What’s Your Favorite Thing to Crochet?

By Rachel Choi – 18 Comments

Let’s face it, there are tons of things to crochet. But I’m sure everyone has a favorite, no matter how small or big the item may be. I often describe myself as someone who doesn’t like to crochet something more than once, but even I have a favorite thing to crochet!

My favorite is my dishcloth with ridges! It’s nothing fancy and even a beginner can do it. It’s my all time favorite thing to crochet because it is soooo simple! The repetition of single crochet stitches makes it very soothing and relaxing to crochet, no thinking needed. Plus, the dishcloth is pretty small, so I won’t get bored making it. Now if this was a blanket sized pattern…I would probably go insane doing a bunch single crochets in a row.

What’s your favorite thing to crochet?

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  1. AmpEleven says:

    I like crocheting clothes for myself best. I have a thing for sweater coats so it’s usually a medium length project, time wise. It takes long enough that I don’t feel (too) guilty about splurging on luxury yarn, so I can enjoy the rich color and texture while I work and look forward to wearing something lovely.

  2. Faith says:

    Well I don’t have anyone favorite it is whatever I’m in the mood to make.

  3. Donna says:

    I love making flowers. Little ones, big ones. Simple ones and time consuming ones. I just love making them.

  4. Shannon says:

    My favorite to crochet is Scrubbies! Probably because my mom has them sold before I can finish a set of 4! LOL!

    My next favorite is my towel holder. (which I still need to share with you Rachel) . You are the reason my towel holders are so special to those I make them for. They love the ROSE! I have recently gotten into making “rosebuds” They are fun and take little to no time to make! Thanks Rachel! you are THE BEST!

  5. Caitlin says:

    I love making amigurumi! There are so many cute animals/dolls/characters to make. I also love making someone’s favorite animal as a gift for them. They usually work up fast and combine crochet with sewing/glueing faces. They are tons of fun to make!

  6. Bethintx1 says:

    Hats come in first. Afghans are a close second.

  7. Betty says:

    I love making 3-dimentional snowflakes out of size 20 thread. They turn out dainty and beautiful and I make up patterns as I go, so they are all different. I also like making scrubbies out of nylon yarn and dishcloths & matching potholders from cotton yarn. I just finished making 50 angels for Angels For Hope. They are fun and fast to make too.

  8. Carmel says:

    circles. I can make small circles all day. This translates a bit into granny squares, but I think that might die off by the time I finish my FIL’s granny blanket. It does extend into small bags made in the round. I start them off with… a circle. 🙂 Someday I may end up making doilies, God help me!

  9. Bananas says:

    My favorite would have to be anything for babies cuz they wear it so good. after that it depends what I’m into that month

  10. Donna says:

    I am just starting out trying to teach myself the art of crocheting.So far my favorite thing to crochet is a simple continuing granny square throw.I have just completed my third one.I am now looking for a simple hat and scarf pattern.I would love to make them for my grand children this winter.I love reading all the coments.God Bless,,,,,Donna

  11. Arlien says:

    I love crocheting for dolls. Making fancy dresses, purses, jewlery, etc. Things I could never wear,. For myself, towel toppers, shrugs, throws. In the past I’ve crochet dolies, edgings, tablecloths, a bedspread, vests, hats, baby clothes and just about everything imaginable. huggs, Arlien

  12. Patty says:

    I love to crochet amigurumi, but I am working on a lap throw. 🙂 Haven’t had the courage for clothes just yet.

  13. Diane says:

    I really love to crochet slippers. My first choice everytime. After slippers, I like to crochet dishcloths for my family. Small, instant gratification projects for me!! I am crocheting scarves for everyone in my family this year so I will probably burn out on that in the next few months! Hhahhaa..

  14. Elaine says:

    my pockets. i use all the scrap yarn i have and i make pocket then i put them together then i hang them on the wall and put stuff in them. i would have to show what i’m taking for you to understand what they are.

  15. I love crocheting doll clothes….making them up as I go along! When I was a little girl I wanted to be a dress designer, and would make momma’s old treadle sewing machine fly creating exquisite outfits for my Toni Doll! This was before Barbie…Toni looked like a little girl, but I dressed her in sexy strapless skin-tight satin evening clothes! Whee! Now I’m making dolls and clothing for my best friend’s granddaughter…I am her “associate” grandmother, and since her real grandmother doesn’t have a crafting bone in her body, I am filling in for her! It really is fun to have an idea, and then try to figure out how to construct it. So far, so good! I’ve made her suits, fancy dresses, romper suits….you name it. It is so much fun….really just an excuse to “play dolls” again in my old age!

  16. Jenny says:

    I like making hats. I found a pattern for a beanie and I’ve made several of them for my son and his friends using a camo patterned yarn. After that, I like making afghans – I’ve made one for each of my 3 kids, all a different pattern. Then, purses – felted (fulled) particularly!

  17. Kelly says:

    I love making stuffed animals. After a little help from a pattern to start, I enjoy making it up as I go along.

  18. Wendy says:

    Toys! Big ones, little ones…toys! I’m right here with Kelly, get a little help with a pattern, then make it up as I go along. OR, take the head from one pattern, the legs from another, and so forth, make a “Whatzit.” Kids (and grown-ups,too!) get a huge kick out of a giraffe-neck, lop-eared, teddy bear-face, winged cow with a piggy tail and clown shoes.

    I always, always start with the head, and the face. Get the “personality” started, then work from there.

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