I’m in a Crochet Slump

By Veronica Smith – 19 Comments

Well, it’s finally happened. I am in a crochet slump. I have enough patterns both in books and stored on my computer to start a shop. I also have ample yarn and thread of all textures and materials. So what has happened? I don’t know.

I have my standard plethora of yet to be completed projects all around me, also a basket of yarn in front of the TV. I have looked through all my patterns and poked at all the yarn. I long for something to do but I just can’t get into it all. I just can’t get motivated. Admittedly we have had a recent passing in the family and I don’t think I am very normal since that’s happened, however crochet would be very therapeutic.

Then it happened, something so simple. My Crochet Spot Weekly Update came in and there was the patterns staring me in the face. In particular Candace’s Lacy Ruffle Cuff and Emilee’s Cherry Applique. Thank you ladies!

I had been looking at crochet all wrong. I have been looking for a total finished project and a purpose for the finished item. I don’t feel up to finishing existing ones yet and I feel too swamped to start a big item. I am going to make a heap of little things that have no designated purpose at this stage. I shall just pop them into a box and they will fulfill their destiny at some later stage. A bag full of motif’s never go astray for clothing, scrap-booking, cards, hair clips, or headbands. Wrist-warmers and other quick to make up items will all be laying in wait. Squares to be assembled at a later date into blankets.

This is just the boost I need to get out of my slump and back into hooking.

Has anybody else every been in a crochet slump? What did you do to get out of it?

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  1. Joyce Armstrong says:

    When my Dad died in Feb., I was crocheting a big warm poncho for upcoming baseball season. I worked on it a lot as I was sitting with him. Luckily I was able to continue, and finish it. I think I needed to finish it (and not just because it kept me from freezing). Now the afghan I had made him, that he wrapped around him every day I didn’t even want to look at. Unfortunately my Mom felt the opposite, and wanted to now use it. I was upset in the beginning. It’s been hot since then and she doesn’t need it now. Maybe when she starts using it, it will be a comfort to me instead of a constant reminder of how sick he was.
    So sorry for your loss. Maybe when you’re ready, you can make something in that person’s honor that keep him/her in your memory.
    Hang in there.

  2. Elaine says:

    My condolences to you and your family. My Mom died in Feb. 2012 and for a couple of months following I could not find anything to hold my interest. I find myself with yarn, needle and pattern in hand but could not complete anything. If I start something I eventually lost interest and pull it out. I finally just let it be and one day I realize I was making christmas stockings ( I know its only August), but I have completed 8 so far. Your mind and body needs to grieve, so let it. In no time you will realize that you are back in the swing of things.

  3. Jeanette says:

    I have had the same sort of thing happen. I lost my dear grandma in January 2012, and the following week my mother-in-law – I changed direction and left UFOs to begin a crochet poncho for myself – however when a friend lost her battle with cancer and then a friend lost her husband within a week of each other end of June 2012, I lost interest in completing it. Instead I picked up knitting needles to start on a pair of gloves for this friend – something I have never made before. Thankfully nearly finished that and hope I can get back to my poncho then. Thoughts with all of you as we all deal with losses.

  4. carin says:

    Crocheting really is therapeutic…
    I just joined in your site and love it.
    Hope you can give your grieve a place and wishing you well.
    Warm thoughts from Holland

  5. Rachel S. says:

    I have too many hobbies probably – so when I get into a slump with any one of them I move onto the next. Crochet, sewing, doll house miniatures, jewelry, computer stuff … and countless other fiddly things.

    Crochet became my therapy last year after my grandmother passed. It’s still my therapy now, but I have more fun making things for people just because they want something fun and cute than just doing it to keep myself distracted. I made a little curly haired doll for a friend, and am now making another one for another who fell in love with them. I worked up a new Cthulhu doll and the husband snatched the first finished one up right away.

