Crochet Pattern: Half-Round Mini Bag

By Candace – 5 Comments
This mini bag is worked both in the round and flat with no sewing necessary for the body. It’s great for stashing a few bills and a tube of lip gloss or, if you install a zipper, loose change. Feel free to line the mini bag if desired, but you really don’t need to unless you plan to store really small objects in it. crochet_half_round_mini_bag

Skill Level:

Finished Size: 4 1/2″ (11.5 cm) diameter

Medium Weight Yarn (approximately 30 yards)
Crochet Hook H (5.00 mm)
crochet yarn size 4

Rounds 1-3 in pattern = 3″ (7.5 cm) in diameter

Need help understanding the abbreviations and symbols? Check out the crochet abbreviation chart.

Crochet Pattern: Half-Round Mini-Bag
Round 1:Make an adjustable ring, ch 3, 10 dc in ring, sl st in top of beg ch-3: 10 dc
Round 2: ch 3, 2 dc in each dc around, sl st in top of beg ch-3: 20 dc
Round 3: ch 3, (2 dc in next dc, dc in next dc) around, sl in top of beg ch-3: 30 dc
Round 4: ch 3, 2 dc in each dc around, sl st in top of beg ch-3: 60 dc
Do not finish off; continue working in rows.
Row 1: ch 3, dc2tog 15 times: 15 dc
Row 2: ch 3, turn, (dc in next dc, dc2tog) across: 10 dc
Row 3: ch 3, turn, dc2tog 5 times: 5 dc
Row 4: ch 3, turn, dc5tog: 1 dc
Finish off. Add fastener of your choice.

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  1. Julia says:

    I just made this. It was quick and turned out so cute. Thanks for the pattern.

  2. Susan says:

    What a great idea & it’s so cute it’s very kind of you to share your patterns with us. I don’t have a website, blog or any of those things. I just like to make things as gifts from patterns that are given so kindly by you & other sites.

  3. Gigi Lee says:

    I just made this little bag. Perfect for a background to embellish with all sorts of things. Thanks again. I’ll send pic when finished.

  4. Debbie says:

    I am working on your Half round min bag.. it looks cute.
    I have a ??? for you …lol
    After I do the first 4 rows and start working on the next 3, do I put it together or just stitch and then sew together? I have tried both ways and would like your input. =)
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Happy hooking.

  5. Lori says:


    This is an awesome pattern. I enjoy making this min-bag. I have
    made several. Sunday, I gave some away at church. I called
    it “The Widow’s Mite Coin Purse.” It’s an excellent place to keep
    ones offering or extra coins.

    Thank you for sharing a very special pattern, and thank you Rachel for
    posting it.

    Blessings 2 U!!!!!!!

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