Random Ball of Wool

By Veronica Smith – 14 Comments

I have a random ball of wool. Let me tell you about her, I am not sure if it is a girl but let’s go with that.

She is actually not just wool but 50% virgin wool and 50% nylon if you want to get technical. She is soft – so very soft. She is a funny pinkish, beige, mocha color, not sure exactly and I am not sure if I even really like it. She has funny fuzzy nobbly things every couple of inches and she says she wants a 10mm hook (apparently that’s a Susan Bates / Annie’s Attic ‘N’). The dear little thing has a sale sticker on her proclaiming she is $2. She is alone. She is covered in dust bunnies.

Why is my little friend so special? Well she turned up mysteriously. I was performing the long overdue intensive cleaning out of the music room. Well according to the house plans when we built it is suppose to be the “formal dining” room. It has ivory carpet and I have children so we eat in the meals area over tiles – who needs a formal dining room anyhow? Back to the room, it is the re-assigned music room, 3 violins, 1 guitar and an ancient organ. There is also music stands and music books and loose sheets strewn everywhere – seems they are a little tricky to put away. I avoid it, I am tone deaf and it is not my domain.

Down came the curtain, out came the instruments an associated things and the smaller furniture. I washed the walls and then came to the organ. It I decided it needed cleaning behind so with me squished between it and the wall I pushed – it moved remarkably quickly and I was not very graceful when I landed.

The she was – my mysterious ball of wool. Now the organ has been in that room for nearly 11 years but I do think it has been moved in that time. The organ is very close to the wall. I don’t believe I have ever crocheted in there. The room is lovely and warm in winter however other than the organ stool there is no seating – you stand to play the violin.

This brings me to the mystery – where did my precious little odd ball come from? I don’t remember ever purchasing her. How long was she lonely behind the organ waiting for someone to save her? What made her run away from her woolly friends in the first place? Did she run because she was the ‘odd ball’?

I shall probably never know, however as I sit here typing this she is in front of me. She is sitting quietly and has not yet attempted to run away from me. I even find her color pleasing now. She is made up of a glorious 65 meters (71 yards). What do I do with her? Do I celebrate her by making something, do I just leave her how she is given her determination to survive in this natural state for so long, or do I glue googly eyes on her and make her a pet?

I have put her in front of my monitor and I shall let her sit there for a while and see if she speaks to me.

My "Odd Ball"

My precious little "Odd Ball"

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  1. Angie says:

    Neat post Veronica! It’s always fun to find “treasures” you didn’t know existed in the places you thought you knew. It’s a very pretty “odd ball”. I bet a hat would be so cute and soft (if you have enough there). I hope you let us know what you do with it, if anything. 🙂

  2. Lane† says:

    Hi Veronica,
    Where do you live? You wouldn’t happen to be giving away one of your violins would you? A friend of mine is going to an Indian orphanage to help take care of the kids and give them music lessons. She teaches flute, piano, and beginner violin. The piano, keyboard, is taken care of of. We just need violins and flutes. So if you know of anyone that has an extra violin or flute on their hands that would be great!

  3. Veronica Smith says:

    Sorry, all our violins are used on a regular basis.
    I wish you well in your endeavors.

  4. Mrs Twins says:

    Make a little birdies nest, and some crocheted birdies for Easter,

  5. Peggy says:

    What a fun find. The trick is to find something fun to crochet with the limited amount of yarn you have. I’ve seen patterns for small scarves that might work, as well as a small hat (perhaps for a child).

    Also == the person looking for musical instruments should try her local freecycle site. It’s a group of yahoo groups where you can ask for something for free or offer something for free. Do an internet search for freecycle and enter your zip code to see if there’s a group in your location. They often are organized by county or city. Good luck in your search.

  6. Darlene says:

    I like the story; I relate well to it.

    Who is Veronica? I thought this website was Rachel’s — I am very confused. Like it anyway.

  7. Darlene says:

    OK, now I see — after doing a wee bit of research on your site! All I had to do was read the byline! I must be in too big a hurry.

  8. Gig says:

    With a beautiful name like Rossallini, she must be Italian. Maybe you could reunite her with relatives if you searched on line. She would also be nice for an embellishment on something you will wear for sure. She deserves to get out once in a while after all her time behind the organ. At least she was able to hear the music.

  9. Liza says:

    This is a very fun story! I definitely would have been able to enjoy it a lot more if you had done some editing though. Not to be picky, but I am used to a more professional manner on this website. I hope you find something really fun to do with the surprise ball of yarn. When I have only a small amount of something like that I like to stretch it by using it to embellish other projects. Maybe some flowers, or some fuzzy trim on a hat or bag? I hope you think of something more creative than that though, lol! Maybe a violin bow cozy?

  10. Eva says:

    I totally agree with Mrs Twins – it will be a perfect bird nest!

  11. Wendy says:

    I love your little odd ball! She’s quite pretty, and very unique.
    I like her new position in your life…Guardian Of The Monitor. I think…if you leave her right there, perhaps glue those little googly eyes to her label, she’ll make a great companion, a wonderful Muse. She’s perfect for the job, has been hiding behind the organ all this time, just waiting for it. Look at the marvelous story she’s already inspired!
    Her name? Well, Rossellini, of course! Perhaps…Rose?

  12. frances says:

    i have a small ball of yarn that i found when i was moving. ti sits on a table in my bedroom and the color is so interesting it cheers me up when i look at it. have no desire to work it up. i am thinking about some eyes for it!

  13. Susan says:

    I acquired skeins of Jack Frost 50% wool/50% nylon at a stash buster meeting with my local Stitch & Bitch club, (we all bring in those left-over or not used balls of yarn and trade or donate them).

    I made scubbies out of them, using lots of fpdc/bpdc. As they were used they felted, they became smaller and tighter and they clean like one of those sponges with netting over them. Made them for family and friends, who all love them. Now I can’t find any more yarn that is 1/2 nylon, 1/2 wool — but that blend is the only thing that works for this.

  14. Peggy says:

    The scribbles idea is great. I’ll remember that one.

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