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Crochet Pattern: Alphabet’s End Scarf

Posted in Free Crochet Patterns on October 31st, 2017 by Candace – 1 Comment

When I bought a skein of deliciously soft fall-themed yarn, I knew I had to use it–even if it was still feeling more like summer than autumn. With that in mind, I decided to go for something open and airy that I could later bunch up for warmth when the weather turns. So I decided to turn to letters that come in toward the end of the alphabet– Y, X, and V–to create a pattern that fit my needs. The pattern is easily changed if you like a wider or longer scarf.
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Review: Stash2Go App

Posted in Fun Ramblings on June 24th, 2017 by Candace – 3 Comments

I’m trying to be better about logging my projects and stash on Ravelry, but the idea of having to transfer photos to my computer or use the site on a mobile device just doesn’t do it for me. Plus, I tend to get sidetracked when browsing Ravelry from my laptop. But after searching through knitting and crochet apps, I found Stash2Go, and I think it and I will have a great relationship.

First: The cost. You can get the free “Lite” version on Android and iOS. The ads that keep it free are not at all intrusive. The full version is currently $5.99 for Apple devices, $6.99 for Android, and $6.41 for Amazon (Lite is not available from Amazon’s store). The Lite version, which is what I have on my Android phone, is packed with essential features and little extras.

Like these row counters

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Crochet Pattern: Tunisian Eyelet Hat

Posted in Free Crochet Patterns on March 29th, 2017 by Candace – Be the first to comment
A Tunisian crochet hat that isn’t seamed and doesn’t require a double-ended hook and use of multiple balls of yarn at a time? Yes, please! The eyelet pattern is sandwiched between sections of Tunisian simple stitch, making it a cinch to follow if you know the techniques.

You will want to be comfortable with Tunisian crochet and crochet in the round, so you can follow the pattern. For extra help with Tunisian crochet in the round, see the tutorial.

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Crochet Pattern: Ruffled Flower Face Cloth

Posted in Free Crochet Patterns on February 2nd, 2017 by Candace – Be the first to comment
A good face cloth is something nice to add to a cleansing and beauty routine, especially one with texture and eye-catching color. Use your favorite soft and thick (and shrinkproof) yarn and treat your skin. The flower also works as a big and bold accent on hats, bags, and other projects.
Don’t forget your stitch marker! This pattern is worked in a spiral.

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How to Crochet… Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Posted in Fun Ramblings, Tutorials and Help on December 27th, 2016 by Candace – 4 Comments

Right now, this topic is near and dear to my heart. You’ve probably been there, too, or maybe you are now. Maybe life got in the way, and once it settled down enough for you to crochet, you just couldn’t. Or maybe you crocheted too much (gift-making overload, perhaps) and are just a bit fatigued. Either way, you come to a point where, even if you have a WIP, you just can’t crochet. So how do you get back to it? Well, there’s no one true method, but here are some things to try.
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Crochet Pattern: Easy Breezy Cowl

Posted in Free Crochet Patterns on November 22nd, 2016 by Candace – 4 Comments
Need a quick, easy gift for the upcoming holidays? This project with have you close to done in no time. Despite its name, you should be nice and warm wearing this cowl, but getting through it is a breeze. The pattern is a great choice for beginner crocheters. crochet_easy_breezy_cowl

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Crochet Pattern: Tunisian Butterfly Afghan Square

Posted in Free Crochet Patterns on November 15th, 2016 by Candace – Be the first to comment
We’ve covered a lot of things you can do with a yarn and Afghan hook, but one thing has definitely been missing: afghans!
If you like blankets, why not start hooking up squares to put together in an Tunisian/Afghan afghan? Try this simple 6-inch square with an eyelet pattern that looks like a butterfly. It’s an easy pattern for anyone familiar with Tunisian crochet.

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How to Crochet: Magic Adjustable Ring with Tunisian Crochet

Posted in Tutorials and Help on November 1st, 2016 by Candace – Be the first to comment

I recently set my sights on trying to crochet flat objects in the round using the Magic Adjustable Ring and my Tunisian in the round technique. Guess what. It wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be. But when have you ever known me to not enjoy a challenge? Trial and error and reading my crochet paid off, and now you can learn, too! You just need yarn and a hook with a cable.

Left handed? If you hover over the photos, you can see another view.

Start off by readying your ring as usual.


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Crochet Pattern: Tunisian Eyelet Cowl

Posted in Free Crochet Patterns on October 25th, 2016 by Candace – 2 Comments
Talk about yummy and squishy! Tunisian crochet just seems to give the right amount of squishy bulk for winter projects. Take this cowl with its simple eyelet pattern. Made with a ball of DK weight yarn, it has a thickness that belies the yarn weight.
The cowl is a quick project for those familiar with Tunisian crochet and my Tunisian crochet in the round technique. (If your afghan hooks don’t have cords, you can work it flat and seam it together.) Remember to block after finishing to open the eyelets up.

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How to Crochet: Tunisian Crochet in the Round

Posted in Tutorials and Help on October 18th, 2016 by Candace – 2 Comments

If you’ve looked online for Tunisian crochet in the round videos, you’ve probably found lots of tutorials using a double-ended hook and two balls of yarn. My method is a bit different and, in my opinion, simpler. It requires only one ball of yarn and a crochet hook with a flexible cord (single- or double-ended hooks are fine).

This method is a lot like traditional crochet in the round, so if you can do that and already know the basics of Tunisian crochet, you’re good to go.
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