The Importance of Having Multiple Crochet Hooks

By Veronica Smith – 34 Comments

Crochet hooks multiply! Well in my house they do and I have heard other people are in my position. So why do they?

There are many reasons why mine multiply and these are in no particular order. Hooks, or sets of hooks on sale, if they are a good price I tend to buy them – I don’t really know why, I just do. Heading out to somewhere that I have an hour or two to crochet and I’ve forgotten to bring something to do so I purchase even more yarn and a suitable hook so I can make a scarf or square or something, I should probably just read, a magazine would be cheaper. Finding I have my crochet yarn and pattern with me and no hook, it probably slipped out of my bag and is in the car somewhere. When I actually get to cleaning my car out or vacuum under the cushion on the sofa I tend to find wayward hooks, it’s like being reunited with an old friend. None of these things are really a reason to purchase new hooks but I am guilty anyhow.

This leads me to why it is sometimes necessary to purchase more hooks. Have you ever found a half finished ‘something’ hidden somewhere strange and you have the yarn, the half finished masterpiece, pattern and NO hook? What do you do? Can you really grab the size the pattern calls for or did you change the hook at some point because your tension was wrong? Unless you have some super easy way to identify a particular hook in your house and you can write on the pattern what it was then you actually need to leave the hook with the project. At this point you either have to purchase another hook that size for your next project or simply make something that doesn’t require it. Or do the logical thing and finish the first item – but who does that?

Another justifiable reason for purchasing multiple hooks of the same size is the usability. I have found that different yarns respond to some types of hooks better. Maybe a bamboo, metal or plastic one glides through better – sticking hooks just drive me nutty. Different brands also have different shaped ends/pointy bits and some split some yarns and others just won’t go through the loop you need it to because it is rounded.

These are just my obsessional faults and observations. I am assuming however that some people feel the same and others are sure I have lost the plot and they manage quite successfully with one of each size and composition.

What sort of hook person are you? Do you have a lot of hooks?

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  1. Sandra says:

    Not being the type to follow instructions very well, I find myself quite satisfied with three hooks. A 3.50 metal hook left over from my previous life as a full-time mom, a 4 mm bone hook inherited from my grandmother, and a fat plastic hook I bought for my daughter & ended up keeping for myself. I had to buy her another, because this one was in the middle of a project when she needed it!

  2. Jessi says:

    I have about 10 H hooks… I love H hooks and tend to use them for all my projects!

  3. Jan says:

    I tend to prefer the type of hooks others dislike. I for most projects prefer plastic hooks. I do have a full set of metal hooks but I rarely ever use them.

  4. Angie says:

    I totally understand about needing more than one hook, I am ALWAYS finding myself buying another skein of yarn and a hook to do “something” with while on a trip when I forget my projects.
    I have TONS of hooks from my mom and a really nice set made out of bamboo.

  5. cabbie says:

    i love to collect hooks as much as i am a collector of all sorts of things. its like finding a hook that matches my mood 🙂 soon, i would love to try bamboo hooks too.

  6. Lane† says:

    As I read this post I’m thinking, “I need to go buy more hooks!” And actually I really do! My favorite hook would be the G. I rarely use patterns since I can’t read them very well (except for the ones on crochetspot) so I tend to use my imagination. I think they turn out pretty well too.

    It’s also nice to have multiple hooks to be able to give one to someone else. I’ve been asked several times to teach their kid how to crochet. So as a first time crocheter I give them one of my hooks and let them pick out a skein of yarn (and make sure I keep MY yarn hidden…. 😉

  7. Michelle says:

    As for me …. well, I never used anything different then metal hooks so i try to complete that set. I have been tempted to try other hooks like plastic maybe, one day if i see a plastic set out on sale i may get the nerve to “try” it…. as for my favorite hook size i think it would have to be “I” not because i like the hook size but more because i like my hook … I learned how to crochet Tunisian style so i crochet with my hand cupped over my hook and the 1st set of needles it came with a 9′ “I” needle and i love it, because it doesn’t have that flat part in the middle that says the size of the needle. If i could get a set of 9′ needles just like my “I” needle that came in my set packet i would most deferentially buy them!! no matter what material they r made from lol

  8. Erin says:

    Has anyone tried the new Addi Ergonomic Handled hooks? I asked for 1-2 for mother’s day, since I mostly make things for the baby anyway. I think they look great, but wanted to try them before I invested $120 in an entire set!

  9. Michele J. says:

    I am often attracted to hooks and have a strong need to buy them. I just like having them around. I also tend to give them away when teaching a friend to crochet. H hooks tend to be my favorite and most abundant in my collection.

