Did You Give or Get a Crocheted Gift?

By Rachel Choi – 79 Comments

Crocheted gifts are always popular during the holidays! They are typically inexpensive to make and there are tons for crochet patterns to work with and choose from. Did you give or get a crocheted gift this year? If you gave a crocheted gift, what was it and how did your recipient react to it? If you got a crocheted gift, what did you get and how do you like it?

Often times, crocheted gifts are either appreciated and loved or dreaded. Maybe it’s the hideous crochet Christmas sweater that most folks dread to get. But now a days, crocheting is more fun and modern!

Feel free to share your experience with giving and getting crocheted gifts!

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  1. Noura says:

    Merry belated xmas to everyone :3
    I’m 16, and two of my friends are going to be getting hats on the 2nd–we go to different schools, so we don’t see each other too often. the first was requested by my friend Leah, who saw my skein of baby alpaca grande paint and wanted a hat, so i made her a brimmed beanie 🙂 the second is a surprise for another friend; a double-stranded black and grey beanie with a flaming red mohawk and buttons/pins on it reflecting our good times. I hope they enjoy them :S
    Some of these posts are really great. When do you all start crocheting for the holidays?

  2. Maria says:

    Yes indeed!!! Just about everyone received something homemade from me this year. One of the things I really enjoyed making were Rachel’s “Cool Coasters #3” found on this site. I made them for 3 of my friends using the G-Hook and I crochet a box for each of them using an H-Hook and added a home made felted ornament and tied it up with a really nice ribbon. They loved them. Thank you Rachel for the wonderful pattern. I also croched some hoodie scarfs, also found on this site which were a big hit and some nice headband ear warmers. I love your site Rachel and everyone who posts here. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. May God shower you with Blessings this coming New Years and always.

  3. dj says:

    i decided this years gifts for friends would be warm winter neck cowls and for some fingerless gloves. the neck cowls were for the women friends the fingerless gloves were for the kind young women whom help with my daughter. this way they can look stylish ! i actually kept one of the neck cowls for myself which was a shock to my husband. i usually give all my crochet away as gifts. i created some patterns which was fun also.
    now what to make for next Christmas ? any ideas ???
    thank you Rachel for crochet ideas and patterns, they are a big help

  4. alarab says:

    I made slippers for all the males in my family (the only pair that didn’t fit was hubby’s 🙁 )…for my baby grand daughter I made her first rattle 🙂

  5. susette says:

    I gave crocheted towels in a basket that was filled with homemade chocolate that I made. think I will do some potholders next year. i too like this site and the tips are great

  6. Kate says:

    I crocheted gifts for several people this year – mostly hats. One for my hubby, modeled after Jayne Cobb’s stocking cap (in the TV show Firefly). I made a mini version of that same hat for my godson, too. Then I made a simple beanie for my sister-in-law, as well as a newsboy cap (not so simple). My favorite hat, though, was for a good friend who’s going through chemo for leukemia. It was my husband’s idea – I crocheted a rasta hat in the typical Jamaican colors, and then created yarn “dreadlocks” by double-twisting really long strands of yarn. It turned out great, so I think I might make some more like it for others – or maybe even sell them online. 🙂

  7. Meg says:

    YES! I made my mom and daughter each a set of coasters from your coaster series patterns and they loved them! I also made my mom a jar gripper from that non-slip drawer liner stuff and crocheted around the edges. I made a couple of hats for a friend to give to her daughter for Christmas as well.

  8. Marsha Baker says:

    I gave crocheted hats and scarves. Most everyone was laughing and making fun of them. So I probably won’t ever do that again.

  9. Panya says:

    Aww, that’s too bad Marsha. I usually don’t give those types of gifts because I take the recipient into consideration & suspect they won’t be appreciated/used. It’s frustrating not being able to give homemade gifts!

