Book Giveaway: Teach Yourself Visually Crochet

By Rachel Choi – 150 Comments
Thanks to Rebecca, a Crochet Spot reader, we have the book Teach Yourself Visually Crochet to giveaway! Rebecca loves this book and claims that it did a great job helping her learn to crochet. Her goal is to spread more “crochet joy” and help others to learn this fabulous art form. She donated a brand new copy of this book to Crochet Spot so that it can be given away to a Crochet Spot reader who would like to learn how to crochet or improve his/her crochet skills. Even though this book is great for beginners it is also a great reference guide for those who already know how to crochet the basics.

To enter the giveaway, please visit the Teach Yourself Visually Crochet page on Amazon and click on the “Click to Look Inside” picture. Look inside the book to see what you are most interested in learning. Then leave a comment at the end of this giveaway post stating what you’re most interested in learning. Please stay on subject and only comment one time, multiple comments will be deleted.

All participants must be either a Crochet Spot Newsletter subscriber or a Premium Pattern Member at the time the winner is drawn. If you are neither, feel free to sign up for the newsletter or a membership.

Giveaway ends on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 11:59PM EST, where a winner will be randomly drawn.

Good luck everyone and thanks again Rebecca for donating the book for the giveaway!

Update: The giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced shortly. Please check back later!

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  1. Julie Witt says:

    I want to learn how to crochet with beads. For some reason, the thought of it scares the crap out of me, so I could really use help from this book:)
    I am an email subscriber.

  2. Colleen Rice says:

    The chapter on learning to follow a pattern looks amazing. I am sure it would help me out! Often I try a pattern and get lost part way through. So very frustrating! 🙂

  3. Lily says:

    I would love to learn Tunisian crochet. It always look complicated, but this book may really help me get started.

  4. Jan says:

    I want to learn how to crochet something other than afghans, but the thought of decreasing and increasing at the same time (to make sleeves?) scares me because I don’t think both sleeves will come out the same size.

  5. Yolanda Hinojosa says:

    The chapters on Tunisian crocheting and Free-form look like would be very beneficial to me. I have tried to Tunisian crochet and have only been able to learn the basics. I have seen some gorgeous free-form patterns but it scares me without know much about it. The whole book would be great to start teaching a brand new crocheter or a small child.

  6. Nangy says:

    I could never learn to do the bullion stitch,I would love to learn how to go by a chart to crochet.Maybe I am TOO OLD to learn anything new!!

  7. stephanie says:

    The book looks wonderful! I really want to learn how to do the bullion stitch..I love the way it looks but it looks so hard! Great for creating interest in freeform styles too…

  8. Kara says:

    I am definitely a visual person I have watched tutorials to lean most of what I know. So anyway I need the whole book so I can learn it all.

  9. Karen Tyra says:

    I would like to learn about crocheting a mitered corner. I have sewn miters but never crocheted them. I would also like to learn about the advantages of mitered corners in crochet. I teach crochet as a volunteer to adults and teens so this would be a great resource to share.

  10. maryanne says:

    I’m most interested in learning more about estimating row counts, stitch counts, and yarn. What a great book to win!

  11. dj says:

    the one that popped out was ‘how to know how much yarn to use’. there are so many projects i purchase to much or i am short a yard which as you know can be frustrating.
    i learn visually more then written so the photos would be a big big help
    this book would be a great addition for my crochet corner.

  12. Linda M says:

    I teach crochet to elementary school children. I know the basics, but this book shows everything! I am very impressed just looking at the introduction and information in the chapters. This would be one wonderful reference book to have to share with my students. It seems nothing would be impossible!. One very important chapter would be–What’s wrong with my work and how can I fix it? Thank you for sharing. I would love to have this book.

  13. Elana steinberg says:

    I would like to learn how to read and follow a pattern. I can just do simple crocheting. I have crocheted plain baby blankets and granny squares, but whenever I have tried to read a pattern, it looks like a complicated math problem. I’m afraid to try projects because I don’t understand the instructions.

  14. anne mitchem says:

    Filet Crochet!! yes.. there is a section on this in the book. Above that it would be a great reference book to add to my library!!! Thank you for offering it. 🙂 anne

  15. Susan S says:

    I like a bit of everything in each chapter, but I “Follow a Pattern” will definitely help me.

  16. Joan says:

    I’m most interested in learning how to join a new ball of yarn and change color , its great to know all the different techniques of this and I’d like to try and do it so its unseen.

  17. mayra says:

    Love to win it. Like the special technique section at the end of the book

  18. Culleen says:

    Wow, this book looks amazing. There are so many things in it that I would love to learn to do but probably the one that interests me the most is the chevron pattern. I always loved how afghans look using this pattern and have never been able to do it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  19. Pete Futa says:

    I am most interested in Following a chart for intarsia. I am very hesitant to work with multiple colors and mainly stick to variegated yarns for color.

  20. Cathy Ponsano says:

    I am interested in learning how to crochet mitered squares, they look so pretty!

  21. Cindi says:

    I would be interested in the section on taking measurements. This is an area I have trouble with, picture a sweater with one sleeve that fits beautiful and on that is skin tight!

  22. Denise Malbrough says:

    Oh my! This book is chocked full of golden information!! Tunsian and broomstick crochet scares me…I would love to learn these techniques. Thanks so much for the chance to win! I am a subscriber<3

  23. Patti Bell says:

    I would love to learn how to free form crochet. I am very good at following written patterns and visual chart patterns, however I am hesitant to just crochet. No pattern, no instructions, how do you start and where do you go? Teach me, Please!

