A Tribute to the Mothers Who Crochet

By Tameko Barnette – 18 Comments

There are mothers and grandmothers who are affectionately and intently crocheting as we speak. They are trying out new hooks, yarns, patterns, and they are blessing us with their creations.

In addition, the crocheting mothers and grandmothers of the world are passing down this wonderful craft to us, whether directly or indirectly. They are giving us something to remember them by, even if we don’t recognize it at first.

How can we, as crocheters ourselves, honor the mothers of crochet?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Keep the crocheted items they gave you a long time ago. If they are small enough like bookmarks or appliques, start a scrapbook, include pictures of them.

2. If you have children, sit down with them and show them what you do as a crocheter. Especially, if they are showing an interest anyway.

3. Create an afghan that is designed with your mother and grandmother in mind – their favorite colors, their favorite designs or patterns, etc. Once you’ve created the tribute afghan, show it off at the next family reunion or during the holidays. With Mother’s Day coming in May, it’s a great time to do a remembrance item.

These are just a few suggestions to remember the wonderful gift of crochet our mothers and grandmothers gave us.

Do you have a special crocheted tribute to your mother or grandmother?

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  1. carol says:

    My mom never crocheted or knitted, she sewed. but her sisters taught me both… Aunt Janie has a beautiful “Lord’s Prayer” done in crochet , framed on the dining room wall.. it was time consuming to make and precious to her kids… I also quilt. I am teaching my daughters to crochet now that they are grown. they were never interested before… it’s fun to go looking for patterns for my grandbabies!

  2. terry foose says:

    I learned to crochet from my grandmother shirley — when I about 10 years old —— and it was a little difficult for me at first –but I kept trying and I got better and better at it as I grew up —–and I would from time to time — (many times) ask her for help in how to read patterns — which I can now say –that I’m pretty good at —— I mostly make afghans for everyone —– and I have made slippers, hats, scarfs,gloves,pillows,dog sweaters and I have even made stuffed toys — bumblebees,oreo cookies, donuts,christmas ornaments, christmas doilies, cardinal, ice cream cone, baby jesus, mary and joseph, pumpkin,ghost,and a small candy corn , too — the list goes on -and its a wonderful – giving hobby to know and I encourage everyone to try and learn it because you can make so much more by crocheting (vs knitting) —– I am so grateful to my gram for showing me how to crochet — (she has passed away now — and I will continue to crochet and teach others all the rest of my days —

    thanks for letting me share about my dear grandmother shirley !!

  3. Paula says:

    My mom used to crochet doilies. I remember one in particular with raised grape clusters. I plan on making one of these from a pattern in an old Workbasket magazine I saved after her passing. Right now I’m crocheting a baby blanket for a friend for her first baby girl. Working with yarn makes me feel good, especially when the project turns out terrific, even if it’s not perfect! Thanks!

    • darlene walls says:

      i have 100’s of workbasket from 1900’s what issue was the grape cluster from

      • Paula says:

        I looked through the ones I have and it’s not in there. Don’t have very many, and I must have misplaced that particular one. Maybe look online and find a pattern. Good Luck.

  4. Fatima Rosales Naya says:

    My mum couldn’t crochet, so I made things for her. She passed away 16 years ago, but the things I crocheted for her are still in the flat where I grew up, which belongs to my sister now. I was so pleased to see them when I visited her in Spain 2 years ago! These items are well over 30 years old!

  5. Tiffany says:

    My great-grandmother began teaching me to crochet when I was 6. One of our family treasures is a rose square afghan she made over 40 years ago. I’m now teaching my 8-year-old daughter how to crochet. I feel it’s a way for her to know something about an amazing woman that she never got to meet and a way to honor Grandmother for all of the wonderful things she taught me.

  6. Dandizette says:

    My mother never crocheted, and neither did either of my grandmothers.

    I ended up learning as a senior in high school from my then partner’s mother. She had learned from her mother who had learned not from her mother, but from her husband, who had been taught by his mother! A long and convoluted chain! When she taught me, I don’t think she knew she had created a crochet fiend who is obsessed with sculptural crochet and amigurumi. XD Still, I’m grateful to her for teaching me because its been 5 years now and I’m just getting more and more deeply involved.

    Unfortunately, my (now) ex’s mother never made me anything. We are still good friends though and this past Christmas I crocheted a small amigurumi plush animal for all her children (including my ex) and for her I crocheted a wool trinket bag, which I filled with goodies soap and earrings I had made. : )

    I don’t think I’ll ever have children, but I do have a plan to begin teaching a crochet class at the library I work at to kids, and on occasion I give private lessons to friends.

