Crochet for a Cause…What’s Your Cause?

By Rachel Choi – 27 Comments

Crocheters everywhere are crocheting for a cause! Whether you’re crocheting afghans for the homeless, caps for cancer patients, or toys for children, they are all great causes in my book. I’m always looking for new causes to crochet for and to share with others.

One of the perks of the internet today is that you can find lots of charities that you can mail your crochet items to if you aren’t sure of local places to give to. If you would like to learn about different charities that accept crocheted items, check out the Crochet Spot Charity Page to find a cause that is right you!

What cause do you crochet for?

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  1. Stephanie says:

    We’ve just recently started up a group where we get together twice a month to make hats. We plan to make a lot then go somewhere and just give them away. We’ll ask the recipients to in turn do volunteer work or donate money to the charity of their choice, do something for the community, or just give the hat to someone who needs one but can’t afford to buy one. After they do their good deed we’ll ask that they post what they did to our website. This is just the first of many projects we plan to do. Maybe the next will be chemo caps.

  2. Kcrystina says:

    I’ve started crocheting blankets & baby hats for the local hospital here. They’ve been so great to me over the past couple years when I’ve been in and out of there myself, that I want to give back to them.

  3. Kim Barlow says:

    Check out the ladies at They are a no-pressure, no-quota group on Yahoo Groups who knit and crochet lots of different things for people in need all over the States. They helped motivate me to set a goal of 50 crocheted scarves to give to our local PADS shelter this winter and now I’m working on crocheted mats/rugs for the local animal shelter Save-A-Pet. Next I want to learn an easy hat pattern so I can make hat and scarf combos for next winters donation.

  4. Carol says:

    We recently started a group that meets at the local rec center. and our groups name is Crochet for a Cause. We have been making things for a group called Baby Showers they have from babies to 6 year old they gather articles for. They love the articles we make. So far we have given them 6 ponchos for the kids, and 20 baby blankets, hats, booties, dresses. There are only 7 of us that have fun every time we meet. And the rec center was the one who approached us to start the group since there is such a need here.

  5. Rona says:

    Knit a Square!!! (and crochet, too!)

  6. Bethintx1 says:

    I give to several charities. three are through my local community centers crochet group, The Happy Hookers.

    My favorite is Heart to Heart Hospice in Lewisville, Texas. My mother was in hospice before she died in Florida. They like afghans and lap robes as well as slippers and wiggies. The families have something to wrap up in like a hug after their loved one passes away. The lady who sorts the blankets and other things knows the patients and chooses ones to fit the personalities of the individual.

    I also give to Denton County RSVP. They distribute items to pregnancy centers, VA hospitals and nursing homes around our county.

    Then there is the Red Cross. I cannot say enough about the wonderful things they do.

    Once in a while my friend in California does a Preemie drive for the hospital where her daughter was born. I send her preemie things.

    Yeah. I crochet constantly! 😉

  7. Betty says:

    I crochet angels and butterflies for Angels for Hope. Angels for Hope is a nonprofit, free online organization wishing to touch the lives of all who are in need of hope. Our angels, butterflies and smiley faces are available free of charge to those who are severely injured and/or chronically ill. We also send to caregivers or those who have lost someone they love. They are a tangible reminder that they are not alone, that others care, and that we remember you in our thoughts and prayers. We have a special Fallen Soldier program and also a 100th butterfly birthday club. We always welcome volunteer angel makers. Contact

  8. Lisa Hamblin says:

    I crochet baby hats for a group at Saint Joseph East in Lexington, KY called the Noggineers.

    • Tracy moore says:

      Hello Lisa my sister just had a baby at st Joseph east and I can’t tell you how much we loved the lil caps that her lil boy got to take home. This is such a touching and loving way to make the mothers smile . Thank you so much for your group and what you guys do for all the mothers and babies in the hospital. I was wondering I have a friend having twins and was curious if you make them outside of the group? If so how much and if you do could I reach out to you to help me ? You guys do s great job with these cute lil keepsakes. Thank you I was just curious bc I gave a pic of the one my nephew got and would love two made of possible if this is something you guys can do ?i appreciate your help thanks again .

  9. Sheila Shepardson says:

    I crochet angels (their pattern) for (taking a short break right now as I am beading crocheted butterflies and making into napkins rings for a granddaughters wedding soon) . I have been doing this for almost 7 years and the angels are sent free of charge to anyone in need of hope. All you have to do is request one

  10. Linda says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I crochet hats for The Ships Projects (for troops) and my dc pattern works beautifully for worsted weight yarn. Now they are asking for hats made with Caron Simply Soft, and although it is 4-ply, the yard really is thinner than regular 4-ply. I’m trying creocheting with two strands of it, but that isn’t right either. Any suggestions?

  11. julieb says:

    I head up a group of ladies who crochet for a variety of causes.(We also knit and sew)We donated 20 baby afghans and 20 hats to ABBA-an organisation in Portland,Me that assists at-risk pregnant women and girls.Then we donated over 100 hats and scarves to the school department in Westbrook,Me for poor children(there are a lot of poor families concentrated in the Westbrook area).We also donated about a dozen scarves to “Handmade with Love Especially for You”-a group we are a chapter of which gives scarves to women(and sometimes children)in shelters.Now we are on to dishcloths.washcloths and soapsavers for women in a new shelter opening up In Portland and then it will be chemocaps for the local hospitals!

