Did You Give or Get a Crocheted Gift?

By Rachel Choi – 79 Comments

Crocheted gifts are always popular during the holidays! They are typically inexpensive to make and there are tons for crochet patterns to work with and choose from. Did you give or get a crocheted gift this year? If you gave a crocheted gift, what was it and how did your recipient react to it? If you got a crocheted gift, what did you get and how do you like it?

Often times, crocheted gifts are either appreciated and loved or dreaded. Maybe it’s the hideous crochet Christmas sweater that most folks dread to get. But now a days, crocheting is more fun and modern!

Feel free to share your experience with giving and getting crocheted gifts!

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  1. Joanne says:

    Merry Christmas Rachel- and thanks for this wonderful site!!
    I gave crocheted gifts and all were received very warmly! I gave 5 of my co-workers scarves and my boss a scarf and fingerless mitts. I gave one of my daughters an afghan, cowl, scarf and fingerless mitt set and washcloths- she had asked for “crochet goodness”. I made her BF an afghan and he was so happy with it!!! My youngest DD is coming over today- and she will have the scarf that she asked for and I sent my oldest DD a scarf that she’ll be opening today. I was a busy little “hooker” this Christmas season!

  2. Tami says:

    I haven’t given a gift yet, have to wait til Tuesday. But I have one for my sis in law and my mother in law.

    I have to finish my mother in laws stuff. I don’t know if my wrist will let me.

  3. Linda says:

    No, I didnt get a crocheted gift, but I got crochet ordered instead 🙂 so I will be giving to someone this as a gift later 🙂

  4. Cindey Dellinger says:

    Merry Christmas Rachel!! I made toboggans for everybody. I just made a bunch up and let everybody pick through them for the one they wanted. So far everybody has loved their toboggan and I have orders for more. Any boggans I don’t give away will be going to the Cancer Center of North Carolina in Asheville, NC.
    I made amis for the smaller kids.
    I’m also making an afghan/throw for my stepdad. When his brother passed away they were cleaning out the house and came across some granny squares his wife had made before she passed away. They brought them to me, along with a bunch of matching yarn, and said to do whatever I wanted with them or just throw them away if I didn’t want them. So I pieced them together and I’m still working on the border around it to make it bigger.

  5. Carolynn says:

    Merry Christmas Rachel! Enjoy your site. I crocheted 20 scarves for Christmas gifts this year & received orders for more.

  6. Dawn Spatta says:

    No crocheted Christmas gifts this year because I’ve been working on my sil’s baby blanket that needs to be finished before mid January! Its my first “big project” and I’m really excited about following through – lol. For the little gifts that are reserved for friends of friends or the people you just get chatchkas for – I crocheted little checkered washcloths and bought some handmade soap from etsy. I hope they like it!

    Merry Christmas, all! 🙂

  7. Karen says:

    Yes i made all my Xmas gifts for the last 20 years . This year , I made 50 baskets up for the senior so that they would have something to open Xmas. Lots of them can’t knit or crochet. In the basket were tawashi, tea towels, dish cloths. knitted slippers , sock. lap grams, scarves. This brought back so many memories of when they could do this .
    Merry Xmas

  8. Angie says:

    Oh boy, I made a lot of crocheted gifts this year. I did 5 hats, 4 pairs of gloves, a large doily, a football beer can cozy, a cell phone case, a purse, and oodles of ami’s im actually finishing up the eeyore ami right now that I am taking to christmas tonight at my grandparents, (talk about right to the wire, huh?) Last night, my BF’s cousin, saw the hat that I made my cousin and my BF’s brother and said really loudly. ” I HOPE ANGIE GETS MY NAME FOR CHRISTMAS NEXT YEAR!!! HINT HINT!! ” ( his aunt draws the names for everyone )

    I hope everyone has a blessed christmas!

  9. Sunshine says:

    I made everything! I made a doll’s hat, doll’s scarf, and a rose for my sister. For my mom, I made turquoise wrist warmers with pink edging. She loved them! I made my dad a pouch for his glasses. Now I’m going to crochet my Christmas presents for my friend and her family because they’re on vacation.