  7. Amy says:

    my grandmother was supposed to teach me to crohet when i was 9 but she passed away when i was 8..many years later (i was like 26) i bought a hook and some yarn and the yarn addiction and crochet/knitting addiction began..i have over 170 projects on rav lol plus all the items i made and sold on etsy. I love crocheting for my kiddos and the family. Its nice to see appreciation for the time and effort what you put into a project. My girls are always watching me knit or crochet. I do plan on teaching them when they get a bit older 🙂

  8. SUE says:

    My mum has always knitted and sewed, clothes and quilts, socks etc. but could not crochet… she taught me all the other things but a very elderly (then) friend showed me how to crochet 40 years ago and I have never stopped… Now I have taught my mum and she is off flying, even managing things I have not done myself. It just shows you are never too old to learn new things.

  9. Rose says:

    My mother taught me to crochet just about 50 years ago. She has been gone more than 10 years now, but she was in the process of making my brother (12 years my junior) a ripple afghan for Christmas when she passed. It was about 3 foot long then. I was to grief stricken to deal with it for a couple of years; then I dug it out and using complimenting yarn, I crocheted equal lengths onto each end and finished the afghan. I gave it to him for Christmas and explained where it had came from. I couldn’t have given him anything that would have meant more to him. He keeps it displayed in honor of both of us now.

    • Carole Wren says:

      My sister in law taught me to crochet and I love it. I just finished making 4 lapghans with the crocodile stitch. They are beautiful and fun to make. They will be Christmas presents. I am also working on about 60 individual Christmas presents that I give out every year. It is such fun. I have a huge yarn stash as I’m sure everyone reading this does too. I made several pair of the baby flip flops for gifts too.

  10. jeanine perkins says:

    Hello. I am 61 years young. I learned to crochet from a little old lady at our neighborhood community center. I was about 8 years old. I learned to sew, knit & crochet that summer. I didn’t pick up another crochet hook until I was 20 years old. I knew my grandmother had crocheted, because my mother had kept hankies & doilies that she had crocheted. I was five years old when my grandmother passed away, so I never got to learn much about crochet from her. I remember my mother crocheting an afghan that had pansies in the center of each square. When I was 20, as I said before, I wanted to give my cousin’s new baby something special. I decided to take on the task of crocheting a baby blanket, sweater, hat & booties. I guess ignorance kept me from being scared of such a large project!! Anyway, I completed the set & presented it to him and his wife. It is now 41 years later and they still have that set I made for their first baby and they used it for their two other children that they had. After I completed that set, I was “hooked”. I have been crocheting since then and I have been so lucky to have crochet in my life. I was a single mother and crochet kept me busy and gave me the confidence to raise my kids and not look at what I didn’t have, but to be so thankful of what I have. I spent many years crocheting with my favorite aunt. I will always be thankful for those times we spent together. Every aspect of my life is filled with crochet, especially now that I am in a wheelchair, my crocheting is such a comfort & companion to me. My only wish is that someday one of my children or grandchildren will decide, just like I did, to pick up that hook. I know once they do, crochet will be a lifelong friend to them, as well. Thank you for listening. Jeanine

    • terry foose says:

      hi jeanine, loved what you said about crocheting being a lifelong friend–

      well put !! Crocheting is such a fun — relaxing — hobby and I have noticed that whatever you want to make —there’s a pattern out there !!

      example — snoopy or his pal woodstock too

      happy hooking –terry

  11. Richard Rose says:

    There’s probably a few fathers, grandfathers, uncles and aunt crocheting also but nobody ever seems to mention them. I don’t know if either of my grandmothers crocheted as I only ever met one of them and that was when she made a brief visit to us on this side of the world. My mother did crochet but she isn’t the one that taught me, I learnt from my sister, and now I’m passing my skill on to whoever is willing to learn, no matter what their gender. 🙂

  12. Varsha suraiya says:

    My mother taught me to crochet.In the beginning I abs hated it but as I grew into my 30s I became an avid crocheter.Often,I turned to my mother for help and she would give me useful and practical tips.She could crochet,cook,knit,sew,quilt,and make fabric flowers.In fact,she crocheted elaborate designs in evening bags with beads which is a real treasured possession .Now,for15 years I crochet all the time and since I found your site it is all the more fun and exciting .tks crochet spot and dear mum …….for the legacy of this art you gifted me.

  13. Rebekah says:

    My mother and grandmothers never had an interest in crocheting. I taught myself after finding a hook and some yarn in storage. It wasn’t until long after that that I was informed that the hook belonged to my great grandmother who had stopped crocheting long before I was born.

  14. maryethal says:

    very young i wanted to learn to crochet being left handed and my aunt and granny that crochet were both right handed ! my uncle who worked for NASA said one of you go crochet in front of the mirror and let her watch the mirror — within 30 minutes i was crocheting like crazy !!!!!

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