How to Crochet: Knit Stitch (Video Tutorials)

By Rachel Choi – 2 Comments

Recently we discussed the knit stitch, also known by various other names: waistcoat stitch, center single crochet, split single crochet, center post single crochet, shallow single crochet. This stitch is a simple variation of the traditional single crochet stitch, that creates a knit look. Check out Amy’s elaborate knit stitch photo tutorial for all the details.

In this post I rounded up a few video tutorials from around the web to give you an even better idea of how this stitch is worked. Each video is made by a different crocheter and you’ll notice that they call the stitch by different names. Feel free to skip around and see which tutorial teaches you the best!

The video below is by Sierra Tosner and is super quick and to the point. It demonstates the knit stitch being worked in the round and provides some great tips as well.

This next video by Make and Do Crew is slightly longer and more in depth. It shows you how to start at the very beginning with a chain and how to join rounds instead of working seamlessly.

You may have noticed that the knit stitch is commonly done in the round. If you’re ready to try working in rows, check out this video by Briana K who shares a couple of different methods to try.

If you find the videos too fast to follow, be sure to check out Amy’s knit stitch photo tutorial here on Crochet Spot for step-by-step photos working in the round and working in rows.

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  1. Janet Hanen says:

    Thank you, Rachel, for posting these! I cannot wait to try these!!

  2. Marie Babino says:

    Thank you very much Rachel, I love the look of knitting, but not have to use the knitting needles. I will try to make a hat, then I want to make a rug for the front door entry way. I starting teaching myself how to crochet back in January. I made 6 scarfs for my family, and made myself two cross body purses. Also made some kitchen towels. So happy to see your site. Thank you again.

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