  10. Caitlin says:

    I made hats for both my brother and his girlfriend. They both seemed to like them. I’m also making a ami for my dad to keep at his computer desk… but it is taking longer then I planned so it is it wasn’t done for Christmas… oops 😛

  11. Panya says:

    I’m making a starghan for my husband’s grandmother. It’s my first, so I knew I wouldn’t be done with it in time for the holidays, but she knows it’s coming. Today I ran out of one of the colors [I’m using three, making thick stripes]. I realised that I was pretty far along, maybe enough to finish in a few days, so I laid it out on the couch to check the size so I’d know how many more skeins to buy… I saw that I messed up. 🙁 I accidentally put in an extra stitch in the fourth row, throwing off the lines, and ended up having to frog 36 rows!!! 🙁 I had been checking it, but the mistake was so subtle that it didn’t show until the project was farther along. Booooooo…

  12. Debbie says:

    I crocheted scarves using the “Timeless Scarf” pattern that was posted on this site in November. One of my husband’s grandsons wanted a camo scarf, so I found some “oak moss” yarn and it turned out great. He loved it! I also crocheted some scarves for the granddaughter and niece. I love making gifts these days. It seems to mean so much more to someone that you’ve spent time making something for them. Thank you for the scarf pattern! It’s very lovely.

  13. Robyn says:

    I recently taught my nieces (9 & 10) to crochet. I sent them a how-to book, hooks, scissors and 10 skeins of yarn for Christmas.

    I also sent my granddaughter (3) and grandson (18 months) sweaters. So cute!

    I received gift cards for both Hobby Lobby and Joann’s for supplies. Just what I asked for.

  14. Jackie says:

    I crocheted christmas and knitted christmas ornaments..And i gave them to a good friend of mine..She loved them…They were your patterns Racheal…Merry Christmas!!

  15. Ladee Peeches says:

    I gave a crochted gift. I crochected a blanket for my mother-in-law because she is a very special person, she once told me that someone was suppose to crochet something for her but they never did, so I thought that it would be a nice surprise for her. I have heard that she uses it everyday.

  16. Misty says:

    Every year I give my coworkers a crocheted ornament. Last year I did white snowflakes with silver throughout the yarn. This year I did burgandy bells with white ribbon bows on them. I guess it’s time to figure out a new pattern for next year’s ornament. 🙂

  17. Faith says:

    I normally do lots of crocheted gifts, but this year I was feeling pretty burnt out on crochet. I only gave one crocheted gift, to my niece who is almost six. She specifically requested a matching pair of bow earrings and a bow headband, in pink. She asked just a few days after you had posted the pattern for the pretty bows, so I agreed. I scaled down the pattern and made little bows for the earrings about one inch wide and half an inch tall, and cinched the middle with black yarn. Her Christmas dress was white, black, and pink, so I made them to match. The headband had a larger matching bow, and was a double stranded one with just chain stitches for the band. She seemed pretty pleased with the set.

    Thank you for your wonderful patterns!

  18. Melanie says:

    The only gift I made this year was a crocheted picnic basket for my toddler daughter to keep her felt food inside. She loved it!

  19. Fran says:

    Happy holidays, Rachel! I start on my crocheting in January for the next Christmas. This year I gave three crocheted sweaters, 6 ribbed neckwarmers, 2 earflap hats, 3 bath puffs, 2 bath mitts with lovely scented beeswax soap, 4 washcloths with the beeswax soap, 1 purse, 1 large cotton market bag, 8 ruffle scarfs, and loads of scrunchies made with remnants of novelty yarns. I’m already starting on my sweaters for next year since I got a great buy on some Vanna’s Choice yarn. Everyone seemed to enjoy his or her gift – I even was asked to make a neckwarmer for a friend’s 90 year old father.

  20. Miss H says:

    Merry Christmas!

    I made several gifts this year, 2 afghans for my in-laws, a pair of fingerless mitts for sister, and the crochet hook case that you posted a while ago! Keep tuned for a shout out on my blog!


  21. Angie says:

    I made my step mother-in-law a neat loop stitch pillow and she LOVED it! I was so proud of it.

  22. Marlene says:

    I had big goals for crocheting gifts for most of my family members this year. Alas, most of those gifts will be late! ^_^; I did manage to finish a little stuffed football for my 2-year-old nephew though. He and his father (HUGE Packer fan) loved it!

  23. Jackie says:

    Would you be willing to share your pattern of the christmas bells you crochet..They sound really pretty…Thank you!!

  24. Brandi says:

    My sister who is one of the hardest persons to buy for specifically asked me to crochet some hats for newborns for photo props for her side photography business. I ended up making 5 hats and 2 diaper covers. She was very pleased with them.