    When I get in a crochet slump and none of my patterns seem to get me going, I just grab the first thing of yarn that catches my eye and sit down and make something up. When I get done with a few projects for other people I need to get back to my Mr. Ping noodle hat….cept that one I have to take apart a ways and redo a section on the bowl… but that’s part of the fun for me. I just pick something nonsensical and see if I can work out how to make it.

    Now if my husband would just learn to not talk to me when I’m in the middle of counting stitches…

  6. Angie says:

    I have started making amigurumi cuties and they have become very popular. I actually have been making so many of them that I’m kind of getting bored….I would love to put them down and work on a hat or something, anything else but, I have so many orders for now till Christmas that there is no hope for me making anything but.

  7. Linda says:

    How about some crocheting to help others. I have recently found out about clicking for babies. It is a program where people make purple newborn caps. They are given to new mothers to help them remember the period of purple crying. It is a time when newborns cry more and are more at risk for shaken baby syndrome. The caps are quite easy and take only maybe 30 minutes. If there is no chapter in your area there is an address to mail them to. What better way to overcome grief than to help others. My prayers to all who have lost loved ones this year. Hopefully helping a new life will help. Here is the website. http://clickforbabies.org/
    and about the period of purple crying site. https://www.kcsl.org/Period_Of_Purple_Crying.aspx

  8. Angie B says:

    I am sorry to hear about your loss. I also find that small quick to finish items tend to pull me out of slumps. Also, working with a favorite stitch pattern or on an item that I have never tried before also will pull my out of a slump.

  9. Mellie says:

    I lost a friend very recently to a drunk driver and I experiences the same sort of slump that you’re talking about, where nothingotivsyed me to pick up my projects. Once I started crocheting again, it was kind of a sign to myself that life had indeed started to move on as normal again, and I think stopping crocheting for a bit represented to me the fact that everything around me seemed to stop. I’m sorry to everyone here who lost someone they love; I’m glad we all have crochet to ease the aches in our hearts.

  10. Elaine S says:

    I used to make afghans, years ago. Then a major move made me dispose of all my yarn and a lot of crochet patterns. I kept my favorite patterns and all my crochet hooks, but I didn’t touch them for years.
    Then a couple of years ago I bought some yarn, thinking I would make an afghan and get my crocheting fingers going again. But I didn’t. It was too big a project and I didn’t have whatever it takes to tackle a big project. But yarn kept calling to me….from the shelves at Walmart, and JoAnn’s and yard sales and….. Next think I knew I had a ton of yarn again!!
    Then I discovered Facebook, and then I began to find gals who made dishcloths and baby hats and flowers to put on the hats and all kinds of little things that could be finished in an afternoon.I made a dishcloth from cotton yarn and it was so pretty! And they sold and had giveaways of the patterns they wrote for all those little things. Who knew you could make a baby hat that looked like a cow or a dinosaur or Shreck!!??
    Then there were two weddings coming up. I bought yarn to make afghans. Then I was not invited to the first one…scratch that. And the second one was postponed…it may be canceled…not sure yet. The Afghan I started for that one is sitting in limbo too.
    But I have yarn for dishcloths and hats and flowers and so much more. I am learning to appreciate making small things. I made hats for all the guys on my list last Christmas. And I made dishcloths while riding in the car 8 hours one way for a funeral last week. And I have fallen in love with colorful crocheted flowers.
    I am a WIP, just like all these projects…but the important word is PROGRESS!!
    Enjoy your crocheting!!

  11. Cindy says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. These can be such difficult times and even more difficult to get back to normal. This year I lost my grandmother in May on my anniversary, my father-in-law in July and 5 days after he was buried following week my mom had a heart attack followed by open heart surgery within days. It’s been very difficult to get back on to task with anything. I started a spiderman blanket for my son in June and it’s still sitting there. Sometimes, it just takes a little time to sort through all of the emotions. Right now, I want to be involved in an activity where my mind doesn’t have to think about everything going on. If I crochet, I have time to sit and think about everything that has happened. So, I’ve been staying away from it for a while. So, it may just take time. Since I’m still in the middle of it, I’m not sure of solutions. But I may try some of the suggestions on here.

