Termites, Builders, Wool, a Crochet Hook and Guilt

By Veronica Smith – 6 Comments

After the systematic pulling apart of the house for the termite inspection, of course some termites were discovered. The little invaders with an insatiable appetite have been taken to termite heaven and the rest of the house re-treated. The builders are now here to repair the damage, fortunately only a small repair in one corner of a room.

At lunch time I do enjoy my 45 minutes to sit down in the middle of the day to grab a bite to eat, make a cuppa and then crochet for a bit. I tried that yesterday and felt like the laziest person these men have ever encountered. The house does actually look like a bomb hit it and then got ransacked by home invaders. That’s because the wall that is now missing is in the downstairs study, which is the first room you come into when entering the house. Whilst it is only one wall we had to remove, the bookcase that was against the wall had to be put near the front door (where else is it going to go?). We have to paint this new wall, therefore the whole room will need to be painted as well. Yes, we could just pull the remaining desk and 6′ fish tank from the wall and paint around it however if we need to do this we are going to do it properly. So we pulled all the things out of the room and we will give the carpet a good shampoo while we are at it.

This nightmare of a mess and the empty room they are working in is about all they can see so it seems that they think I am a horrible housekeeper. I know I don’t like housework but I do it. When they saw me sitting with crochet hook in hand I could see them thinking “why isn’t she cleaning this mess?”. Now they may have not been thinking this and just wondering what I was doing, after all they must see this disarray of furniture often.

Did I get guilty vibes or do I feel decadent sitting in the middle of the day crocheting? I am not sure anymore. This is the morning of day 2 of the repairs, they have yet to arrive, and they have today and tomorrow to finish. I am not sure if I am going to boldly crochet again. Honestly, I am surprised they can see me through the mess. I do have crochet time most evenings. Would I feel the same, or get the same reaction if I grabbed a book? I don’t really want to slink off into a bedroom to crochet, I do want to be near the process not locked away inaccessible in a back room. Being in a back room would also feel like I am being a naughty child hiding away so nobody discovers me whilst I am doing something prohibited.

Maybe I should just grow up, it’s my house after all. And they are really, really nice men. I am most likely paranoid.

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  1. Grace says:

    Hehe. I often feel like I should be doing something when others are watching. My response to my boss was, “It’s lunch time. If I don’t crochet, I’ll kill someone.It’s completely justified.”

  2. Megan says:

    Hey it’s your house, you can hook when ever you like, and by the sounds of it your also staying out of their way while they work so win win. 😉

  3. Linda says:

    I think us women need to stop worrying about what other think and just enjoy our lives. My daughter’s favorite quote and quickly becoming mine is, “What other people think of us is none our business.” I don’t know who said it originally but I think it is high time we all take it to heart. I personally have spent way too much of my life trying to make others happy and not taken care of me. I spent the last 20 years hiding away from a pool because I was worried people would laugh since I have given birth to 4 kids and do not have a nice body anymore. I finally said you know what who cares and got into the pool. It has transformed my life. No one laughed at me(that I know of) and I am healthier, happier, not any skinnier but it has given me the courage to step out of my comfort zone. So who cares if they think you are lazy, enjoy your 45 minutes.

  4. Think what they want, I do as I please. Who knows if I’ll be here to finish what I want to crochet! After all, no one knows if we will be here. Unless they could be a witch! Enjoy your hook in hand!

  5. deb says:

    Maybe they are just plain old men liking with they see ,a very attractive women…you know how men can be sometimes …OK…most of the time…lol!

  6. Joyce Armstrong says:

    Don’t worry. U can tell (and smell) the difference between a dirty house and a “working on a project” house. 🙂

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