How to Crochet: Picked-Up Braid

By Candace – 3 Comments

Have you seen the trend of knitting projects with dropped stitches that are later picked up into a braid? Of course, crochet stitches don’t drop, so there needs to be a workaround. Using long chains, crocheters can achieve the same look. If you’re familiar with long chains such as those used in the Knot Stitch (Also known as the Lover’s Knot or Solomon’s Knot), You’re already ahead of the game.

The first thing you need to do is make a crochet fabric using long chains.


As you can see here, the long chains will give you three strands each to work with on each row.


Starting with the chain in the second row, bring the strands down behind the chain of the previous row, forming loose loop.


Take the strands of the next row and pull them through the loop (much like making a crochet chain). The loop formed by these strands should be tighter


Repeat the previous step until you finish the last row. As you work, the fabric should start to pull in.


You can secure the top and bottom of the braid when you weave in the ends of your project. If you need help, feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I love the effect of this, almost as though the fabric has been zipped up!

  2. Mary Musgrave says:

    Thank you for this post (how to make the picked up braid). I can see this making a nice texture in a purse. I read and share your website with my crochet group every week. Thank you for sharing such useful and inspiring stitches. Mary

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