Crochet Pattern: Solid Granny Square Blanket

By Rachel Choi – Be the first to comment

This crochet pattern was requested by a Crochet Spot reader!
Here is a granny square pattern that gives you the classic granny square look, but without the extremely large holes and gaps between stitches. This pattern creates a more solid fabric since it does not use chain spaces like a traditional granny square blanket. Although the blanket isn’t completely solid, it is more suitable for babies and kids since the “holes” are much smaller. The blanket is crocheted in the round from the center out. It is designed as one giant square that will not warp or distort in shape like a lot of other patterns that are crocheted in the round. Easily customize the blanket to be any size desired by crocheting more or less rounds. As a bonus, the pattern includes a step-by-step photo tutorial.

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