Crocheting Halloween Costumes

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A Guest Post by Maria L.

As a mother of four, I’ve dealt with plenty of Halloween costumes over the years. Buying new ones each year for each kid can add up and be a bit pricey. And wearing the same costume, as long as it fits, doesn’t go over so well with the kids. So I started making my children’s costumes a few years ago. Now, I have to admit I’m not a great sewer, and therefore, can not sew those really elaborate costumes that some moms can. But I have learned a neat trick that want to share with all of you!

Crocheting an entire Halloween costume would probably be ridiculously time consuming, unless you plan on making a little bikini sized outfit or if you’re crocheting for a newborn. So my trick is to crochet the essentials, the items that make the character what it is. For example, my son fell in love with Rachel’s pirate hat after I showed it to him last year. So the main items to be a pirate are the hat and eye patch, which Crochet Spot happened to have as well. The rest of the outfit was made of everyday clothes. Although I did end up buying him one of those plastic hooks to put on his hand. He also used a pillow case for the candy, which looked just like a pirate’s loot bag.

I hope others are inspired to crochet Halloween costumes! It doesn’t have to be a long, difficult process, although I do recommend starting early. I believe it is a great way to save money and have fun crocheting.

Have you ever crocheted a Halloween costume? How did it go? Are you planning on making anything this year? Please share your experiences!

Maria loves to crochet! She loves crocheting smaller items more than larger items since she loves the instant satisfaction. She teaches a crochet class on the weekend and loves to share her passion for crochet with others.

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  1. Hats and other small accessories (or accents such as a crocheted mustache) are great to crochet for Halloween. My kids are grown. So I designed and created a halloween costume for myself and actually wore it in public (lol) last year at the local farmers market. The outfit was simply an orange pumpkin hat, orange belt and orange shoelaces and I wore a black top and black pants to complete the outfit. The pumpkin hat, belt and shoe laces were all 100% crocheted. The shoelace was simply a crocheted chain laced into a pair of all black canvas sneakers.!/photo.php?fbid=144679128911435&set=a.133318006714214.19258.100001080459860&type=1&theater

  2. Amy says:

    I’m fairly new to crocheting, but also love the “homemade” costumes, so much more originality. My youngest found a costume that we both loved, it’s a knight in shining armor, so I decided to make him his trick or treat bag. I started making a shield to go along with his sword, and attached to the back of the shield in between the handles i’ve put the bag part, so he carries his candy along with his shield :). I’m not quite finished with it yet but I’m pretty proud of the way it’s turning out

  3. Jumasto says:

    My Halloween crocheting is limited to making small toys to give to the children under 4 instead of candy. The parents appreciate the small ‘pumpkin’ balls, as they are soft and can be played with in the house without breaking anything. One year I purchased some small 6″ dolls and crocheted dresses for them; I gave them to the little girls. They loved them. When I have toys to hand out, I dress up as Mrs. Santa. The children get a kick out of getting a Halloween ‘present’ from Mrs. Santa.

  4. Mellie says:

    I made my kids their halloween costumes last year – a bumblebee and the very hungry caterpillar. For the caterpillar, I crocheted a red hat with yellow eyes and antennae and dressed him in green (easy for a 2 year old). My 4 year old had a crocheted black and yellow hat, and I also made him armbands (like leg warmers for the arm) in yellow and black stripes as well. I sewed yellow fabric on black clothes for the rest of his outfit.

    I’m doing it again this year, too! While one is still undecided, the other is going as a sheep. I’m going to do a black hat that can be pulled down over the face and use a wooly yarn to make some big loops on the head. I’ll probably do black arm warmers like last year, too.

    I love Halloween costumes!

  5. L. Brown says:

    A couple years ago a friend at work asked me to crochet some furry leggings for her daughter’s lion costume. Basically winged it with crocheting legwarmers and 2 million 3 inch pieces of yarn. Turned out great and mom and daughter were delighted with it. It was a very fun experience.
    gentle day,

  6. Mandy says:

    My son was Link from The Legend of Zelda last year and I crocheted him a Triforce bag. It was a huge hit! He still loves it.

  7. Bethintx1 says:

    I love the baby bib and hat sets. All the baby needs is the footie pajamas and the hat & bib. So adorable! I’ve seen a blog with patterns for animal noses too.

  8. Brandi says:

    My daughters first year I crochet a black and yellow hat with flower for her bumble bee costume. This year for my son’s first Halloween I’ve crochet a lil’ monster hat.

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