  10. dj says:

    you know what marsha…they probably really each liked them but felt that acting like goobers was the way to feel accepted. i didn’t crochet my sons hat this year since he has so many i have made…some he does wear some he doesn’t. i found a fun hat for my son and hubby from kohl’s. they are the ‘nanok of the north look lined with fake fur’. i was nervous but to my surprise they both yelled out ‘yes the hat is cool’. wow shock ! so next year make what you want to make them and if they do not wear or use the hats and scarfs from this year or the future gather them up and take them to a Disabled Vets store or shelter.
    i would love to have a handmade hat and scarf ! i would wear with pride !!
    i have been crocheting fun infant and toddler hats. luckily babies do not make comments..he he he.

  11. Dawn says:

    I made 4 ruffle scarves this year for Christmas presents. My daughter, niece and sister & mother in-laws loved them! I found the pattern on this site and they were so easy to make! I have a request for one more and I still have to make one for myself.

    I always try to make a hand-made gift for the special people in my life. And I always crochet something for someone having a baby!

  12. Liv says:

    I made three variations of the Kiss Me Bag from last month to give to my boyfriend’s little cousins. I am really disappointed to have just realized I forgot to take photos! I made one in red, one in pink, and one in green. I added either a flower or bow applique to each, and made two of them shorter and wider than the original pattern. There were adorable! I wish I would have remembered to take a picture!

  13. Denise says:

    I made my son’s two preschool teachers a poncho each. I wore mine once and they complimented it and had such nice things to say. I was so glad for that since it gave me the idea to make them!

  14. Gretchen says:

    Made and gave out 15 scarves this year at work! Thought about what each persons wears (colors). The biggest surprise for me was they noticed that I had done each scarf colors for each person. It was so wonderful to see the smiles on their faces!!!

  15. dj says:

    the kiss me bag….where is the pattern for that Liv ?

  16. dj says:

    Thank you rachel. duh so obvious….i am brain tired from Christmas.
    Happy New Year

  17. Valorie Davis says:

    I’m a travel nurse. I have been picking up shifts at a long term care facility. One evening, with nothing to do, I started crocheting a neck scarf from a hook and yarn I found in a cupboard. The project grew to making a neck scarf for each of the residents. Other people joined in by crocheting a scarf, bringing in their stash of yarn and hooks. The project snowballed. 🙂
    I searched on-line for patterns, found so many creative people doing so many creative things. I also learned some new techniques though the on-line videos. Best of all, it renewed my love of crochet. So the best gift was actually to myself.

  18. Denise says:

    What a great story Valorie – that was a great post!

  19. Sarah Dee says:

    I made a family member a lacy blue scarf. She loved it!

  20. Liza says:

    I crocheted 3 pairs of mittens for the kids in our family, and 2 pairs of wrist warmers (one pair with thumb-holes and one without). I also knitted two stuffed pigs, which is a big step for me as someone who has been preferring crochet over knitting for about 5 years!

    Other homemade gifts I made were playdough, finger paint, and watercolor paints. I think you can find a recipe for everything in the world on the internet!

  21. Sarah says:

    Last year I made all my gifts. I planned to do so again this year UNTIL I found out one of my relatives had sent the item I made straight to Goodwill. I had even done my best to personalize it to match her kitchen theme. Frustrating to say the least.

    This year I only made things for the children. My favorite is the stuffed kitty cat I made for my niece. She is 3 and really wants a (live) cat. Her daddy is a dog person and said “No.” She LOVED the stuffed kitty and packed it around with her all evening. I even made it with fuzzy yarn so she can brush it and it feels like real fur. It is so rewarding to see a gift loved and appreciated.

    I decided I am not going to spend all the time and energy to make something for someone who will not choose to appreciate it. Instead, what I did for the above mentioned relative, is contributed some money toward a gift that some one else was already purchasing. That way she didn’t know I was being cheap (frugal) and she didn’t have to pretend to like what I made.

  22. Dar says:

    I made an extra-large afghan for my son to use when he stretches out on the floor watching his beloved sports shows. He loved it! I also made a small afghan for my granddaughter, and a baby carrier cover for my brand new grandson. Others were in the plan, however time ran short so they still ARE in the plan! I also received a crocheted scarf from an older granddaughter who started her stitching career a year or so ago. I am so proud of her and try to encourage her to continue and to keep learning more.

