Oh Good Grief!

By Veronica Smith – 5 Comments

I have been forced to clean out under our stairs. We have a termite inspection happening, well over due. They are suppose to be done every 12 months, it’s been 10 years. We have a 2 story house and the staircase is a “U” shape with a landing in the middle. Both levels are 9ft high so the space under the stairs, conveniently enclosed and hidden by a door, is nice and large. It use to be nice and neat. Spare house paint, tiles, vacuum cleaner, and cleaning products had a home there. There were lots of spare space, enough so that you could walk in there. However, we have managed over the past years to fill it full of stuff. The vacuum and cleaning products don’t even fit in there anymore.

I have just pulled it all out and found some amazing stuff. With all the stuff I pulled out you can’t actually get in our front door at the moment so I should get up from this computer and do something about that.

The 4 best things I have found, in no particular order are…

1) A picture by one of my daughters of a rabbit and eggs and a slogan that says “I love Estr the buny”. Much better than the more common “Easter Bunny” don’t you think?

2) All the ‘leftovers’ from when I made and sold stuff at various organized craft fairs and other functions. It all just got packed and put in there whilst I studied. There is a LOT more than I remember putting in there so it has given me a push to get an online store up and running.

3) Reels of film and the old projector thingy that you play them on. They are of me as a toddler. I was born in 1966 so they are getting on. When dad passed I inherited them but never really looked close because the projector didn’t work, hubby fixed it.

4) A bag of yarn. Good old yarn, it haunts me, MORE things to put my hook to. I have no idea why it was put under there but there is some really lovely stuff in there. As you know the last thing I need is more yarn, however this was a treat as they are ones I don’t have anywhere else in my embarrassingly huge collection in my craft room.

I am currently in the middle (literally half way through) Rachel’s “Diamond Eyelet Wrap Sweater” so I really need to get on to that before I waste brain power on what I shall do with this new find. Also I need to sort out what I’m going to do with all the stuff that doesn’t belong in there and isn’t going to charity. The stuff for my hopefully soon-to-open shop can stay in there so I know where it is.

Well, off the computer I go, my coffee cup is now empty. Back to seeing what I can do with this mess and finding the front door again.

…Sorry folks. Day 2 of the above saga. Obviously I am sitting at my computer again instead of still battling the mess. I have handled all that I know can go to charity and my car has now got several bags in it ready to be dropped off tomorrow. I have spread the yarn all over the floor to have a good look at it and the paperwork, paint, tiles, carpet pieces and hubby’s stuff is still cluttering our walkways. I need to mop under there and let it dry out. It is raining quite heavily here so I might have to dig out a fan to put on it given there is no through breeze. The is a substantial amount of stuff that hubby has to go through so I will not be stacking it back in today – he gets home about 7:30pm, then dinner so he probably wont feel like doing it then.

I shall finish up what I can do and be content with squishing it back in there in the morning – shouldn’t take long.

Then there is the “Diamond Eyelet Wrap Sweater” that must be finished so it doesn’t become a UFO.

Coffee cup is empty again so back I go to the task at hand. It’s decaffeinated so I probably would get more done if I switch to something with caffeine in it.

My mind will of course be wandering back into ‘crochet land’. Wanting to see how the “Diamond Eyelet Wrap Sweater” finally turns out. I think I am going to give it to mum. It is pink and I am not really a pink person but she is, why did I make pink? It was the first convenient balls of yarn I came to when I walked into my room. Oh, and what shall become of the new yarn?

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  1. Loved your blog! I will definetly be checking back to see what has become of the “new”yarn! And the Diamond Wrap! Have a great crochet day,whilest you enjoy Crochet month!LOL!!

  2. Peg says:

    We took our old movies to somebody and he put them on a CD.

  3. Fran says:

    I also had several reels of film from long ago and had them burned on a dvd by a professional. Now every once in a while, we watch it. The images on some reels unfortunately did not survive the years or the storage condition but what did survive is worth viewing it once in a while for the memories.

  4. Barbara says:

    Suppose is supposed to have a d on the end of it. I haven’t been very good about letting you know when I spot something like that. Haven’t been feeling well.

  5. carol says:

    I had that happen with the back room… a pipe burst and wet a bunch of boxes…. so we had to repack them and dispose of what we hadn’t used in over a year or so… it really helps you choose what you NEED to keep for memories sake.. I had forgotten the dozens of canning jars – donated; and out-grown clothes – donated! except for an article or two with sentimental value.. now it is clean and relatively empty – so i can fill it up again! haha…Hope your Mom enjoys her pink sweater.

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