Make Sure Your Crochet Gifts Don’t End Up Collecting Dust

By Rachel Choi – 4 Comments

The only reason I hesitate to give crocheted gifts is that I fear they would end up in someone’s closet collecting dust. This year, I decided to take a shot at making some of my gifts. Here are some of the precautions (mostly common sense) I’m taking so that my gifts don’t end up as useless stuff:

Ask them what they want. If I ask, they should give me some sort of clue, right? If you know the person well, you would probably already know if he/she would like what you’re making. But if not, it never hurts to ask.

Make what they ask for. Another no brainer! If they ask for it, there’s a good chance it is what they want. You can even take out all of your crochet patterns and let him/her pick from them.

Give hints. If you want your gift to be a surprise, try to give subtle hints as to what you are making to find out if he/she would like it.

Add a donation tag. I got this idea from a Crochet Spot reader! She advised to add a tag with information where the crocheted item can be donated if the gift was not to his/her liking. Just about any crocheted item can do donated somewhere! You can check out my crochet charity page for a list of places to donate to. So if all else fails, hopefully your recipient would donate your gift to a good cause.

I bet there are a bunch of other tips, that you have! Do you have a tip to share?

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  1. Bananas says:

    you always have pretty colors and I was wondering would you ‘recomemed’ or tell us what brand of yarn you use when you post your patterns?

    • Rachel says:

      Hey Bananas, I use a variety of yarns! A lot of Caron Simply Soft, some Vanna’s Choice and Lion Brand. I’ll try to keep in mind to indicate what yarn I’m using when I go to make future patterns.

  2. Hezaaa says:


    I am making a plain granny square baby blanket but Im not sure how big to make it!

    Any suggestions?


  3. Collette Griffith says:

    Hezaaa–Go online and check out the sizes they make for baby afghan patterns. They’re usually something like 36″ X 42″ or so. I usually make mine a little larger, so they can use it longer!
    Have Fun!!!

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