From Yarn to the Mat: Combining Crochet & Yoga

By Tameko Barnette – 13 Comments

Crochet and yoga is not such an unlikely pair. I have realized throughout my time as a crocheter and as a yogini that there are many fun crochet projects that can be enjoyed by a yoga practitioner.

Yoga is about meditation. Crochet as an activity is very meditative. So in that way particular the two come together nicely. Just the act of allowing yourself to be in the moment of your crochet projects is like yoga. You learn how to surrender to the process of creating the project from an idea or pattern to a tangible item.

Here are a few other ways to bring crochet and yoga together:

1. Yoga Mat Bags. There are many patterns available for yoga mat bags. They are great for toting your yoga mat from car to class and back home. So give that a try.

2. Afghans. You can use an afghan as a covering for your body while practicing the Corpse pose in yoga. The Corpse pose is when you are simply lying down on the floor, relaxing, and allowing your body to rest after your practice. Some yoga teachers recommend using something to cover the body to keep you at a comfortable temperature while in this pose.

3. Create Your Own Yoga Mat. I got this idea a few weeks ago and I am currently working on a pattern for a yoga mat, which I will share in a future post. In the meantime, you can look this up online and I’m sure you’ll find a pattern or you can create your own.

I hope you have found these ideas inspirational for crochet and your yoga practice.

Do you have yoga-inspired crochet idea? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. Rhonda MacNeil says:

    Don’t forget yoga socks.

  2. Ika Masume says:

    YES! I’ve been waiting for a yoga mat pattern for I don’t know how long! Thank you thank you thank you!

  3. fredw/karenb says:

    this is fantastic! just found y’all and we are excited. been trying to figure out this stitch for months. your designs as great too. question? can we order by check and snail mail for patterns(as we do not at preent have credit cards? thanks again. fredw/karenb

    • Rachel says:

      fredw/karenb, we only accept payments online at the moment. Some folks who don’t have credit cards or who aren’t comfortable using them online like to purchase Visa or America Express gift cards at the supermarket and use them to purchase items online.

  4. Varsha suraiya says:

    How about a small scarf to use in gomukhasana-when you cannot reach back enough to clasp one hand with the other.A wonderful pose to keep shoulder pain at bay specially for crochet lovers.-Yes,I too find crochet meditative and helps to ward off daily anxieties.A super combination!

  5. Lydia says:

    and let’s not forget that single crochet and cotton yarn can make an awesome yoga strap!

  6. Angela says:

    I love the yoga mat idea! I’m thinking of expanding for a larger exercise stretch mat. What is really great about this is having control over the level of padding/thickness – I really need extra padding under my bony knees for many of the yoga poses, and now (well, once you let us know your amazing pattern!), I can modify for my own needs!

    I also love the idea of looking down throughout my practice and seeing something I’ve made with love. Imagine the symbolic pattern possibilities! And just imagine how jealous everyone in class will be!

    Thank you!

  7. Susan says:

    I downloaded a great tote bag/yoga mat holder combo from Lion Brand yarn. I tried to figure out a way to send a link to the actual download, but here is the website:

    It’s called a yoga tote, and the Pattern Number is 60586AD.

    I haven’t tried to make it yet, but it looks great since it combines storage and a mat holder. I’m always leaving my keys and water bottle laying around on chairs, in corners, or anywhere I think I’ll remember to find them after class, so this would work well for me. Now to find the time to make it….


    • tina says:

      hey, Susan : I know the pattern in which you are referring to: I’ve seen it and although I am not into yoga,I was thinking of trying it. I also saw yoga sox and a yoga mat,too. I have not made any of the yoga stuff, but I have had several people (while I was in Wal-mart,and after I had “accidentally” let it slip that I crochet) that I should make these totes and how much would I charge to make one ? 😉
      And the beauty of crocheting and modifying a pattern, is that you can create something for you to suit your needs. 🙂

  8. Elsa says:

    Yoga socks, yoga mat, yoga bag are patterns that have become a need.

  9. carol says:

    Gotta love this page! My daughters, whom i am teaching how to knit and crochet, do yoga..( I should). I found a little book by Leisure Arts in Walmart on How to Knit with several easy projects… including an area rug that should be easy to adapt to a yoga mat. it takes 8 skeins of Bulky weight yarn. 2 skeins each color and is assembled like granny squares. Knit/purl for 7 or 8 inch squares. can’t be too hard to do in crochet…. with the really big plastic hook!

  10. Gayle says:

    My Mom learned how to make her own hot pads by crocheting both sides at the same time. I actually started to do a similar thing but using a size p hook and using 2 strands of yarn instead of one, it is a fairly thick “mat” that I was going to use as a kitchen rug to stand on while cooking (easy clean-up), this thing could be adapted to a yoga mat I think. Too bad I lost track of this rug when I moved; it was probably 1/2 inch thick and I was using my scrap yarn to make it.

  11. Nisha says:

    I would love to see a good crochet pattern for yoga socks– most of the really good patterns are knit.

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