Hat Box Foundation

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A large part of the crochet community is founded on charity work, as you may already know. The Hat Box Foundation is a cancer/chemo cap organization that was founded in 2007. Their motto is that, “something made from the heart can help heal the human spirit.” Hat Box Foundation hats are created by everyday people like you and me, and then distributed to children, women and men all across the United States. hat box foundation

The Hat Box Foundation is also a volunteer-based, non-profit that has 501(c)3 charity status. Feel free to find out more about the Hat Box Foundation and donate hats to a great cause! You may also use my various hat patterns to create Hat Box Foundation hats. Learn more about charities by visiting the Crochet Spot Charity Page.

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    I love ,love boucle the colors are so pretty.What are you making?

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