  10. susan b says:

    Oh it is so nice to know that I’m not the only one with a hook addiction.

    I have hooks in my car. I have hooks in my purse. I have hooks in a jar in my spare bedroom. I have hooks in a bottle in a drawer at my desk at work. I have hooks in my crochet bag, in my spare crochet bag and goodness knows where else I have hooks.

    I have metal hooks, I have plastic hooks, my favorite are the Clover Soft Touch hooks. I have a bamboo hook or two. I have some old hooks that feel like bone or some such thing that I found at a yard sale.

    I have a favorite hook, it was my very first metal G hook that is gold and I put a purple soft touch hook thingie on it.

    I have some least favorite hooks, they are the tiny little metal ones used for crochet thread – I can’t do that stuff.

    I love hooks ALMOST as much as I love yarn. It is a scary thing!

  11. Cherie says:

    I have approximately three full sets and some stray extras of some sizes. My latest purchase was a complete set of the bamboo handle hooks and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

  12. Cindy says:

    I’m guilty also. I have hooks upstairs and down, in a couple baskets with yarn, etc.. Oh well :0)
    To Michelle…..I use eBay a lot. there is a seller(wkf0316) that I have purchased from several times with great results. You can get a set of 12 bamboo hks ranging in size from D-P for a mear $14.95 with free shipping. He has lots of other knitting needles and different lengths. Check him out. His rating is 100% positive. If you break a hook/needle it gets replaced free of charge.
    Since he’s offering free shipping right now I may have to buy another set, just because … hehehe.
    Rachel, I love your e-newsletter and always learn something. Thanks for all you do. I like your take on how to accomplish things. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all I want to.

  13. MariAngel says:

    I’m not so much addicted to buying hooks but reading about vacuuming the couch for hooks made me laugh since I usually rummage through all those crevices looking for my lost hooks sans vacuum. My husband says I look like a raccoon feeling the bottom of a creek for goodies. LOL I used to rummage the couch for spare change, now it’s for hooks!

    I use different size hooks depending what I’m working on. As for keeping track of what I’m using with what project I find that taking a quick snapshot of the hook, pattern and yarn all together helps to remind me what hook I used if I have to use it elsewhere for a quick project.

    I used to not be picky about what kind of hooks I used until I was introduced to a Susan Bates hook and discovered hooker’s nirvana. I couldn’t believe how smoothly the hook moved through, around and over yarn. No more fighting my way in and out of chains! That’s when I decided that the el cheapo plastic hooks had to go. I was lucky enough to win a full set of Bates hooks in their own zippered case. Mind you these days, the case holds all the tiniest of steel hooks. The larger hooks have joined my growing collection in a plastic snap lid pencil type box that came with double ended hooks (knit picks set). I took the liner out and just put all my hooks in. Works beautifully!

    Oh, btw, if you suddenly find yourself looking for your hook that you just had in your hand…. check your bra 😛 yes, you heard right, check your bra or at least look down inside your top if it’s low cut. I was working on a blanket, husband asks to see it, I pick it up and hold it out for him to see, I bring it back down to begin working on it again and the hook is gone… apparently it took a dive down the front of my top and it only took the 2 of us half an hour to find it LOL And that was only after my husband in desperation joked about checking my bra!

  14. Joyce says:

    I have several of each hook size mainly because I “misplace” things. Right now I am working on a couple of items that each call for a G hook. I almost always have more than one item in the works. Lately I have been purchasing the Clover Ergonomic hooks, and I love them. I am 73 years old, (maybe that’s why I misplace so many things), and it seems I may have developed arthritis in one hand. The ergonomic hooks are much more comfortable for me.

    Checking my hook box, I currently have 40 hooks not in use, including steel hooks size 00 thru 10. All hook sizes up to Q are represented (I doubt I’ll ever use the larger hooks).This does not include two size G hooks, one size E and one size F whick I know are stuck in bags along with items I am working on. Hmmm – I see that a K hook is in a bag with Homespun yarn (which I don’t care for – the yarn has a tendency to split very easily) for an afghan. I don’t think I’ll use this yarn again.

    I also have afghan (Tunisian) hooks. We won’t talk about the knitting needles I have. The story is the same with them. Circular, straight, double-pointed, etc. I have Excel worksheets listing all of my craft supplies, since I like to make candles, soap and baskets, and I hope to get back to doing stained glass again.

    Aren’t you glad you asked?

    I like your site very much. I agree with Cindy that there are not enough hours in the day to do all that I want to do. Keep up the good work.

  15. pmhenry says:

    Hey I have a gazillion hooks of all sizes and many duplicates. And I wouldn’t part with any of them except when teaching my grandchildren to crochet.

