7 Blankets to Crochet This Summer

By Rachel Choi – 3 Comments

When you think of summer the first thing that comes to mind sure isn’t blankets! Can you imagine crocheting large blankets in the middle of summer? With a little preparation and some wise pattern choices you don’t have to give up your favorite hobby this summer. In this post I rounded up 7 blanket crochet patterns that are worked in small pieces, such as squares or strips, so they won’t heat up your lap while crocheting.

1. Kaleido Blanket

2. Mile A Minute Shell Blanket

3. Popup Flower Blanket

4. Circles and Squares Blanket

5. Ultimate Granny Square Blanket

6. Lovable Heart Blanket

7. Hugs and Kisses Baby Blanket

Do you enjoy crocheting blankets in the summer? What are you crocheting? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Twinkie Lover says:

    I am working on 3 afghans and a baby blanket and about to start another baby blanket. I have 2 friends having babies. One is due in August, the other in September. One of the afghans I’m working on is in squares; it was featured in one of the crochet magazines for the very reasons you’re talking about: portable and not too hot. One of the afghans I’m working on is a king sized bedspread, but it is so wide I can set most of it to the side, so it hasn’t proven too hard to work on. I love working on blankets and I really hate summer, the sun and the heat, so I am always hiding inside anyway. Can’t wait for the fall!!! PS I have some of the patterns pictured here, I might have to do them next!

    • Joanne Sears says:

      I understand about crocheting in doors, I hate summer, I have to many allergies to go at that time of year, I also have 3 afghans & a table cloth I am working on. I do love the blankets they have here.
      Happy Indoor Summer to you

  2. Erica says:

    I love number 5 (the granny square blanket). It’s funky and cool!

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