  25. Ellen says:

    Good morning: I made crocheted gifts for everyone on my list because I have been laid off and am currently unemployed, so instead of just sitting around, I made gifts. It was so much fun and I enjoyed it so much, I want to know why I never did this before! I know it was because of time constraints, but I am so happy now.


  26. Linda P says:

    I made 5 hats and all of the women in my family got 2 crocheted dish clothes. I learned to make the ear flap hats that are so popular, and now have to make one more!

  27. Autre says:

    This was my first holiday season where I managed to only buy 1 store-bought gift, and crocheted the rest. I made…

    – 2 simple scarves, one with a crocheted monogram, for my mother in law and aunt in law
    – 1 ruffle scarf for my sister in law
    – 2 wine bottle covers, for my grandfather and brother in law
    – 1 pair of slippers for my grandmother
    – 1 cowl with a matching purse for my aunt
    – 2 can cozys for my uncle
    – 1 adorable little purse for my 10yr old niece

    Still have another scarf and fingerless gloves to make for a couple friends. Definitely used all or part of several patterns from Crochet Spot to get all this done. I feel accomplished!

  28. Sheila says:

    I make Christmas ornaments every year for my mom and two sisters. They love them! This year, and in September for his birthday, I made some things for my nephew also. He’s only a year old, so it’s difficult to know if he appreciates them or not. 😉 Maybe I’ll start working on a hideous Christmas sweater for him when he’s older. hahaha

  29. Kim Lunsford says:

    No I didn’t.

  30. Jennifer says:

    First of all, I hope that project goes well, Cindey. That is so sweet of you to do!
    I made pot holders and made cookies for my family. I’m already thinking of what I’ll do next Christmas, especially since I got a stand mixer for Christmas!!!! Now I will at least have time to find some great patterns. Hope you had a great holiday everyone, and Happy New Year!

  31. Karin says:

    I crocheted LOADS of stuff this year…my sister got a scarf and a donkey, my brother in law a ski mask and a pig, my nephew got an afghan, a teddy bear and slippers. My son got a teddy bear and a sweater, I made a little Eli Manning doll for my brother in law, a truck for a friend, a kitty for another friend, catnip fish for all the kitties in my life, a little doll for my son’s friend, a toque for my step mother, an elephant for my mother and a dragon for my step father. The only gift that got a mixed reaction was the Eli Manning doll….my brother in law laughed, but I know he thought I was weird for making it (and after the Giants lost yesterday, the poor doll has likely been destroyed).

  32. Misty says:

    I would love to share the pattern. I’ve never written out a pattern before and can’t find where I got it from. I’ll have to play with the yarn to see if I can remember it still and write it out. I tried to just write it from memory, but that didn’t work so well. I’m a hands on person. I’ll work it out and send it in this week. Thanks for the encouragement!

  33. Julia says:

    I started last year after christmas making scraves,shawls,hats and fingerless gloves. Everyone love them. Thank you for the great ideads. I’m going to started again today for next christmas. Thank you again and have a wonderful New Year.

  34. Lois Karklus says:

    My grandmother and I gave a crocheted afghan to my niece. She had asked for it, so she of course liked it. My grandmother gave me a plastic canvas frog bookmark and a plastic canvas music coaster. I loved them!

  35. Barbara Elliott says:

    I always crochet for Christmas and througout the year. This year I made nearly 100 Amiguruami’s A Japanese Toy medium. It is a little creature made with Fun Fur yarn. Most of my family are Football fans so I made them up in the colors of their favorite team and filled them with lavendar buds. Work sperfect for back packs and Christmas ornaments. Also made more than a dozen hats and a Pac Man scarf. All were HUGE hits and so much fun to make.

  36. Mirene says:

    Yes I made a hat, scarf and wristwarmers for our Red Hat Party. The gal who got the gift was so happy and besides herself. Very much appreciated

  37. Stacey says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Rachel! I gave five of my grandchildren throw blankets and another grandchild a handmade poncho!

  38. Lady P says:

    I crochet several hats for my crochet group’s yearly charity event- the crochet items we gave went to a homeless shelter- I hope they liked them! I also crocheedt a spiral scarf and earflap cap with pom poms for my neice in her favorite color- purple. She loved it! My sister-in-law received 2 slouchy beanie caps which she liked. My older neice liked her moms slouchy beanies so much she has now requested one in a very specific color to match a purse she has. The only problem is she wants it before she returns to college out of state next week. Don’t know if that will happen, but I can always send it to her in a care package.