  23. Cheryl says:

    This year was filled with crochet! I made something for everyone on my list 8 mens beanies, 5 womans beanies, 3 child backpacks, 4 go green market bags, 7 cupcake purses, 1 ripple doiley, 3 flap closure purses, and one stocking with a stuffed horse on the front of it for my Father-in-law who has come to live with us and didn’t have a stocking so I crochetted him a very special one. Also there were 18 cristmas tree shaped ornaments in school colors for my daughters class. So I have decided to get a head start on this year because I didn’t get to crochet anything for my kids or hubby so I have decided to make 36 ornaments in school colors this month, my little one starts Kindergarten so I have two classes to do and that way the bulk of them are done if I need a few extra I can do them later, and I am going easy on myself and crochetting one present for each family, my mom and sisters have tried to talk me out of the only thing I made that I kept for myself ever which is a tree skirt I crochetted this year so I will be making one for each family, as soon as I get the yarn I need I can go to work on 10 tree skirts.

  24. Karen says:

    I made several things for family members this year. The bulk of my family lives in Florida and I was lucky enough to get to visit this Christmas. And much to my dismay, South Florida was very cold on a few nights!

    All of the women got a set of items that included bath puffs, washcloth and headband done up in their favorite colors; I put them in a basket with shower gel from Bath and Body Works. They also got a ponytail holder (a plain coated rubberband-type that you can buy anywhere for cheap) that I did up with eyelash yarn to cover the boring black band. Everyone was very pleased and asked for the patterns I used so they can make more for themselves!

    It’s very disheartening to read that some crafters gifts weren’t appreciated, I’m very lucky to have a family that not only loves the things I make but encourages me to keep on crocheting. My heart goes out to those that had this happen, but do not let that keep you from crafting. Family members may not appreciate your efforts but I assure you that homeless shelters, long-term care facilities and women’s shelters adore them! Start a group that crafts for places such as this and your heart will soar!

  25. Kitty says:

    I made half my Christmas presents this year – I’m a student and it made sense for me to make presents if possible to save funds!

    I made my first ever scarf for my best friend; I only learned to crochet last January so it wasn’t perfect, but I made her a little card to go with it which explained that it was the ‘scarf of true friendship’ and like every friendship it has its little imperfections. I was so pleased when I came home from my parents’ house yesterday and she was wearing it! I also made a shawl and some little fingerless mittens for my Mum and a wavy scarf for my niece. I’m learning more and more stitches so this year maybe people will get something other than scarves!

  26. Patti Faustini says:

    It’s so nice reading these comments from everyone. Sometimes, like most of the time, I feel that I’m really just crocheting for myself, and maybe know one really wants or likes anything!

    I donated several crocheted children’s small blankets to a local organization, and a year or so later, they started accepting “only quilts, because they’re softer (and unspoken “better”).” I felt a little …well…not good…. about that….
    These comments from crocheters are really helpful. Now I have to find my way to Rachel’s site. Maybe people would like the coasters mentioned, as others have said ! Thank you, everyone.

  27. dj says:

    interesting Patti how those whom do not appreciate or understand the comfort of a crocheted blanket.
    this past christmas i crocheted all my friends gifts. i received one rude comment from one i knew i would hear it from. ‘why don’t you just go purchase me a gift. this homemade item looks cheap’. ya well she requested fingerless gloves to match her brown coat…i did this in soft yarn and yet i still caught the rudeness.
    i have been hired by some to crochet toys and cowls. these have been a big hit for those whom appreciate the work and time.
    i say crocheters…keep on crocheting and just ignore the fact there are those whom will always have a complaint.
    for many years i have purchased fleece-serged the edges all around and given these to charity and gifts.

  28. Peggy says:

    My grandmother made multiple afghans for me and other family members, which we all treasure. I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten another crochet gift. I’ve bought them occasionally for gifts. When a close friend announced his wedding 4 months in advance, I was able to make him a wonderful and very long afghan for a wedding present. Found one 8″ x 8″ afghan square pattern that I really liked and made it in every color in my stash of acrylic yarns, and then some. He loved it … when his marriage sadly ended, I asked him if he got custody of his afghan. He told me he did. Crocheting is also good for baby gifts.

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