

I have a favorite store in Petaluma, CA called The Knittery that I always look forward to visiting during my winter vacation. Housed in a turn of the century building and tastefully decorated it is an inspiration and a breath of fresh air!

Do you have a favorite yarn shopping destination?

How to Start Your Own Crochet Guild

Posted in Tutorials and Help on September 7th, 2010 by Emilee Gettle – 5 Comments

Years ago crafting as a group was a way of life. Women gathered from rural areas to share gossip, laughter and tears while creating something useful together. They made gifts for family, quilts to raffle, and in wartimes needed items for servicemen. It encouraged creativity and gave these ladies an excuse to slow down and do something with their hands other than cleaning or preparing the next meal. These quilting bees or sewing circles were the highlight of the week as old friends gathered and new friends were made. It’s a great thing to reinstate if you don’t have a fiber arts guild in your area. Here are a few pointers on how to get one started! read more »

How to Make Money for Crochet Supplies

Posted in Tutorials and Help on August 23rd, 2010 by Emilee Gettle – 17 Comments

Do you crave yarn like you crave food? When you walk into an aisle of yarn, hooks and patterns are you tempted beyond your means? If this is the case, it might be time for your talents to start making you money, so you can support your love. There are several options available to those who want to start their own home business around crochet. I have outlined some below, but it only takes a few creative moments to come up with other ideas to make a little extra crochet “mad money” on the side. read more »

The Different Types of Yarn Fibers

Posted in Tutorials and Help on July 27th, 2010 by Alicia Kachmar – 10 Comments

When planning out a crochet project, in addition to choosing yarn colors, you have to take into account the texture and functionality of different yarn fibers. Even if they are both worsted weight, for instance, using a bamboo cotton compared to an acrylic will change how your project turns out. What kind of yarn fibers are out there? What are the differences? Here is a general breakdown:

My acrylic stash, and some acrylic projects

My acrylic stash, and some acrylic projects

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Crochet Pork Pie, Anyone?

Posted in News on July 20th, 2010 by Alicia Kachmar – 10 Comments

Kate Jenkins pushes the envelope when it comes to fiber art possibilities. She doesn’t just knit and crochet, she knits and crochets. A former designer for fashion lines like Donna Karan, she is the owner of Cardigan, a knit and crochet shop and gallery all in one, based in the U.K. Her mission statement unravels like this: “anything can be created from yarn as long as it is made with love.” From striped wraps to fish and chip platters, dragonflies to the pork pie you see below, Kate exhibits at galleries and art shows all over the world and is known for her attention to small details and use of vibrant colors. read more »