    I have recently used the lighted hooks. I love them too. Expecially when working with black or a very dark yarn. Eyes aren’t as good as they used to be.

    I keep my hooks in a large, wide zippered pencil case. It is completely full.
    I do have to go through all of them to find the size I think I need, but it truly is a labor of love.

    Really look forward to your emails and I learn so much even with all my crocheting years. Keep up the good work.

  16. Cindy says:

    I just tried a lighted hook also and I loved it. I have cataracts and working with dark colors, especially black, is hard. I’m always willing to try new things for sure.

  17. knitmadmum says:

    As I’m a relatively new hooker (!?!) I started with cheapo plastic hooks, but as I progressed, I tried one of the harmonie hooks from knit picks, what bliss! They have just the right amount of pointiness and curve at the end, not to split yarn, and they also have just enough stick to work with most yarns. I use them all the time for my knitting, and so thought I’d try them for crochet. You also can buy them with screw ends, and then they can be used for tunisian work too, with the addition of a plastic lead(?), like the knitting ones. Knit pro also do some acrylic hooks, and I have found that they are very good for some yarn, especially fluffy ones, that tend to catch on wooden hooks. They are also really cheap, and come in pink too! Now I have more than one hook in most sizes, plastic, acrylic and wood, and somehow still get tempted by more!

  18. MariAngel says:

    I haven’t tried the lighted hooks yet. I think I may do that to get past the problem of using darker yarns in a basement apartment with no exterior lighting.

    40+ Hooks! I wish I had that many LOL
    My multiples are F G H, probably a few others that I can’t think of right now.

    I am the proud owner of some very old hooks, 2 of them are bone. They get used once in a while, for smaller projects since I don’t want to lose those.

    I forgot to say that the hooks I won were a full Boye set like the one pictured above. I love them!

    So I’m not the only person who’s not fond of LionBrand’s Homespun yarn. It doesn’t keep it’s shape. I tried to make a garment with it and the thing just dissolved into a pile of yarn, no rhyme or reason to it. It’s only good for blankets especially if you want to make one in a hurry. It works up fast with large knitting needles as well.

  19. Lynn Williams says:

    Yes I have lots of hooks, multiple sizes, etc. Sometimes I am somewhere and need a hook and just go buy one. LOL I have also gotten “lots of hooks” at antique malls and auctions.

  20. Sunday says:

    I have all my grandmother’s crochet hooks and knitting needles. Plus I can never pass up a hook at a garage sale. Found whole sets for a dollar. My all time favorite is size G.

  21. Ruth says:

    I have a “full set” (I’m sure that there are sizes I don’t have, but they fill up all of the slots in my crochet hook holder), plus a few of the ones I use the most (G and H). I tend to lose those ones the most and find them later, so I go out and buy them. I’ve also found that this allows for multiple projects – I can keep one with each project so that I know I have a hook. It’s also good for teaching, in case the student isn’t completely vested in the idea. They don’t have to spend money on hooks (and probably yarn if your stash is anything like mine).

  22. susan says:

    I have some of the lighted hooks. They are GREAT for crocheting dark colors. They were awesome for working in dim rest home rooms when my grandmother was napping. I didn’t like them too much cuz they are plastic and I just don’t care for the plastic hooks unless I’m using the BIG Q or S hooks. LOL

  23. Lori says:

    I’ve been collecting crochet hooks for over 30 years. You can never have too many hooks. I often leave the hook I am using with the project if I must set it aside. This way, I make no mistakes regarding what size hook I was using when I had to stop.

    I have hooks made of aluminum, plastic, and bamboo. I find I prefer the bamboo hooks for the satiny smooth finish and warmth in the hand. But I’m glad I have the spare hooks. If only I could afford two more full sets of bamboo hooks so I wouldn’t need the metal ones anymore, I’d be very happy.

    I looked up the KnitPro Harmony crochet hooks, and there are no USA retailers. Most are in the UK, and some stores even have currency converters. Several accept Paypal, so you don’t even have to reveal your credit card info. I can’t recommend one over the other, as I have not ordered the hooks. I found price variances, so I would recommend checking several sites for the best price+shipping you can find. I’m surprised there are no USA retailers – not even in Canada! The closest retailer is in Mexico.

  24. Lisa Church says:

    I’m a hook freak too. I cherish my aluminum hooks which I have had since I first learned to crochet, but I have added others since then, all safely zipped in a pouch. Can anyone possibly tell me just how many sizes of hooks are available on this planet? I want one in each size but there seem to be so many, and I’ve lost track.

