Benefits of Traveling with Crochet

By Rachel Choi – 9 Comments

Are you a traveling crocheter? Or do you tend to only crochet when you’re at home? Taking your crochet along with you outside the house has many benefits. From having more time to crochet, to making new friends, to curing boredom. The benefits are endless!

More Time to Crochet
Traveling with crochet can allow you to have more time to crochet. Time spent on a bus or airplane can be spent crocheting. Or even a lunch break at work or school can give you the extra time to crochet if you travel with your work.

Making New Friends
Traveling crocheters may even strike up conversations with others who see them crocheting. Perhaps you’ll run into other crocheters, which you can share projects and crochet tips. You may even be invited to attend a crochet club.

Free Advertising
If you sell items that you crochet or have a crochet related business, crocheting in public is a free way to advertise. You might run into someone who admires your work and wants to know more about it. If you’re crocheting a lovely blanket or a cute baby hat, a stranger walking by may be interested in purchasing one from you.

Cures Boredom
When you have your crochet projects handy, boredom is easily kept at bay. No more boring waits at the doctors office. You’ll always have something to keep you occupied.

Do you travel with your crochet?? Share your experience and/or tips in the comment section below!

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  1. Shai says:

    I will be travelling with my crochet for the first time this September. I’m going away for about a week on a camping trip to a remote location and think the crochet will be a nice alternative to reading or writing in those moments when I’m just sitting around the fire with my family.

    Hopefully I don’t lose any of my supplies out there in the bush. 🙂

  2. Gerry Smith says:

    As I get older I find myself spending more time in doctors offices (thankfully all minor complaints).
    I find crochet keeps my mind and hands busy.

  3. Varsha says:

    Oh yes! I travel with crochet always and it’s so much fun as I get so many suggestions from people I meet who do not crochet. They give a totally different perspective and it helps my creativity.
    I also carry loose sheets of patterns,various sizes of needles ,a scissor,measure tape and a wool needle.And a note pad to make points …. I do enjoy it sooooo much.

  4. Kendal Patton says:

    Hello, I travel with my crocheting constantly, the doctor’s office, meetings, trips via train or plane. I always have some small project to do, like chemo hats and preemie and baby items. I even have the lighted crochet hooks for my camping trips. I am going to Alaska for a crochet cruise, so it will be major traveling with my hooks. I have about 10 get up and go crochet bags, these have a set of hooks, scissors, measuring tape, stitch markers, pad and pen. I really like using the recycleable bags that are for wine, these have 6 slots and I put yarn in at least two of them and the supplies in the rest. These bags are smaller and slip easily over my arm and I am able to walk and crochet.

  5. Varsha says:

    Where can I buy lighted crochet hooks??

  6. Erica says:

    I brought along two crochet projects when I went on a bus trip to Canada in July. I was planning on crocheting on the bus. Alas, there wasn’t enough room for me to crochet, and I kept hitting my mom with my elbow. So, I didn’t get much crochet time in. It was still a fun trip, though!

  7. Linda Minor says:

    I have traveled the world with my work, and it’s neat to think that something you worked on went to so many places. I have traveled with ambassadors for the US, and have had some ask for a hook and thread or learn. They are also asking to have something made for them too, which makes them excited. I couldn’t go anywhere without my crochet. The hardest part is figuring out what to bring and the different yarn to bring. PS. I have also found some wonderful yarn shops on my travels and gotten some different yarn that means so much to me. It is so soothing to make something with crochet.

  8. Maggie says:

    I never leave the house without a project. Any time I want to do a project that doesn’t involve color changes (or has long stretches without a color change) and that I can memorize the pattern to, it gets put into my mental “purse project” category, for crocheting on the bus, when I go out for coffee, waiting for appointments, etc.

    When I travel long distances, I generally go by train, and I *always* have one or two projects with me.

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