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A Guest Post by Rachee.

When I first started crocheting, I never thought the balls of yarn garnered from my local Salvation Army and the hook liberated from my sister would amount to anything more than another passing fancy of Rachee.  I tend to jump feet first into things, totally immerse myself in the thing and then my enthusiasm for said thing quickly peters out until the next big thing.

Proudly I have been chugging along with my hooking; churning out items at a respectable clip and able to present completed items, even if quite a few have been claimed by my daughter for use in her Barbie house or because she has misplaced yet another hat. Thinking back, the smallish basket of yarn things that I started with has morphed into a huge hobby and when my daughter and I set out to move, I was excited about having a space of my own dedicated to crafting.

For the last few months, my daughter and I have been in the process of renovating a house and moving.  The move, which I fondly call my et cetera move (as in it is to be continued seemingly forever) has resulted in an item here, a box there as I load up my little sedan and try to do as much as I can by myself between the demolishing and rebuilding of my house. So while I have no kitchen or a bedroom, I can still craft, craft, craft and I finally have a set up that I love!

My stash went from this:
yarn stash
To this:
yarn stash
To finally this:
yarn stash
Truthfully, it wasn’t too difficult getting the yarn in order. I had plenty of baskets, an idea of how I wanted to arrange things and help from my niece. We separated the balls of yarn by colors, stacked the books and magazines in order and then arranged the items.

The biggest problems we faced were the tangles. There were twists and turns all over! Uncompleted projects, donated yarn and some that just managed to unravel itself were sacrificed to the will of scissors and the trash can.

With my stash neatly in order I can:

  1. Look at it and squeal in delight
  2. Find what I need and KNOW WHERE IT belongs
  3. Actually have a place to keep UFO’s so they are not abandoned from being out of mind.

So now I can happily hook and see what I have so that I don’t have to buy anything for a bit.


When Rachée is NOT staring at her stash, she blogs at “Say it Rah-shay” or can be found with her nose stuck in a book.

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  1. katie A. says:

    Good job,any way to send you a pic of MY stash, collected over the last 10 years, lol. Right now, working on baby hats for the womens abuse center, and the local hospital. Then on to doing scarves for the homeless shelter here in town…Good luck, best of the best! katie.

  2. Barb says:

    Great storage idea- yarn is neatly stored, can be seen readily, and reached with little difficulty. I hope to have a little craft room when I move and buy a house in Charlotte.

  3. Sodie says:

    Got a suggestion for your tangled yarn – put the ball or partial skein in an old knee-high nylon or repurpose the narrow plastic bag that holds your newspaper.

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