Crochet Your Costumes, Accessories, and Decorations This Halloween!

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Do you love Halloween? I know that so many of you do! I mean, what’s not to love? There’s candy, costumes, revelry… all kinds of fun! Some of my favorite memories involve venturing out for trick-or-treating on a cool, autumn evening, crunching through leaves, and learning from friends about the houses with the big candy bars! Halloween is so much fun for kids!

The fun doesn’t have to stop in childhood, my crochet friends! Crochet has endless possibilities when it comes to costume elements, trick-or-treat bags, and even Halloween decorations! I think I am going to design a pair of animal ears and attach them to a headband for a semi-costume this year. I also want to be ready for the trick-or-treaters this year, so you know I will be crocheting something spooky to decorate the porch!

Guess what! There are a number of great Halloween patterns on Crochet Spot. Here are a few that could help make Halloween special for you and for the kids in your life! 🙂

Costume Ideas

Pirate: This eye patch will work up quickly. Pair it with loose pants, a puffy shirt, boots, and this hat, and you’re ready for the high seas!

BONUS! If you have a white puffy wig, why not use this hat to dress as a founding father?

Witch: Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Well, what’s a witch without a hat? Pair this with a black dress, a broom, and a treat bag, and you’re ready to fly!

BONUS! The above pattern could be crocheted in different colors to make a Gandalf (from Lord of the Rings) hat, or even a blue wizard’s hat!

Jack O’ Lantern: Crochet this adorable Pumpkin Hat! Wear it with an orange t-shirt with a jack-o-lantern face on it, and pair it with jeans. You can make the jack-o-lantern face out of felt and attach it with fabric glue, or sew it on. If you’re short on time, you can even use fabric markers or sharpies!

BONUS! Crochet a vegetable garden! This pattern would work in purple for an eggplant, or in green for a squash. 😀

Don’t forget the newborn babies!! They can join in the crochet fun dressed as a Pumpkin or a Bunny in these baby cocoons! 🙂


Wouldn’t it be fun to send your child to school with a few really special treat bags stuffed with candy for his or her best friends? This is definitely one of Rachel’s cutest patterns!

Whooo wouldn’t love to wear this Owl Hat for the entire month of October?

Why, yes. I am wearing a cupcake on my head. Would you like to see my cupcake bag? Blank stare. Blink. What? 😀


Oooo! I am going to make a really cool garland with these Halloween Appliques! I’ll just make a few of them and attach them together with a crochet chain! 😀 That will look great on the outside of my home, and will welcome the trick-or-treaters!

Time to creep out the co-workers with a huge and fuzzy spider. You never know what is lurking in the next cubicle… {insert spooky music here}

Hopefully this post has given you more than one good idea for the spookiest (and sweetest) day of the year! Check out the Crochet Spot Archives for more great ideas! How are you going to incorporate crochet into your Halloween celebration?

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  1. Maria G. says:

    Wow, witch hat will suit my niece. Thanks for the post, the details and all the links with patterns. I love the whole archive. I am lazy enough to make it happen and make some patterns myself, but my sister is surely following your advice as for bags and hat. I liked the garland most of all 🙂

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