  12. Diane says:

    I like to crochet the snuggies for the local animal shelter. As a animal lover I feel so bad for those poor creatures. I also want to make chemo hats for chemo patients. When I went through chemo I got two deliciously soft donated caps that I used constantly. Want to give back now that I’m through that.

    Diane H.

  13. Jan Fedor says:

    We church ladies have a knitting/crocheting/quilting group which meets monthly. Between meetings we are making hats, scarves, afghans, lapghans, military garb, and nursing home items. We donate these to our local vets hospital, crsis pregnancy center, the military, and Appalachian Mountain Ministries. One favorite is “Cozees” which is run by a woman whose daughter has cerebral palsy. She collects capelets and lapghans for those in wheelchairs.
    We have been meeting for six years and have taken pictures of every item we have made. Our photo album is full and we’ve recently started another one.

  14. Annette says:

    Hi Rachel!
    I have just designed a little chihuahua amigurumi to raise awareness and funds for the CCRT (Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport). So far they are a hit, and I hope to use many of my crafty talents to support the little chis! Some people don’t realize that chihuahuas are more than just accessories, and many end up in shelters or as strays once the owners realize how much work is involved. I hope that my little ami can help with some of the vet bills. I do it in memory of my little rescued chihuahua, Stanley, who passed away in August 2009.


  15. Marion Sumner says:

    I use my scrap yarn to make blankets for the local animal shelter.I chain 102,turn,hdc in 2nd st from hook,hdc to the end,ch 2 and turn.I continue in hdc till I think it’s wide enough.They are always vert appreciative.

  16. Betty says:

    Made a scarf for the Special Olympics in Utah last year (blue & white). Plan on doing a couple this year. See web site above for details. This year’s colors are Red Heart Cherry Red and Grey Heather.

  17. Cherie Kaiser says:

    I crochet bunches of baby stuff for Options 360. It’s a great organization that provides all manner of help for unwed moms.

  18. Beth says:

    My charity of choice is Hugs 4 Heroes: Scarves for Homeless Veterans. I also crochet and knit for HAP and Project Linus (when I feel the need to work with more girlie colors LOL!)

  19. Becca says:

    I manage to crochet a blanket or 2 to be donated to AAA Crisis Pregnancy Center for unwed mothers. Our church holds a “shower” and fills diaper bags or tubs and donates the filled items as Mother Day gifts for new moms. They were a God send for me, and I am so glad I can do something in return. My personal goal is to make one a month so that I may give 12 next year. Gotta love the clearance bins!

  20. Vicky K says:

    I am a proud “blanket-teer” for Project Linus. We make blankies for terminally ill or traumitized kids. I usually drop off 12 blankies every 3 months and they are great. The woman in charge of our group is very happy to see the different patterns and colours that they come in. It doesnt matter if they are crocheted ( me), quilited, knitted or whatever, the group is happy to pass them to a smiling kid 🙂

  21. Jana says:

    I donate to knit-a-square. They don’t seem to mind the extra warming qualities that my cats contribute. >^..^<

  22. Joyce says:

    I love crocheting. I helped start 2 k/c groups ( knit/crochet) at our Church about 3 or 4 years ago. The morning group is everyother Monday morning at one of our knitters home, and the other is everyother Thursday eveining at the Church. We all look forward to the fellowship and laughs.
    We make premie blankies and hats , newborn hats and blankies for babies born in our Church and for some local hospitals, Prayer shawls, scarves and hats for the homeless and we also scarves for the “Special Olympics” . We also make our own special things for family. Whatever we feel like doing and it is all done with prayer and love for who ever gets the item. We have about 5 or 6 at each group.
    I am so blessed that my Grandmother taught me many years ago.

  23. Marlene says:

    I always carry my mother’s inspiration with me. Part of that inspiration was the faith she had through her cancer treatment, all the way up until she passed. I tattooed her favorite Bible verse on my arm, just to carry her story and her love with me. Now that I’ve finally learned to crochet- a craft she loved so much! – my boyfriend and I are in the process of starting a line of crochet items meant to help spread the word for Equal Cancer Awareness. We see certain ribbon colors every day – but there are so many that don’t get public attention, or as much research funding as they really need. Every single cancer and ailment deserves research. We’re hoping our line of products : Threads of Hope, can help. Rachel, your designs, and that of your crochet friends, have been a true inspiration to us. Thank you so much!

  24. Anita says:

    I’ve made about 70 hats for the newborn babies to wear home from the hospital & another dozen hats and some baby blankets for a group that supplies a number of different organizations with these items… I really enjoy doing this and carrying the projects with me wherever I go helps pass the time spent riding buses or waiting in dr’s offices…also starts up many pleasant conversations, so you see I get more than I give!

  25. Sharon says: creating chemo caps for kids undergoing chemo at local hospitals. Also created a local knitting/crocheting meetup. 200 caps made and donated to Childrens hospital so far ;0)

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