Will You Be Crocheting When You’re 100?

By Rachel Choi – 10 Comments
I came across an article online the other day that talked about a woman named Mary Friese who just celebrated her 100th birthday. In the photo she’s crocheting a blanket for her 11th great-great-grandchild. She wasn’t sure if its a boy or girls so shes going to crochet a girl and a boy version. Oh, and did I mention she’s been blind for 15 years? Mary is able to crochet by touch alone! Feel free to read more about Mary Friese here.

When you are 100 years old, do you think you’ll still be crocheting?

Mary Friese crocheting at 100

I hope I will be, if I even live to be 100 years old. I think it’s great to be able to crochet things for your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren, and even your great-great-grandchildren. Wow, that’s a lot of greats!

What about you? Will you be crocheting when you’re 100?

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  1. Shannon says:

    I absolutly love this- I’ve worked in nursing homes since I was 16 (almost 20yrs) and I love it when I see them doing crocheting or knitting! Even if it doesn’t look perfect it’s exciting to see the effort!

  2. Karen says:

    I work with the mentally disabled. One of the guys I help, crochets with his fingers. Its fasinating to watch. Ive crocheted for many years using hooks and could never become as proficient as he is with his fingers.

    also could anyone explain entrelac crochet? is it just changing colors or is is multiple small squares and/or reqtangles sewn together??


  3. Taylor says:

    This is so awesome thanks for sharing it!

  4. Mimi says:

    My mom is 83 and legally blind with memory problems. She crochets granny squares and I sew them into blankets. It really helps her, and everyone loves the blankets. I pray that I will crochet and knit all my life.

    I once read of a woman who cared for her elderly mother. She would easily become aggatated . The only thing that calmed her was her knitting. Everyday the daughter would cast on a certain number of stitches and her mother would knit all day. Of a night the woman would rip it all out and cast on once again for the next day.

  5. Caroline says:

    She’s my new hero! What an interesting life, and a lovely attitude to the ups and downs. We could all learn from her.

    By the way, is it possible to put a previous/next button on your blog? I keep wanting to browse through your posts, but can only see the ‘recent posts’ list. Sorry if there’s already some kind of browsing facility already – please point it out to me!

    Love your patterns, keep ’em coming!

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Caroline, if you go to the “Home” tab you will see the posts in order. at the bottom of the page there is a link that says “Older Entries” which will take you through the older posts. You can also check out the archives list on the Archives Page.

  6. Di Sturgess says:

    I really hope I’ll be able to carry on crocheting for many years. It gives me a warm feeling inside thinking that my small endeavours might give pleasure or comfort to someone in need, especially when I get such pleasure from crochet for my own sake …

  7. Gosh, I sure hope I will still be crocheting when and if I get to be 100! I hadn’t crocheted in years until about 3 years ago. I have arthritis in my hands and they were getting really stiff. About that time, I decided to try to make a necklace for my best friend, because she can’t stand anything remotely tight around her neck. That’s how I discovered jewelry making. In no time, my hands hurt less and were much more flexible. I sold my items in a local arts store, but when the economic crisis hit, sales went way down. I couldn’t see churning out jewelry when I couldn’t sell it, but needed to keep my hands flexible, and needed to use my creativity…so I started crocheting again. There are so many wonderful patterns out there now that weren’t available in the 70s when last I crocheted! I’m totally hooked now, and as I said in one of your other questions…I have enough yarn and patterns to crochet until I’m 100…now I just have to live that long!

  8. Jhoanna says:

    If I live to be a hundred, I surely will!

  9. Kelise says:

    My Great Grandmother (who taught me to crochet) died at 103 and croched up to 2 weeks before her death. She was also going blind. Strong ladies these two! Inspiration to us all!

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