  24. Sharon says:

    What a fabulous book!!! I have just mastered the basics and would love to move on to some interesting crochet stitches. Chapter 11 – More techniques would really show me how to vary my crochet work even more.

  25. Ninztee says:

    What a great resource! I am particularly interested in the stitch variations and patterns. I love trying new things.

  26. loretta says:

    I would be very interested in the “techniques” section. I’m having surgery shortly & in my down time, would like to learn some new techniques among other things the book has to offer. Please consider me. Thank you. I also have been trying to teach my great grand daughter to crochet – this would be extremely helpful.

  27. Wanda says:

    I saw two things that caught my eye right away. I would be really interested in both Crochet for Knitters and Brief Notes on Designing.

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

  28. nita says:

    While I LOVE Rachel’s site and use it religiously when crocheting or just looking for something new to try, I would ADORE having all the information I need in an easy to follow book! It would beat hauling my laptop out every time I need to check on how to perform a certain stitch! I like the scope of the book, the clear photos and the variety of stitches and patterns that it offers. I would love to own “Teach Yourself Visually Crochet” and if i can’t win it, will probably have to go purchase it. thanks for introducing us to it!

  29. Mary McCalip says:

    Would love to refresh my crocheting skills and learn new stitches….this book looks like it would cover all aspects of crochet.

  30. Lucila says:

    The part about ‘combining stitches’ looks very interesting! I also found very useful the chapter about ‘follow a pattern’. I am learning a new thing about crocheting every day, so I think this opportunity is great for all of us! Thank you!

  31. Tammy Garcia says:

    I love to crochet however I would love to learn different techniques. This would be something I would absolutely love to have.

  32. Laurel says:

    Teach yourself to crochet visually –
    I want to improve my ability to increase and decrease and learn the extended stitches which I have been told can add flexibility and softness to your creations.

  33. Traci says:

    I am interested in learning how to estimate how much yarn I need.

  34. Ellen says:

    I would love to explore Chapter 7: Combining Stitches in further detail. I think this would open up an entirely new level for me.

  35. Shirley says:

    What a great giveaway! I’m fairly new to crochet. I would like to go beyond the regular sc, dc. slst, and tr stitches. The combining stitches chapter is so intriguing. I would love to dive into that.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this book and also introducing me to the book.

  36. Kim R. says:

    I’d love to learn more about tunisian crochet 🙂
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  37. Jacquie says:

    I would love to learn more stitch patterns 🙂

  38. Jan K says:

    Estimating how much yarn is always a problem for me. That is the very first section I would read!! Free form crochet is something I haven’t tried yet. Perhaps I need a little push? This book looks very interesting! Lucky is the gal who wins it!! What a nice thing to share, Rebecca! And thanks to Rachel. also for her great newsletter.

  39. Gloria Clayton-Williams says:

    I would love to be able to read charts. After 54 years of crocheting I still cannot get he hang of it. Would adore having this book to learn.

  40. Laura says:

    I’d like to learn how to crochet broomstick lace. I’ve tried a few times using various guides but just cannot seem to get the hang of it!

  41. Marce says:

    I have always wanted to learn tunisian crochet. I almost bought an instruction book but thought twice and couldn’t afford it.

  42. Margaret Morgan says:

    I think this book could be great for teaching my daughters to crochet. My older daughter wants to learn to crochet and she is a visual learner.

  43. BEV says:

    I’d love to learn more about gauging your stitches. I just finished a beautiful hat but it came out huge.

  44. Mona says:

    I will be especially interested in learning Tunisian crochet. I have seen several items made with this type of crochet and love them. I would also be interested in chapters 6 & 7 on different stitches and combining stitches so that I might learn to design my own items.

  45. Jean says:

    I am interested especially in several chapters in this book not just one or two!! in order to help me grow in my skills in crochet.The chapters on types of stitches.. and how I can combine them in beautiful ways…..for now I only know a few simple stitches….. and the chapter on finishing techniques…..and to learn the different ways to add a decorative edging or borders (s) to my work.. To be able to learn these things without a lot of struggle is what I do believe this book has to offer me. but not just me to make gifts for others… I am currently teaching a mother and her daughters to crochet and as I learn I teach……as it is easy for me to learn I can better teach them how easy it can be!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this valuable book!

  46. Lynne says:

    I have always been fascinated by Broomstick lace … and been terrified to try it. All
    the instructions I have seen have been confusing. I would LOVE to try to learn it
    visyally … since I can’t seem to verbally! ! !

  47. I would love the ideas of stitches and motifs (such as bobbles) that would allow me to modify patterns or even design my own.

  48. Meg Mart says:

    I would love to win this book to give to my daughter. She wants to learn crochet but she lives about 2 hrs. away and the short amount of time that we do have together is not enough to get her going. She feels awkward holding the yarn and that section in the book would surely help her out! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  49. i would like to learn to do more than single, and double crochet stitches and have my projects have a “polished” look,i think i really need to learn how to follow a pattern to do that.i lost my teacher to cancer and haven’t been able to find anyone else with the patience to work with a visual learner, like myself who happens to have dyslexia problems.i sure would welcome the book.

  50. Jennifer V says:

    I’d like to learn Tunisian. I’m a visual learner so I think this book will be great!