  12. dianna says:

    ha ha ha same here….when we feel in the stalled position of crochet. i find though when i am sad crocheting helps…i crochet for a baby or child. i have a child whom has caused my family heart ache with her choices and i have found i just sit with hook in hand, yarn next to me with patterns i looked at but no desire to crochet. the heart needs a boost when the slumps and sadnesses hit. for those whom are seeking comfort hug someone you love. grab your hooks and yarn and baby patterns and crochet for children’s hospitals this always seems to help . i am working on christmas gifts for hayley’s gift for my local children’s hospital.

  13. crafty grandma says:

    I have been in a slump with all my crafts since the beginning of summer. In 10 days it will be 3 years that my mom passed away. She left behind 4 bins full of yarn, knitting needles and a variety of crochet hooks. She is the reason I relearned to knit and crochet – although crochet was always my preference. I recently saw my neighbor was pregnant and started working on a blanket. I have one panel done and two more to go. However, I just don’t feel like doing it and don’t ‘have’ to but it sure beats moping around or baking in the sun. So every day I do a bit of it at time. She will probably have the baby before I finish it – my other question, will she appreciate the time it took to make? Well, if I change my mind I can always bring it to a woman’s shelter…my blanket is white but lacy looking done in 3 panels. Never done before but I found the pattern to be pretty.

    My condolences on your loss. Hopefully you will remember the good times had and not dwell on the bad. Mourning is a long process but life goes on!

  14. Bonnie says:

    I had to laugh when you described your “plethora” of yarn and started projects. I actually had a service once called “UFOs” (“unfinished objects”) that I would complete for other people. For my personal procrastination, when it gets too hot for afghans, I switch to smaller projects and cotton yarn. When in a real slump like you describe, starting something completely new – especially one that is challenging – is what does it for me – even if it turns out to be another “UFO.”

  15. Honey says:

    I crochet for others. I love making blankets for newborns and there is always someone having a baby!

    I also will make peojects for charity!

  16. Susan says:

    Oh I’m have been in such a slump myself. It is hot, I don’t feel like doing a big project. So I started wash cloths. They get done quickly. They don’t cover my lap and are easily transportable.

  17. Linda Roberts says:

    I too am in a slump. Everytime I try to make something I either get bored or I mess the directions.
    Reading these posts helps me to feel better.
    After living in Boston my entire life, in May we relocated to Dover, Delaware to wait for our new
    home to be built. I am trying to readjust to my new surroundings, but I feel lost. I also prematurely retired and although I am not ready to consider working, I have alot of time on my hands. I have a saying DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT. I am spending my time reorganizing my yarn and supplies so I guess I am after all involved with crotchet.

  18. Jan says:

    Boy, I guess it’s been a sad year for everyone. With all the prayers from my email friends, I came out of my slump and started crocheting easy (very easy) baby hats. My husband died in December 2011, the day after Christmas, but I was in a nursing home recoverying from what was supposedly to be an easy 3 day surgery. But I had complications and wound up not being able to walk after being in ICU for 4 weeks. My husband had been in and out of the hospital for the entire year of 2011 and while he was there I crocheted an afghan for him. I can’t bear to part with it yet, but I know I will at some point. It used to be my favorite pattern to make, but now I am doing a new and different pattern so it won’t remind me so much.

  19. Fiona Audain says:

    I would like to add my condolences to you for your loss. When the time is right you will pick up your hook, yarn and the perfect pattern will be right there. I lost my darling Grandmother 15 years ago, I still think about what she would think of the colour choice or the pattern I am doing. Every day I manage to do some crocheting, nothing big all the time. Although at the moment I must admit that I am doing a Pineapple Round baby shawl in pale lemon yellow. My advice is to give your self time to accept the passing then take time to honor the person in the way that you feel is right!

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