Inspiration to Crochet

By Rachel Choi – 6 Comments
I’m often asked, what inspires you to crochet?

My Answer: I do it because it’s fun! When something is fun, I’m often inspired to keep doing it. I get inspiration just by doing everyday things, like watching TV and cleaning the dished. I’m always thinking of crochet things that I can use myself and that others may want to make too. Once I get an idea of something I want to make there’s no stopping me from making it (unless I run out of yarn). It’s like an addiction, but a good one.

Inspiration can come from anywhere! Where does yours come from? Maybe through charity work or just out of thin air?

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  1. Donna says:

    I love flipping through crochet pattern books and also searching on-line. Ideas come to me from seeing what others have made. I have an inch thick stack of free patterns I want to make.

  2. Mich says:

    Mine comes out of thin air xD I dunno, I just like doing it 😀

  3. melissa says:

    some of your patterns because they’re so cute! really i just think”im going to crochet” (or knit) and really just browsing through the thousands of free patterns on ravelry! and mostly, shopping for yarn!!!!

  4. AmpEleven says:

    Pretty much what the others are saying: patterns plus yarn. I got a little excited about a pattern for a shawl/sweater recently, but didn’t really get inspired to make it ’til I found just the right yarn for it.

  5. DCMerkle says:

    I like to crochet because I look at it as an art form and a needle art. An art form because of the colors that can be used, the textures and shapes that can be created, and the peace of mind that it gives one.

    Crochet, along with the other kinds of needle work is becoming a dieing art. Girls were taught to do every aspect of needle work to compliment the home or to help with the family needs, like clothing. When things like quilts are now being considered antiques and I found an article that was talking about how knitted or crocheted afghans are becoming the new textile antiques, it puts needle work in a whole new perspective. I’ve taught my daughter how to crochet. My son knows how to do a chain stitch. Will he ever want to take off with that is another thing.

    I still sit in with the older women that I know and have a good, old fashioned, stitch n bitch. I am still learning all the tips and tricks to crocheting and sometimes I am still amazed at the patterns and creativity that still pours out of them with every stitch. I know how to do some of the other needle work, but crocheting is my love.

  6. D'Ann Gayler says:

    I enjoy seeing the projects of other people. Barbie is a great insparation for me. I like to make gowns for her. My daughters say that I’m in my second childhood. But I never left the first. I get several crochet magazines each month and I do at least one of the projects in each one. I’m so glad my aunt taucht me to crochet 55 years ago. I enjoy it more all the time. And I love hearing what others are doing. Keep on hooking, people.

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