  39. Holly says:

    I made crocheted cowls and fingerless mittens for Christmas along with some hat/scarf sets. I got hints early enough to gift for the season. I also received gift cards to my favorite yarn stores. I loved seeing the reactions to these gifts. It brings me great joy.

  40. Michelle says:

    Last year I was unemployed and made everything – this year I only did a scarf, hat, and shawl. Though the wonderful reactions were heartwarming! I haven’t been doing this for so long that it’s expected yet… or dreaded for that matter, which is more likely in my case. LOL

    I remember everybody in my family looked forward to my grandmother’s gifts – she had been crocheting since age seven and her work was exquisite. The last thing she worked on was a queen-sized filet crochet bedspread for my mother, which took her months and months.

  41. Stephanie says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    This year I made 15 scarves for family and friends. They were all a different pattern or color. They seemed to like what I made for them. Thanks for your encouragement and your Crochet Spot!

  42. Pamle says:

    Merry Christmas! I crocheted 6 scraves and 4 spa sets (body scruber, washcloths and makeup remover pads then added lotion, body wash, and various items). I had so much fun that I am already starting to olan what I will make for next Christmas.

  43. Margaret Marks says:

    I hope you enjoyed wonderful Christmas celebrations and I wish you a very happy New Year.

    I gave your crocheted box design completed in colourful hand-loomed wool and filled with a cake of olive oil soap to a dear friend. It was received with great pleasure and continuing comment!
    I also completed a number of mothball hoders in fine cotton using a pattern I created myself. Also popular!
    Your cat toys created a chuckle on receipt of email and I only wish we owned a recipient for these. Owning cats is difficult in our neck of the woods as they must be house confined…a dog seems to have a more natural life with us and our German Shepherd is very much part of the family. Unfortunately, a demolisher of handcrafted toys!!!!

  44. Mary Ann says:

    Merry Christmas Rachel.

    I gave a co-worker and my manager scarves. They went nuts for them. I’ll be making one for my niece and shipping it to her at college.

    I made my teenage sons slouchie beanies.

    My cat will definitely be getting some of those cat toys that you posted today as soon as I have the time.

  45. Debi Stoll says:

    I made my mother-in-law a fun fur boa in festive reds,pinks,oranges and yellows. I know it sounds garish but it’s Lion Brand Fiesta Fun Fur and it’s very pretty. I should have taken a photo.

    I also made her a shawl collared shawl with pockets in pine green with a pale green collar.

  46. Susan says:

    Hope this holiday season was everything you wanted it to be…
    Made almost everything this year and seemed to hit it perfectly. Found filet patterns to fit the personality of the recipient. Did the pattern part in contrasting colors while crocheting over the yarn not in use. Skulls, tux, flowers — whatever fit the person receiving it. More hugs this year than I’ve had since all of my kids were little.

  47. Nancy says:

    I gave each of the kids a box of crocheted snowflakes as ornamates and to each of the grandbabies i gave a crocheted toy and christmas pickle!
    I have more orders to fill and am working on them,but just moved recently so real busy putting my home in order.

  48. Molly says:

    Yes, I crocheted earflap hats for my sister’s 3 kids. The 2 girls also wanted scarves. When I left, I’d almost finished a roll brim hat w a crocheted-in Fun Fur “band” for my sister. I’d attach a picture if I could but they all seemed to love hem.

  49. Denise says:

    well my crochet gift for christmas was to teach my sister to make a hat. She has some experience making the basic stitches. So I guided the way on making the Devine hat one I made in brown she chose a green and white verigated yarn. As I guided her she made herself the hat and the brown one was given to her as well. She been using it since alittle before Christmas but was very glad I taught her the stitches. I love the joy of giving a gift thats made and if you teach it the craft its even more gratifing.Happy Holidays and have a great crocheting New Years. I hope to start the New Year making or teaching. 🙂

  50. Cami says:

    🙂 I love crocheted gifts! And yes, I did give some crocheted gifts this Christmas season. I sent a ruffle scarf to my swap partner, I made a few sets of arm warmers, I gave a washcloth to my dad, and a long, striped scarf to my brother.

    Thank you, Rachel, for all that you do! You are super-fab!

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