Rachel’s Holiday Gift Making Adventure – Part 3

By Rachel Choi – 5 Comments

In part 2 of my adventure, I told about the items I decided to crochet for my cousins and my aunt. I even had the chance to finish my aunt’s shawl. Now, I’m proud to announce that I finished all my gifts for the holidays (and I hope you have too)!!!

Although I only chose a select few people to make gifts for, I’m so glad that I was able to finish them in time. Here is a run down of what I was able to accomplish and the crochet pattern and pictures that goes along with them:

Shawl for my aunt – Crochet Pattern: The Yuet Shawl
Headbands for one cousin – Crochet Pattern: Classic Headband Set
Finger puppets for the younger cousin – Crochet Pattern: Animal Finger Puppets

Thanks to you all for your support and helping me stay on track with gift making this year! It sure was fun!!!

What gifts were you able to get done?

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  1. Lane† says:

    I finally finished my mom’s present! 😀 I made her some pot holders. I made my sister’s some wedding dresses for the American girl dolls and I finished a blanket for my brother. Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas, Rachel! God bless

  2. Gaz says:

    I actually finished my fiancee’s sister’s scarf Christmas morning and had to run back upstairs between dinner and dessert to box and wrap it! LOL. Talk about last minute!

  3. Peggy says:

    I managed to finish a neck warmer and 2 pairs of mittens and deliver them to my sister’s in Strongsville OH on December 20th!

    My sister helped by getting tracings of hand prints for mittens from everyone in her family; she’ll be getting a pair of mittens for her birthday in late January.

    I’m part of Three Rivers Crochet in Pittsburgh, where I resumed making preemie hats for a local hospital and brought a hat I made for children in Guatemala pre Christmas.


  4. Dorothy Craik says:

    I’ve been crocheting blankets for the animal shelter for several yrs.
    I like the granny sq., it’s easy and pretty. I saw your extra large coaster.
    I would like to do a circle of several rows and then change it to a square. I know 3 db, 1 ch 3 db. make a corner but I don’t know how to apply it here. Then I’d have to make a chain & 3 dbs. but again what stitch do I use. Maybe you have a better pattern or can suggest
    some way to do this. Thank you so much for any help.

  5. I left for Texas on Dec 18th, and worked like a fiend on finishing the doll for my grand-niece, and got it finished…even though I DID have to mail it Express mail for it to get there in time for the big day! Then, back to the Rothko-inspired afghan for my niece and her hubby. We celebrate our Christmas on Christmas Eve, so folks can go to the In-laws on Christmas day…Well, I finished the afghan at around 10:30 pm on Dec 23rd! None of the other stuff got finished, although, I did give a set of 3 potholders and a dishcloth to one person, and a ruffled hand towel and matching washcloth to another.

    I am going to start working on next years presents NOW!

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