  25. Beth says:

    I have just begun crocheting after I retired. I taught myself to crochet in my twenties, then got busy with family and job. Now retired, I have found I enjoy crocheting and there are so many projects I want to try. I too have many hooks. I also have my mother’s crochet and knitting hooks. I like to keep each of my ongoing projects in a gallon size ziploc bag. I include the directions, needle, and yarn so I can just pick it up and take it with me. I find it handy that way. Some projects there is a basic pattern and you do not need to count etc. I call them my no brainers while others (like my sock pattern) require constant counting, so I like to have more than one project going to suit my mood and where I am.
    I too have a complete of aluminum hooks from when I originally learned to crochet. I am now buying different hooks to test comfort. As I crochet alot with threads, I find the old hooks short in my hand and am now looking for longer, more comfortable hooks in the 00, 07, 10 range. There is so many different styles out there that it is worth testing the waters to see what is most comfortable. I have been reading everyone’s comments and will be trying/buying some more hooks to try. 🙂 Thanks for your recommendations. Oh, my favorite hook size is G. When in doubt, I always try things in G. It is like baking, when not sure of the temp. I choose 350. Happy hooking everyone!

  26. theresa catlett says:

    I love the G hook. When I taught myself to crochet from an old Coats & Clark instruction book picked up at a yard sale sometime in the mid-70’s( i was an embryo at the time) the nice “older lady” who sold me the book for a quater “threw in a G hook and a skein of verigated yarn that I thought was wonderful! Now I still have that hook but it has about 6 siblings in every color Boye makes them in and they still follow me home!!!!!

  27. Diane Massing says:

    I am like you…I am a woman who has a lot of hooks and needles to work with. You are very right…different types of hooks work well with different types of yarns. I have 2 pencil bags full of crochet hooks. Lot’s of J, K, N, H hooks in my bag…and atleast 1 of every other.

  28. HIRSTY says:

    I have too may hooks! A pencil case full and then of course my tunesian and now my cro-hook collection is starting to grow, mind you I have the yarn stash to match a cupboard dedicated to my crochet. I call it my sanity cupboard, my husband calls it the full of crap cupboard. Saying I have too many isn’t really true cause the most I have in any one size is 3. I have used everyone over the years for various projects and yes occasionally one hides in my couch cushions – I think from exhaustion!

  29. Veronica Smith says:

    WOW – it is great to hear that i am not the only person with hook ‘issues’. I think the finding of a hook in a bra is one of my all time favorites though, biscuit crumbs, maybe an olive but never thought of a crochet hook! I think there may be a few more partners looking for hooks now. There are brands of hooks you have mentioned i haven’t even heard of so i must go looking. I have heard of the lighted ones and it is good to hear such positive reviews.
    Thanks guys for your laughs and input.
    Oh – BTW there is no such thing as TOO MANY hooks, yarn or patterns so whoever told you this is lying!

  30. Denisse says:

    The first time I wanted to start crocheting again y didn’t have many hooks u,u
    actually, i only had a j,k and n hook, so, when i wanted to star, i didn’t find any patter that used any of those hooks, so, that’s the time when you need many crochet hooks, it obviously depends on what you want to make c:

  31. Amber says:

    I know exactly what you are talking about. I learned to crochet from my nana. She learned to crochet from her grandma-in-law not long after she was married. Well my granny her mother had always crocheted. So as you can see it is in my blood. So I learned when I was 12 and she gave me the hook she was given when she was taught. It came from my great-great grandma. It is a metal size H crochet hook. OMG!!! That is the Holy Grail in my family. Well between me and my nana we have lost and found the thing a billion times between us. We always go nuts trying to find it. In comes all our other hooks, many sizes all metal. But the most we have is H. We are both crazy about H hooks. We have about a million H hooks. But the Holy Grail is a metal, blue, bent, scratched a lil so the blue is off a tad hook from my great great grandma.

    My 12 year old cousin also crochets. OMG!!! So there are hooks in about every room of all three of our houses. Everywhere we go we see yarn and hooks. The funny thing about it is that me and my nana use patterns. I mean we couldn’t crochet without them. But my cousin and granny they never do. They just start crocheting and make beautiful things.

    Oh, and the woman who said she found her hook in her bra me to girl. So many times. And there are so many times I am sitting there and stop crocheting to look at my progress. Well then my needle just magicaly dissapears. Then I stand up and it either falls to the floor or is in my bra. I have the weirdest crocheting style ever.
    Hope all of y’all have a great time crocheting and collecting yarn and hooks!!!

  32. Amber says:

    A correction to my post: my hooks are not metal they are aluminum.

  33. MARY says:

    My favorite crochet hook is marked “size 9 or I” and says MADE USA
    There is no Brand Name. I have had it many years and don’t recall how I got it.
    Is there any way of finding possible maker? THANKS

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