What’s Coming in the Crochet Spot Store?

By Rachel Choi – 8 Comments

This month I’ve been super busy making patterns, patterns, and did I mention patterns? So far I have a few that are almost ready to be tested. But they all need some finishing touches first. Here is a snippet of what’s to come in the store. Sorry there’s no photos, they aren’t as appealing when there’s just pieces of things laying around on my desk, hehe.

Amigurumi Alien
OOOh, this one is cute! My favorite part is his feet. Then don’t have toes, but they’re perfectly rounded with a nice foot shape and ankles. I enjoy making them walk around on my desk even though they aren’t connected to the body yet. That’s how much I like them (not that I have an alien foot fetish or anything)!

Wishing Well
A nice lady asked me to make a pattern for this a while ago and I just never got around to doing it until now. She wanted to use it for her daughter’s wedding reception so that people can drop cards into it. I thought that was a great idea!

Felted Purse
This one is fun if you like felting. I first designed it to be extra big so that when it felted it would shrink to be the perfect size. But after crocheting it, it was already a great size for a bag! I contemplated felting it or leaving it as is, but I felted it anyway. It made a very cute small purse that I really love! The moral of the story is that you can choose to felt or not to felt and it will still look great.

Tunisian Purse
I love Tunisian stitches, especially when it’s done in 3 colors! The colors just weave together very nicely. This purse is larger than the felted purse so it’s better for carrying around the essentials plus some.

Lace Shawl
I always wanted a shawl that I could wear every day and also dress up for special occasions. So I designed this shawl just for that. It’s made with size 10 thread so that it drapes very nicely and is light enough so that it can be worn when the weather is warm or when it is cold.

Ruffle Shrug
You have to love ruffles to want to make this shrug because it has very full ruffles on it! There is a pretty wavy texture to the body of the shrug and then the bold ruffles surrounding it.

Thread Bunny
I thought it would be fun to crochet a very, very tiny bunny. It stands about 1 1/2 inches tall. It’s made with size 10 rainbow thread and with a bunny this tiny it makes it look like it’s colorfully striped!

Soft Sweater
This is a sweater that I started but have no clue how to finish. We’ll see where my crochet hook takes me. But I have to tell you that it’s super soft because I used boucle yarn, (one of the most petted yarns in the stash).

Kid’s Pillow
I started this round pillow and decided to put a cute animal face on it. I mean kids do like animals right? I’m thinking a teddy bear or maybe a doggy…hmm. I’ll have to think about it more.

As you can see, I’ve been busy this month, but still have yet to finish any of these for the store. Darn me and my impulse to start new things before finishing the previous. Anyway, I just wanted to share what I’ve been up to!

Let me know if you have more ideas for patterns!

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Wow, you HAVE been busy 🙂 I love your site and I can’t wait to see everything when you open your store! Thanks for sharing your talents with us 🙂

  2. Terri (TheCrochetFanatic) says:

    Hi Rachel!
    Sounds like you’ve been busy! Can’t wait to see the alien! I just love aliens! If you need a tester for the alien I would love to do it!
    I wish you lots of good luck on your store!

  3. Joanne says:

    Love all your work Rachel- you do nice easy things that are great for beginners like myself. Wishing you much success with the store. You have been very very busy and thanks for sharing all that you do!

  4. Liz says:

    WOW!!! How can you keep up with yourself. lol You are doing great and I absolutely love your site. But I’m afraid I’ll have UFOs all over the place with are the great patterns you have.

  5. Anna says:

    Hi again!
    Gee! you sure are busy. Can’t wait to see the wishing well and the lace shawl. Good luck in your knew store! And thanks alot for sharing all those great patterns with all of us crocheters. Will be looking foward to see what I can buy from your store.

  6. jessi says:

    Can’t wait to see all your new patterns. They sound great!

  7. Kimmy says:

    I’d like more Barbie crochet patterns!! Thread crochet are my favorite!

  8. Valorie Davis says:

    I need to make a cushion for my husband for when we go to meetings, school events, etc. He has back problems and when he sits on those metal folding chairs, he ends up with lots of pain. I was thinking of a folding pillow, tha could slip over the back of th chair to cushion the back as well as the seat. Any ideas.
    Way back when I was in Brownies we made ‘sit-up-ons’. They had 3 rectangular pieces of fabric sewn on 3 sides, the 4th side sewn through 2 layers (to form a pocket), and there was a shoulder strap. The pocket was used to carry our lunch, then we could sit on it when we ate.

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