How to Crochet a Wire Bracelet

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If you’ve been following along recently on the blog, you’ve come across a few beginner level wire jewelry crochet patterns: Circle Wire Earrings and Wire Fashion Ring. In this post, I have a video that demonstrates a bracelet being crocheting. Hopefully this video will help those that are having trouble working with wire.

As usual, the crochet pattern itself is super easy, but the tricky part is getting used to crocheting with wire. The pattern used is simply a few rows of single crochet stitches. 30 gauge wire is used to crochet the bracelet, which is softer and easier to work with compared to my previous patterns. The softer wire, also works wells to create a flexible bracelet.

The video below, by Beaducation, will walk you through crocheting a practice swatch with regular yarn, to crocheting the wire bracelet from beginning to end. It is a long video that is very detailed, so feel free to skip around if it is too slow for you, or pause it every now and then if you are crocheting along.

I’m a huge fan of Beaducation (with no affiliation), and love their tutorials and supplies for jewelry making! What do you think of this video? Did you enjoy crocheting jewelry?

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