Hosting Crochet Guild Sales and Events

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Last week we discussed how to start your own crochet guild. Now that you’ve got the basics underway let’s delve a little deeper into fun events and classes you can host!

Guild Sales:
Many guilds host yearly sales where each member has their own table to sell their handmade products. This might be during a local community event or it might be your own special day. Remember to offer literature about your group during your sale to gain new members! Also, have a mailing list where your customers can sign up for an email or print newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Before the sale, tag each member’s product with their name and keep a running list of purchases during the sale. After your big day, add up each member’s earnings and write them a check. However, you might want to take a previously agreed upon percentage of each member’s sales for covering building rental, advertising and other event costs.

Teach, So Others Might Learn:
One of the most important things for every guild is teaching. If a member is especially talented in a certain area, feature their skill for a meeting. Invite children and teens to come and learn. (Check out Crocheting with Kids!) If your group grows, perhaps advertise special beginning classes! (Check out 8 Great Tips for Teaching Crochet!)Guilds are not only for personal enrichment but also for teaching and preserving craft skills so they do not disappear!

Pattern Swaps & Secret Sisters:
Guilds are a great place to pick up new patterns for free! Members can swap leaflets or you might even want to start a lending library in time! You can also host fun parties for the holidays and secret sister events. The sky is the limit!

Your group can create afghans, baby blankets and other needed items for area charities and homeless shelters. Each member could crochet a set number of granny squares to be sewn into afghans for local hospitals. You could even have a raffle with the money going to a local food bank or other worthy charity.

A lot of planning and foresight goes into starting a crochet guild. However it can become a thriving place of encouragement and friendship, as well as a wonderful asset to any community.

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