Crochet Scrapbooking

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What? Crochet and Scrapbooking? Is it possible? Yes! It’s very possible. Crochet as a craft, as an art is perfect for scrapbooking. In a previous post, I talked about keeping a crochet journal. Crochet scrapbooking is an expansion of the crochet journal idea. It is equally cathartic, yet twice the fun.

If you are already into scrapbooking, you already know the joy it can bring to your life. It’s a wonderful way to keep wonderful memories alive and new, exciting moments vivid.

Scrapbooking as a craft dates back to the mid 1820s, believe it or not. In its original form, scrapbooking is simply taking pictures and newspaper clippings to create a book of memories. It’s like a step up from photo albums.

Here are a few tips on combining crochet and scrapbooking.

Use a Photo Album. This is a very old school idea here. You can find photo albums in dollar stores and a few department stores still carry them. The photo albums are a great way to keep small swatches of your favorite patterns and appliques. It’s an easy way to chronicle an event or a part of your life and using the various swatches from your favorite patterns to tell your story.

Use a Store-Bought Scrapbook. This is an obvious step. There are a lot of scrapbooks available in the stores these days. You can find them with themes as well – newborn baby, weddings, birthdays, and general scrapbooks.

Use a recycled paper journal. You can buy these from bookstores actually. They have this wonderful rustic look and feel to them. You can paste your crocheted items and photos to each page, the same as I have described in a previous post on keeping a crochet journal except writing about your crochet journey, you’ll tell the story using your swatches, photos, and other crafty items.

It’s all about getting creative with your crocheting. Another great idea is to use some chained yarn to decorate the edges of your scrapbook or crochet a book cover, if you choose to use a regular photo album or a recycled paper journal. I am sure once you get started with this creative project, you’ll come up with even more great ways to combine crochet and scrapbooking.

Do you have any ideas for combining crochet and scrapbooking? If so, please leave your comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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